Lectionary Readings for Saturday, November 12th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, November 12th, 2022

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Inspiration Chapter 7

1. I created man, even from the first, that he should learn to be an independent being, saith Jehovih.

2. And when My angels had taught man speech, making man name all the animals in the world, after the names the animals called themselves, I commanded My angels to come away from man, for a season.

3. To My angels I said: Behold, of all the animals I created in the world, to man only gave I capacity to transmit knowledge to his brethren by words.

4. And to man only gave I capacity to comprehend an idea of Me, his Creator.

5. Nevertheless, I inspire all living animals which I created; but they know it not.

6. I inspire the spider to make its net; the bird to build her nest; the wild goose to fly to the south, before the winter cometh; the mare to neigh for her colt; the ant to lay in its stores; the bees to dwell in a queendom; and so on, every living creature do I move and control by My inspiration upon them.

7. Males and females I inspire to come together at times and seasons; and then to live apart during gestation. These I keep before man as a lesson of the wisdom of My inspiration.

8. To man I give liberty to acquire wisdom by observing the method of My work, as I manifest in other living creatures.

9. I have also given man capacity to attain to know My inspiration in contradistinction from the inspiration he receiveth from his surroundings.

10. To no other creature gave I this capacity.

11. What cometh of Me, is without pain or injury to any one, and with liberty unto all. Such are My inspirations.

12. When man witnesseth a battle, he is inspired to battle; when he witnesseth peace and love, he is inspired to peace and love.

13. What moveth man in consonance and wisdom, and to life, is My inspiration.

14. What moveth man in disconsonance and folly, and to death, is inspiration from man’s surroundings.

15. I inspire the serpent to bite to death; for thus created I it. This is no sin, for it fulfilleth its labor; it is the remnant of poison of other eras.

16. Man I created not to destruction, but to life, wisdom, peace and love toward all.

17. When man practiceth virtue, wisdom, truth and love unto all, his inspiration is from Me direct.

18. When man practiceth destruction and selfishness, his inspiration is indirectly from Me, through the conflict of his surroundings.

19. And thus becometh he evil, instead of good.

20. By direct inspiration do I move upon all the animals I created.

21. This I also created possible unto men, separate from indirect inspiration.

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