Lectionary Readings for Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Seventh-Day Sabbath and Weekday Sabbath

God’s Book of Eskra Chapter 54

1. In Jehovih’s name, greeting unto thee, Looeamong.

2. Thou hadst a warrior angel, Thoth, alias Gabriel, who labored for thee more than a
thousand years, in order to make thee under thy false names worshipful on earth.

3. And thou didst promise Thoth, that when he overcame Dagon, Ashtaroth, Baal and
other false Gods, thou wouldst give to him a heavenly sub-kingdom, with a thousand
million subjects.

4. And Thoth did thus accomplish thy desire, but thou didst not give him anything.

5. But thou didst further exact of him the destroying of idol worship amongst mortals, and
the destroying of the oracle-temples for consulting spirits, re-promising him, that when he
had fulfilled these things, thou wouldst give unto him the promised heavenly kingdom.

6. And Thoth did accomplish these things also; but thou didst refuse again to fulfill thy

7. Whereby Thoth rebelled against thee, and set up his present heavenly dominions,
inspiring his followers under the name of Mohammed.

8. And now, behold, thou hast since that day tried to destroy him in heaven and on earth.

9. But Thoth was anchored in earthly possessions, in Jerusalem and Te-theas and Egupt.

10. And thou didst inspire mortals in western Uropa to made crusades against Thoth, in
order to possess Jerusalem and Te-theas, whereby millions of mortals were slain, and vast
regions of country laid desolate.

11. Behold, thou hadst pretended thou wert the all highest God, and yet thou wert unable
to take a small earthly kingdom.

12. Thou didst also inflict dire punishment and torturing of the flesh on Jehovih’s
worshipers and on infidels, against thy doctrines. With red-hot pincers pulled the flesh
from the bones; or in boiling oil slowly dipped them; or from precipices hurled them; or
in boxes lined with pricking spikes of iron bound them, thus to blot all knowledge and
learning and opposition. Millions and millions hast thou thus cast in death in thy earthly

13. In Es’pan (Spain) and Itius (Italy), thou hast thus put to death more than seven million

14. Nevertheless, these angels will come home to thee in after-time, with vengeance in
their souls.

15. Behold, thy false promises to Thoth are already visited upon thy kingdoms.

16. But, as for Thoth, who became thy willing tool to do destruction for thy glory, what
merit hath he?

17. How shall I judge thee, O Thoth?

18. Because thou hast a heavenly kingdom, and withal art master on earth, of Jerusalem
and Te-theas and Egupt and Punjaub, thou flatterest thyself thou art a great God.

19. But thy heavenly kingdom hath become a place for lusters and foul-smelling spirits in
the lowest of grades.

20. And thy heaven is surely and steadily declining in grade.

21. Now, as to thee, Kabalactes, though thou hast destroyed a thousand mortal libraries,
and put to death sixty millions of people, in order to establish thyself as Budha, still thou
hast steadily declined in grade, and thy kingdoms with thee.

22. Thou has fashioned many sacred cities, and framed many tales as to who thou wert in
mortal life.

23. Thou hast falsely called thyself, Budha; and doubly false hast thou taken the name,
Sakaya Muni.

24. Thou hast tortured to death millions of mortals who rejected thee.

25. And when my heavenly ships rescued their distracted and chaotic spirits, thou didst
wantonly connive with thy drujas to despoil my ships, and cast these helpless spirits into

26. Thou hast done these things for pastimes and diversities for thy falling heavens.

27. And even so hath it been with thee, Ennochissa.

28. Never had a Lord a fairer opportunity in all the earth’s heavens to do a good and great
work, than what fell into thy hands.

29. But, behold how thou hast harvested thy heavens!

30. A thousand years ago, thy grades were from forty to sixty-five; and this day, they
average but ten.

31. It needeth no prophet to foretell that thy declension will lead to destruction in the end.

32. Now, lastly: O ye false Gods, ye deceivers and hypocrites, ye have divided the earth
and the heavens thereof between yourselves, and re-confederated together for a balance of

33. Ye have also persuaded mortal kingdoms to divide the earth into sections and regions,
and to clamor for a balance of power between different kingdoms.

34. Ye have thus caused mortals to provide standing armies to protect themselves,
kingdom against kingdom, after the manner ye protect your own kingdoms in the

35. Kriste’yans against Kriste’yans; Brahmins against Brahmins; Budhists against
Budhists; Mohammedans against Mohammedans; yet all of these four have ye arrayed
against one another. In very likeness of your heavens, have ye built on the earth.

36. Ye have inspired mortals to keep, as standing armies, forty million soldiers.

37. Ye have inspired mortals to build military schools and colleges, where the young may
be trained in the art of war and destruction.

38. Ye have inspired mortals to build monuments to their generals and captains, because
of their courage to destroy.

39. Ye have inspired the wickedest of mortals to believe that, if they would read your
sacred books, and call on your names, ye would surely save them, and, after death, take
them to the highest of heavens.

40. And, yet, when they die, your hosts are not there to receive them.

41. And when they call out for you, your emissaries kick them, and beat them,

42. And they return with vengeance, to afflict mortals.

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