Lectionary Readings for Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Fragapatti Chapter 25, Chapter 26

Chapter 25

1. It being now the end of the fourth day, Fragapatti commanded the hosts to embark in
the avalanza; and the marshals conducted them in, taking, first, the sons and daughters of
Ipseogee, being sixty millions; next the Zeredho’ans, ten millions; and then Fragapatti’s
attendants, being most ethereans, five millions.

2. When those were abroad, Fragapatti and Hoab and Yaton’te and Hapacha rose up, and
after making the sign of the Setting Sun, went down and sat at the foot of the throne.

3. God, that was Penoto, went down and took Fragapatti’s hand, saying: Arise, O Chief!
The Father calleth. Fragapatti rose up and stood aside. Next, God raised Yaton’te, and he
stood aside; and then he raised Hoab, and he stood aside. And now came the greatest trial
of all–. He took Hapacha’s hand, saying: Arise, O God, Great Jehovih calleth thee! Go
thy way and His.

4. But they both burst into tears, and fell into each other’s arms. Hapacha said: O
Father! Penoto said: His will be done! And now the light gathered brilliantly over

the scene; Fragapatti moved forward, then Yaton’te, then Hoab, and next Hapacha!

5. Penoto resumed the throne. The es’enaurs chanted, and the fire-light of the higher
heavens descended over all the place. Like a sweet dream, the scene closed. Fragapatti
and his hosts were gone.

6. Like a bee that is laden with honey, flying from a field of flowers to its home, so
returned Fragapatti with his avalanza laden, to Haraiti, swiftly through the vault of
heaven, a shooting star in Jehovih’s hand.

7. Athrava, God of Haraiti, and assistant to Fragapatti, knew that the avalanza was
coming; and that Hapacha and his hosts were aboard; and he determined to provide a
glorious reception.

8. So, for the space of a thousand miles, he caused pillars of fire to be erected, in
two rows, so that the avalanza should pass between them; and near the pillars he
stationed trumpeters and harpers, one million, divided into one hundred groups. And
they were so arranged, that when the avalanza passed them, they could come aboard.

9. Now during the absence of Fragapatti, many of the spirits who had been rescued from
torture and madness in the hells of Aoasu had been restored to consciousness, more than
one hundred and fifty millions of them.

10. Of these, Athrava said: Clothe ye them in most gaudy apparel, and let them be the
bearers of perfumes and flowers, and torches, as presents for the I’hin hosts of Hapacha.
And the lights shall be lowered at the place of landing, to make it acceptable to those
newly raised, who are aboard.

11. Athrava said: As for Mouru, within the walls of light it shall be rated seven; but
when Fragapatti hath ascended the throne, it shall be raised to nine. And in those
days, nine, in Haraiti, was fifty per cent of the capacity of endurance in the plateau.

12. Jehovih hath said: If they raise the light, it will be more acceptable to My etherean
hosts, for they have dwelt a long time near the earth, and are thirsting for etherean
light. But yet consider ye, here are thousands of millions of atmosphereans who cannot
endure the etherean light, but delight in a lower per cent. See to it, then, that the walls
of light protect My hosts in the dark on one side, but raise ye the grade to nine within.

13. Athrava said: There shall be flights of stairs leading over the walls of Mouru, and they
shall be white and illumed on that day, which will be sufficient for dividing the people
according to the light suited to them. The I’hins with Hapacha will go over the walls, for
they entered their corporeal cities in the same way; besides, they are capable of enduring
the light; but the I’huans with Hapacha will desire to remain without. For them prepare ye
a place of delight and rest.

14. But in regard to the ethereans Athrava gave no orders, for they were capable of
perceiving all necessary things, and without instruction.

Chapter 26

1. When Fragapatti entered the Road of Fire with his avalanza, where Athrava had
stationed the musicians and groups of furlers, the hosts aboard broke loose from all
bounds of propriety, so great was their delight, and they shouted and sang with the
trumpeters with most exalted enthusiasm. Many of them entered the Orian state, and not a
few, even the Nirvanian. And they became even as Gods and Goddesses by their own

entrancement, seeing, hearing and realizing, even to the third rate above the Brides and
Bridegrooms of Jehovih!

2. These were but spasmodic conditions of light, from which they returned in
course of time, being able to give descriptions of their visions. For Jehovih so created
man, with spells of clearness far in advance of his growth, the which, he having
realized, he returneth to his normal condition, to prepare himself constitutionally.

3. Along the road, on either side, were mottoes and sayings peculiar to the hosts of
Hapacha, and to mortals of Guatama. When Hapacha saw these, he said: How is it
possible? Whence derived these Gods this information? But the light came to his own
soul, saying: The wise and good sayings of men below, are born by Jehovih’s swift
messengers to realms above. Hoab stood near by, and heard what Hapacha said, and
Hoab said: How can men and spirits be inspired to wise and good sayings? Who
had thought to erect such signboards on the road to All Light! And yet what darker
deeds are done, when the soul of man findeth curses and evil words to vent his awful
sins, and walls himself around with horrid imprecations! The which to face in after
time and be appalled at the havoc of his own deadly weapons. How few, indeed,
comprehend the direful thrust of hateful words, imagining them but wind, to pass
away and be seen no more, but which are placarded on the signboard of heaven,
as his fruit sent to market! The poison dealt out of his mouth to his brother man!
A man throweth a spear, deadly, but it falleth on the earth and lieth there; but words
and sayings are more potent, scoring deep in the soul of things. Fair, indeed, is it
with thee, O Hapacha, and with thy hosts also, with yonder pure scroll to enter Haraiti!

4. As fast as the ship passed the lights, the etherean musicians came aboard, being
anxious to meet Hapacha and his hosts, especially the I’hins, and to congratulate them on
being the first harvest from the lowest heaven at the end of a cycle. And strange to say,
there were just twice as many as Sethantes had prepared in the first dawn on earth.
Fragapatti called the swift messengers belonging to the Roads of Gon, in etherea, and he
said unto them: Go ye to Sethantes, whose fields lie in the Roads of Gon, and say unto
him: Greeting, in the name of Jehovih! The earth hath reached Obsod and Goomatchala,
home of Fragapatti, who sendeth love and joy on behalf of sixty millions, first harvest of
h’ak, grade sixty-five.

5. Of these messengers, four hundred departed, leaving a reserve of eight hundred, who
continued on the avalanza.

6. The drujas, who were arrayed in gaudy attire, withdrew a little from the landing,
fearing the light. When the ship drew near the walls, and was made fast, the marshals of
Mouru came to the front, two millions, as an escort to conduct all who chose over the
ascending stairs.

7. And so great was the faith of Hapacha’s hosts, that over fifty millions of them passed
within the sea of fire, singing: G

8. Seeing this great faith in them, Athrava commanded red and blue lights, to favor them;
and there was not one of the whole number that quailed, or turned from the light. And
now was beholden, to many of them, their first view of the glories and powers of Gods
and Goddesses. Mouru was illuminated in every part. The structure of the temple, its
extent and magnificence in conception, with its hundreds of thousands of mirrors and
lenses, its transparent and opaque crystals, translucent and opaque circles and arches,

hundreds of millions, the which, when viewed from any one place, was unlike when
viewed from another place, as if each position were striving to outdo the others in beauty
and perfection. So that, were a person to walk for a thousand years in the temple,
he would every moment see, as it were, a new palace of surpassing grandeur.

9. And so wonderfully was it arranged that the faces of one thousand millions of people
could be seen from any place a person might be; and yet all these people constituted a part
and principle in the building, being as jewel stones, created by Jehovih for the
ornamentation of His celestial abodes.

10. Hoab, always quick to speak, said: O that angels and mortals would strive to make of
themselves such jewels as these! Hapacha spake not, being overwhelmed with the beauty
and magnificence. Yaton’te said: When thou art on the throne, Fragapatti, I will leave for
the kingdom of Yaton’te: Here, then, I will take my leave. Fragapatti shook hands with
him, saying: Jehovih be with thee!

11. So Yaton’te remained where he was, but Hoab and Hapacha continued on with
Fragapatti. All eyes were turned to them, and especially to Hapacha, whose persistence in
faith in Jehovih had won the lower heavens to Wisdom and Love. And as they moved
toward the throne, great Athrava rose up, smiling, holding out his hands to receive them.
Next, and back of Athrava, were the five Goddesses, Ethro, of Uche and Rok; Guissaya,
of Hemitza, of the Valley of M’boid, in etherea; Si’tissaya, of Woh’tabak, the one-time
home of Fuevitiv; Ctevi, of Nu, Porte-Auga; and Rinava, of the Swamps of Tholiji, in
South Suyarc of Roads, near Zuh’ta and Hitch’ow, in the South etherean vault of Obsod.

12. And the Goddesses also rose up with extended hands; and now, because of the
brilliancy of their presence, the throne became a scene of hallowed light, and threads
thereof extended to all the Council members, and by these were radiated outward so that
every person in the Temple of Jehovih was connected with the throne, which made every
spoken word plain to all.

13. Athrava said: In Jehovih’s name, welcome, O Fragapatti! And thy hosts with thee!
The Goddesses repeated the same words, and they were echoed by the entire audience.
Fragapatti said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, am I delivered to my loves. Be Thou with us, O
Father, that we may glorify Thee! Receive ye, O my people, Hapacha, Son of Jehovih,
who rose up and stood in the dark all night long, in faith in Jehovih. Behold, I have
delivered him in dawn, and his hosts with him.

14. And now there appeared, rising like a new sun, Jehovih’s light beyond the throne,
reddish tinged, emblem of the Western Light, in honor of Hapacha. And it rose and stood
above Fragapatti’s head in great brilliancy. Then spake Jehovih out of the Light, saying:

15. With My breath create I alive the earth-born child; with My hand quicken I the
newborn spirit; and with My Light illume I the soul of My Faithist. Behold, I dwell in the
All Highest place, and in the lowest of created things; whoever findeth Me, I find also;
whoever proclaimeth Me, I proclaim in return. Hapacha, My Son, Savior of men! of My
Light shalt thou be crowned!

16. The Voice ceased, and now Fragapatti advanced to the midst of the throne, and took
of the light and fashioned a crown, and placed it on Hapacha’s head, saying: Crown of
Thy Crown, O Jehovih, crown I Thy Son! In Thy Light shall he be wise and powerful,
with Love to all Thy created beings, henceforth, forever.

17. The Goddesses then received them, and after due ceremonies they all took their seats,
Fragapatti in the midst of the throne. Arthrava resigned at once, during the stay of
Fragapatti. The es’enaurs now chanted: G

18. By natural impulse of thanks, Hapacha’s hosts, fifty millions, rose up and responded,
singing: T

19. But the anthems were long, and sung with brilliancy, rejoicing and responding,
millions to millions, as an opera of high heaven.

20. When the music ceased, Fragapatti said: With the close of dawn of dan, these hosts
shall be received as Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih, and ascend with us to the regions
of Goomatchala, in etherea. The apportioners will therefore divide them into groups in
Haraiti; with etherean teachers to prepare them. That this may be accomplished,
I proclaim one day’s recreation, to assemble on the next day in order of business.

21. The marshals then proclaimed as had been commanded, and the hosts went into
recreation, the ethereans rushing to Hapacha’s atmosphereans with great glee, every one
desiring some of them.

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