Lectionary Readings for Saturday, March 19th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, March 19th, 2022

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Judgement Chapter 7

1. A man may be wise as to books and philosophy and mathematics and poetry and great learning, and yet be low in grade as to spirit.

2. A man may know little of all such knowledge, and may be poor withal, but by hardship and experience, developed in sympathy and good works done unto others, and be high in grade as to spirit.

3. So also may it be with spirits that manifest through you as great orators, who stand even in the lowest grade in heaven.

4. Let not thyself deceive thyself, O man, as to thy knowledge, or thy speech or professions.

5. Thou hast the scales in thine own hands, and shall, soon or late, weigh thyself justly, and take thy place, even as thou hast prepared thyself.

6. Nor flatter thyself that thou canst cheat heaven, or change the ways thereof.

7. Nor hide thyself behind doctrines, or behind the promises of Gods or Saviors.

8. Old things are done away, and none of these things shall avail thee on earth or in heaven.

9. Be thou king or queen or judge or servant, the same judgment shall stand upon all.

10. When the garment is gone, and the diadem and riches and the flesh withal, consider thou the grade of thy spirit and the bondage upon thee.

11. Thou shalt take that for which thou hast fitted thyself, according to what thou hast done.

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