Lectionary Readings for Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 1





Chapter I

1. IN the early days of the kosmon era, after the revelations of the Father’s kingdom on earth had been published, and was known abroad over all the world, there went forth many, in Jehovih’s name, to accomplish unto the resurrection of man, and for the glory of the Almighty, the new kingdom.

2. Foremost, amongst the many, there came out of Uz one who was esteemed wise and good above all others; and because he was a representative man, the people named him, Tae.

3. And Tae prayed unto Jehovih for light and knowledge as to how best he could accomplish good unto the resurrection of the race of man.

4. And Jehovih answered Tae, saying: Go, bring My people out of Uz, and found them in a place by themselves; for now is the beginning of the founding of My kingdom on earth.

5. Tae answered, saying: Behold, O Jehovih, I have gathered together many men and many women, and they all profess a desire to found Thy kingdom.

6. One desireth to be a teacher; another, to be a superintendent; another, an overseer; another, an adviser.

7. And they are all learned and wise and good in their own way; but, also, they are neither workers nor capitalists, the two chief of all that I require.

8. Now, I pray to Thee, O Father, what shall thy servant do?

9. Jehovih answered Tae, saying: Go, seek, and bring out of Uz orphan babes and castaway infants and foundlings.

10. And these shall by thy colony, which shall be My new kingdom on earth.

11. Tae inquired: What can a man do with babes? How shall I feed them? Moreover I have not money to hire nurses.

12. Jehovih said: Have faith in thy Creator; in a good work done unto My little ones, behold, I will provide.

13. Whatsoever thou dost unto them, even so dost thou unto Me, wherein thou shalt not fail.

14. Neither shalt thou have anything to do with any adult man or woman who is without faith in Me. Behold, My people are infants in this era.

15. Deal thou with them, and with such only as are willing to serve them; for as much as they are served, so am I served also.


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