Lectionary Readings for Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Fragapatti Chapter 39, Chapter 40

Chapter 39

1. When Gir-ak-shi arrived at his division of the earth and heaven, the Voice of Jehovih
came to him, saying: My Lord and God, hear thou the Voice of thy Father. In thy division
I have no I’hins left upon the earth, and the place is like a field without seed. The I’huans
have degenerated also, by marrying with the druks. And thou art come to this, My farm,
where it is grown up full of weeds and thistles.

2. Look about thy division, and thou shalt find no loo’is, nor ashars of any avail to
righteousness. Consider, then, what shall be done, that both mortals and spirits may be
made to know Me and My kingdoms.

3. Gir-ak-shi found the mortals of Heleste to be barbarians, many of them naked, or at
best clothed with the skins of animals to keep them warm in winter. Some of them
burrowed in the ground, and some lived in houses made of bark, and leaves and grass.
And their food was mostly fish and flesh. Their cities were numerous, but small, and
every city spake a different language.

4. Their weapons of war were clubs, and spears, and bows and arrows, but they had
neither iron nor copper, and used stone for cutting.

5. Gir-ak-shi said: What incentive can I give such a people, that will raise them up?

6..Gir-ak-shi then surveyed his heavens, but alas, there were no kingdoms, no
organizations, no societies. As mortals lived and died, so continued their spirits around
about in the same places. Procuring subsistence in the same way, but spiritually; and often
taking part in mortal wars and hunting, seeing and hearing through their mortal kin’s eyes
and ears.

7. Gir-ak-shi said: What incentive can I give such angels, that will raise them up?

8. If I tell the mortals to till the soil and make clothes of flax and wool, my words will be
interpreted as folly, or as implying hardships. If I tell the angels there are higher heavens,
more beautiful, my words will be disbelieved. If I tell them that all growth dependeth
upon exercise and labor, they will decline to grow. Have I not seen rich men and rich
women in other countries whom I told that, in order to rise, they must learn to labor? But
they heeded me not.

9. Jehovih said to Gir-ak-shi: Thou hast more than a thousand million drujas in thy
department. The mountains and valleys and forests are filled with them, roving about. As
thou wouldst entrap birds by rich bait, so thalt thou gather together all thou canst of these
drujas. But as to thy mortals, thou shalt call famines into certain places, and thus drive
them to observe the Unseen Cause of things.

10. Gir-ak-shi called together his hosts, millions and millions. He said unto them: Form
ye, in sacred circles, hundreds of thousands, and go to the places I will point out, and
invoke the higher heavens in Jehovih’s name. Cast ye a famine here; and a blight in the
animals of the forest. Into the water cast ye imbrele, that the fish may die. Make mortals
stop and consider.

11. Let the ashars go, then, and find the most prophetic amongst mortals, and make them
prophesy concerning the famines and the blight. Make ye their prophets objects of
worship; then I can rule the inhabitants of the earth through the prophets.

12. Concerning the angels, Gir-ak-shi said: Five heavenly places will I build for
the drujas. One shall be called Monk, one Acha, one Troy, one Be-yome and one Hellen.
Five Lords shall be my Lords to rule in my heavenly divisions: Ki-liope, Lord of Monk;
I’tius, Lord of Acha; Foebe, Lordess of Troy; Liriyi, Lordess of Be-yome, and Co’ye,
Lord of Hellen. These shall be heavenly places in the mountains, pure and delightful.

13. And ye shall make them places of feasting and sporting for one whole year; nothing
that can be done to make them attractive for drujas shall be left undone.

14. Into five divisions, half a million each, shall my hosts be selected and apportioned;
whose mission shall be to go around about throughout Heleste, bringing in drujas to my
five heavenly places.

15. As for myself, I will build a plateau in these mountains, the Aguaadica, with a
Council of half a million. Let my Lords stand aside, and I will apportion to each of them
their attendants; by the star-lights that fall upon them shall they be known and come forth.

16. The Lords stood aside, in different places. Gir-ak-shi then cast stars until the three
millions were selected. After that Gir-ak-shi proceeded according to the Voice of Jehovih;
and he conducted his hosts to the places the Father commanded.

17. After they were all placed, Gir-ak-shi chose his own Council, and built a plateau and a
throne to Jehovih on Mount Aguaadica; and when he considered the wisdom of the
manner Jehovih had directed him to thus lay a foundation for so great a work, he
soliloquized, saying: O Jehovih, will these drujas ever understand the manner of Thine
armies? Will these mortals ever understand the proceedings of Thy Lords and Gods?

18. For one year the hosts entertained and fed and clothed the drujas sumptuously,
and they won them away from the earth; won them to the kingdoms prepared for them.
And then Gir-ak-shi commanded the founding of schools, factories and hospitals in
heaven; and he appointed ashars and asaphs, and began the resurrection through
his Lords. And by the fourth year he had colonized in his heaven nearly all the
drujas, giving them sufficient recreation to restrain them from returning to the earth.

19. For a long time prior to Fragapatti’s coming he had it proclaimed, giving invitations
to them to be present. This he communicated to Fragapatti, through messengers.
So, Fragapatti, knowing the grade of the place, determined to come in gaudy
colors, and with sufficient music, very loud, and for the manifestation of power.

20. To match which, Gir-ak-shi had his people attire themselves in the greatest gaudy
colors; for in such manner do the unlearned judge of the glory and possibilities of high


21. So, it came to pass, Fragapatti’s avalanza descended from above like a sea of fire, but
decorated in thousands of ways with banners, flags, curtains and such other ornaments as
would convey the idea of greatness to the minds of the es’yans. On the other hand, Gir-akshi had decorated his place and kingdom and throne, Aguaadica, in the most extravagant splendor. And he and his Lords, and his captains and generals, and his holy Council, were
arrayed majestically.

22. In addition to these things, Gir-ak-shi had provided a feast, which was to succeed the
ceremonies; and, after the feast, there were to be divers entertainments. But of these
matters, who knoweth the thought of Jehovih! How hath He not provided ingenuities to
bring the dark soul to understanding!

23. Gir-ak-shi said: To teach mortal teachers how to teach the barbarian, O Jehovih! To
teach Cold-Awe to impart Warm-Mirth, O Jehovih! Shall they build a prison and decorate
the convict in fine clothes, and bid him take his ease, beholding the virtuous working for
him, O Jehovih! Will they ever learn Thy power in resurrection, O Jehovih!

Chapter 40

1. Fragapatti and his hosts remained thirty days with Gir-ak-shi, and great was the
enjoyment of the people; and then Fragapatti departed, going to the kingdoms of Uropa,
first Goddess of a barbarian division of the earth. The Voice of Jehovih had been with her
from the first, but there were but few corporeans in her division, and only six hundred
million angels, mostly drujas.

2. Nevertheless, Jehovih said unto Uropa: Thou shalt found here a kingdom in My name,
and it shall become mighty in heaven and earth. Uropa said: What is the first best way, O
Jehovih? Jehovih answered, saying: As for the drujas, thou knowest. But as for the
corporeans, behold, they have neither copper nor iron, but use stone. Send, therefore, of
thy hosts of ashars, five hundred who are well skilled in the art of inspiring mortals, to
Arabin’ya; and thou shalt cause fifty men to migrate into thy lands. And the fifty men
shall be such as are skilled in mining and working copper and iron.

3. And thy ashars shall inspire them to go to the mountains and find the ore, and then
to work the same, to make tools of, and to make implements for hunting and fishing.

4. So Uropa sent angels to Arabin’ya, and they inspired fifty men to go to Uropa, and find
copper and iron, and work it. And in the space of four years, behold, there had gone out of
Arabin’ya not less than twenty thousand men. And the ashars inspired them to marry with
the druks and half-breed I’huans. And in this way a new people of higher light was born
into Uropa’s division.

5. In Zeigl Uropa build her heavenly kingdom and founded the city of Oitch. Five
hundred thousand angels were her holy Council, and fifty thousand captains; and of
ashars, two millions, partly ethereans and partly atmosphereans.

6. Her heavenly kingdom was of the kind and manner of Gir-ak-shi’s, and her
administration in the same way. And in four years she had rescued nearly all the drujas
in these regions of atmospherea. So when Fragapatti came to see her, she provided
entertainments after the same manner as did Ger-ak-shi, having all her hosts present.

7. After this Fragapatti visited Kow’anea and his heavenly kingdoms, and also his earth
divisions. Next Fragapatti visited M’wing’mi and his heavenly kingdoms and earth
divisions. Next he visited Ots’ha’ta and his places, and then Soo’fwa.

8. With all these Lords and Gods Fragapatti spent many days, examining and recording
all the labor done; and he spake before them all, so that his voice was heard by nearly all
the people in the lower heavens. And so great was the work accomplished by Fragapatti
with any one of these Lords or Gods, that were a history thereof written it would require
the whole lifetime of a man to read it. Nor is it possible with earth words to describe the
beauty and glory of a single one of these recreations in his travels.

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