Lectionary Readings for Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Judgement Chapter 21


1. God said: Hear the words of thy God, O man. In the ancient times, I came as a father to
a child, dictating unto man.

2. Now, that thou hast attained to comprehensive judgment, Jehovih hath inspired thee to
liberty, and to think for thyself, and to consider what is best for thee.

3. And thy God cometh not now as a dictator, but as thy elder brother, with ample

4. And I say unto thee, after the manner of thy professors in the college to their graduated
classes: Behold, thou art free; go thy way, and no longer hope to hold thy God
accountable for thy behavior.

5. For, with thy freedom, thou also attainest to responsibility.

6. Think not, because I emancipate thee from the God and Lords and Saviors of the

7. And from the bibles and sacred books of the ancients; and from the ancient
commandments and injunctions, that, as a consequence, thou art not bound in fidelity to
thy Creator.

8. More art thou bound now than before; for thou shalt not, henceforth, throw the
responsibility of thy conduct on to this man, nor that man, nor this God, nor Lord, nor
Savior, nor holy book, nor bible, nor priest, nor church decree.

9. So, that thy fidelity to thy Creator and to thy fellow-man, in righteousness, love and
good works, shall be the most sacred study of thy life.

10. And thy example from day to day shall be a perpetual register of thy accountability;
verily shalt thou be a living sermon before men and before Jehovih.

11. And, wherein thy behavior detracteth from the grades of thy fellow-men, thou shalt be
bound in the behavior of those that copy after thee, and, for the shortness thou bringest
them into, thou shalt suffer for them in time to come.

12. Beware, O man, for this rule applieth unto all the generations of men: That, by sudden
emancipation from an old condition, man runneth into another extreme, from which
spring libertinism and licentiousness.

13. For which reason, rather shall thou proclaim before the multitude the responsibilities
of the new condition, than try to win their applause by proclaiming their emancipation
from the old.

14. Because I have opened the heavens, the spirits of the dead return to thee, and
commune in thy household; flatter not thyself that the whole of the Father’s kingdoms are
revealed to thee, and that the angels who converse with thee, can make plain the
dominions of the higher heavens.

15. Many of these shall return to thee, saying: There is no hell, no satan, no God, or
Lord, nor anything in this world to make thee afraid. For, of a truth, the hell they
looked for, they found not; nor found they a God, nor Lord, nor Savior, such as they

had hoped to find. And, for this reason, such angels are jubilant for the time being.

16. Nevertheless, a time shall come to them also, when they shall tire of dwelling on the
earth, in the places of their mortal kin; and they shall seek resurrection into more exalted
places, where wisdom and purity dwell. Then, indeed, shall they begin to comprehend the
ways of the kingdoms of the Almighty.

17. And they will cry out in pain; pleading for pity, compassion and help. And after that,
when they come to thee, they will also proclaim, even as thy God now doth: That the
commandments must be fulfilled:

18. To love the Creator above all else;

19. And thy neighbor as thyself;

20. Sell all thou hast, and give to the poor;

21. Return good for evil;

22. Do good unto others, with all thy wisdom and strength;

23. Abnegate self in all respects;

24. Making thyself a servant to thy Creator;

25. Owning or possessing nothing under the sun;

26. And look into thy soul, to judge thyself constantly, to discover where and how thou
shalt do the most good;

27. Complaining not against Jehovih for anything that happeneth;

28. Making thy neighbor rejoice in thee;

29. Making thyself affiliative;

30. Without self-righteousness above any one;

31. Being a producer of something good;

32. And learn to rejoice in thine own life, with singing and dancing and with a jovial
heart, paying due respect to rites and ceremonies, that all things may be orderly before

33. Remember the words of thy God, O man, when angels or men advise thee against
these commandments, they have little to offer thee that will promote the harmony of the

34. Consider, therefore, that whatsoever promoteth the greatest harmony and wisdom
within the state, hath also been discovered and is in practice in the higher heavens.

35. And, wherein it hath been proven to thee, that a state divided against itself can not
stand, even so are the heavens above not divided, but as a unit.

36. Judge, then, O man, when one spirit cometh to thee preaching one thing, and another
spirit cometh to thee preaching another thing, their words are proof that they have not yet
entered the harmonious heavens of thy God.

37. And it is because of the inharmony of thine own soul, that thou art open to these
conflicting messengers. This is infidelity against the All Person, Jehovih. And such
conflicting spirits deny the Person and the Unity of the Almighty.

38. Let not thy emancipation from the bondage of the doctrines of the ancients lead thee
into infidelity against Jehovih. 

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