Lectionary Readings for Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Inspiration Chapter 4

1. WHEN the infant is young, My Light is its first knowledge, saith Jehovih.

2. It seeth Me and heareth Me; and it seeth and heareth My angels.

3. By the pressure of My Light upon its corporeal eyes and ears, it learneth to see and hear corporeally.

4. This is the beginning of two senses, which I created to grow parallel to each other, and equal in strength.

5. But the infant, being in the corporeal world, heedeth more the things that appeal to the corporeal senses than such as appeal to the spiritual senses.

6. So that one person groweth up, forgetting Me and My angels. He is a skeptic.

7. But another person groweth up, remembering Me, and My angels. He is a believer.

8. And, behold, thou, O man, inquirest of them: Whence came the idea of a Creator, an All Person?

9. And one of them answereth thee: It is inherent; it is natural.

10. But the other answereth: It is folly; it came from darkness.

11. But I say unto thee, O man: Darkness can not create an idea; not even darkness would be known but for the light I make beside it.

12. Thou canst not imagine any animal under the sun which I have not created.

13. Man said: I imagine a horse with a fish’s head and fins.

14. Whatsoever thou inventest, saith Jehovih, thou but taketh the parts of one of My creations, and puttest them to another.

15. Let this prove unto thee, if thou canst not invent a new living creature, that thy forefathers did not do so either in regard to Me.

16. Nevertheless, thou hast a thought, and an idea of Me and My Person.

17. And thou hast a thought, and an idea of the spirits of the dead.

18. By My Presence and inspiration upon thee, I taught thee I am the I AM, a Person.

19. By the inspiration and presence of My angels, I taught thee of them also.

20. My inspiration upon the bird causeth it to sing; by My Presence I teach it to build its nest.

21. By My Presence I color one rose red, and another white.

22. Proof of My Person is in the harmony of the whole, and of every one being a person of itself, perfect in its order.


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