Lectionary Readings for Saturday, May 29th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, May 29th, 2021

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Judgment Chapter 28


1. God said: O man, consider the folly of individual effort! One will say: I help my family
and my neighbors; let others do so, and all will be well.

2. This is his philosophy and doctrine! Now, I say unto thee, this is just what hath been
tried for thousands of years, and it hath resulted in impotency all the while.

3. It hath been said: Sell all thou hast and give it to the poor; but I say unto thee, thou
shalt not do this.

4. Though that opened the way to salvation in the ancient days, it is not sufficient in this
day. Neither shalt thou hope, that, by giving to the poor, thou shalt escape condemnation.

5. But thou shalt go to the foundation of things, and go systematically.

6. Thy efforts shall not be single-handed, but thou shalt unite with others; and, together,
ye shall provide a remedy against poverty.

7. Remembering, it is wiser to accomplish with the young than with the aged. For the
mature will be dead in a few years; and, in that day, those that are children will be mature.

8. Better is it, that ye provide a way unto ten fatherless children, than for forty people that
are grown.

9. But, even in this, ye may err toward the children. For, to provide them an asylum in
infancy, saying: Behold, what a good work we have done! showeth that ye measure not as
your God measureth.

10. For it is not sufficient that ye feed and clothe little ones; but ye shall teach them a
trade, and occupations, and give them learning, so that, when they are grown, they can
sustain themselves.

11. But, even yet, your work is not the highest; but ye shall so provide them, they will not
only be self-supporting, but that they shall be willing and capable of rescuing others, as
they were rescued.

12. After this, ye shall see to it, that all things are so provided, that, after your death, your
institution be not liable to fall into disuse or perversion.

13. This is founding the Father’s kingdom on earth; and whoso laboreth thus,
shall be ministered unto by my heavenly kingdoms for the glory of Jehovih.

14. Therefore, let your charity be not for a year, nor for a hundred years; but, be ye the
corner-stones, founding places on earth where shall rest perpetually a system that will
provide a new race, where poverty and crime and helplessness cannot enter.

15. Ye thus become, even in mortality, members of my second resurrection in heaven.

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