Lectionary Readings for Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Lika Chapters 15 and 16

Chapter 15

1. After Lika had numbered all the mortals on the earth, and all the angels in the heavens
of the earth, and beheld the great darkness thereof, he visited Hao-yusta, and found it a
good plateau, capable of all grades up to sixty. And Lika possessed the place and
consecrated it to Jehovih; and he left thereon three hundred thousand Gods and
Goddesses, who were of his etherean host. And after this he returned to Gessica, chief
God, for the deliverance of the hells of De’yus, and Te-in, and Sudga, and Lika instructed

2. Gessica had the vessels constructed with walls of fire around the margins, to prevent
the drujas escaping. And there were built in all four hundred vessels, each capable of
carrying one hundred million drujas.

3. The manner of driving the drujas into them was by leaving part of the fire-wall open,
and by fire-brands in the ethereans’hands cutting off sections of drujas from the hells. In
this way the ethereans drove the drujas into the vessels, whereupon the doorway in the
wall of the ship was closed. And then the workers of the ship put it under way and carried
them up to Hao-yusta, where the Gods and Goddesses received them, placing the drujas
in pens, walled with fire, where they could be treated and restored to reason, after which
they were to be liberated in installments, according to their safety.

4. In the first year Gessica delivered from the hells of hada five thousand million drujas;
but in the second year he delivered thirty-five thousand millions; and in the third
year, sixteen thousand millions. After this the work went slowly on, for the balance of the
hells were mostly in knots, some of them hundreds of millions. And these had to
be delivered individually, requiring great labor, and power, and wisdom, and dexterity.

5. In the fifth month of the fourth year, Anuhasaj, alias the false Lord God, was delivered
out of the great knot of hell, in which there had been eight hundred millions bound for
more than four hundred years. After the manner in which Fragapatti delivered knots, even
so did Gessica and his hosts, with brands of fire.

6. When it was known in which place De’yus (Anuhasaj) was tied, and when it was half
delivered, Gessica sent for Ahura to come and have the honor of releasing Anuhasaj. And
to this end Ahura labored on the knot fifty-five days, and then it was accomplished.

7. But lo and behold, Anuhasaj was bereft of all judgment, crying out, unceasingly: I am
not God! I am not the Lord! I am not De’yus! He was wild, crazed with fear and torments,

frenzied, and in agony.

8. The which Ahura, his friend, beheld; and Ahura caught him in his arms. Ahura called
unto him: Anuhasaj! O my beloved! Knowest thou not me? Behold me! I am Ahura!

9. But, alas, Anuhasaj knew him not; pulled away, tried to escape in fear; his protruding
eyes seeing not; his ears hearing not. And he kept forever uttering: Let me go, I am not
the Lord God nor De’yus! I am Anuhasaj! Then broke the good heart of Ahura, and he

10. Then they held Anuhasaj and carried him away into the ship, and Ahura helped to
carry him.

11. Then the ship rose up and sailed along higher and higher, farther and farther, till at
last it came to Hao-yusta. And they took Anuhasaj to a hospital prepared for maniacs, and
stretched him on his back and held him. Then called Ahura to the Gods and Goddesses to
come and help him; and they came and seated themselves around about, making the
sacred circle.

12. And Ahura said: Light of Thy Light, Jehovih! Thou who first quickened him into
being, O deliver Thou him!

13. A light, like a small star, gathered before Anuhasaj’s face, and this was the first thing
his fixed eyes had yet seen. Then Ahura and the Gods and Goddesses sang sweetly:
Behold me! I am the light! And the life! I quicken into life every living thing. Behold me!
I am with thee! I am never away from thee! Thou art mine now, and forever shall be!
Look upon me! I am in all things! Nothing is, nor was, nor ever shall be without me! Hear
my Love! I am thy Creator! Only for love, and for love only, created I thee, my beloved.

14. Anuhasaj gave a long gasp and relaxed his mighty will, then fell into a swoon, all
limp and helpless. Still the Gods stood by him, waiting, watching whilst he slept awhile.
And then, by signals to the es’enaurs, Ahura caused other music to steal upon the scene, to
be answered by distant trumpeters. For the space of seven days Anuhasaj slept; and all the
while the Great Gods and Goddesses relaxed not their wills nor steadfast positions. And
at the end of the seventh day Anuhasaj began to sing in his swoon, like one weak and out
of breath, but half awake.

15. How could I deny Thee, O Jehovih! Was not the evidence of mine own life before
me? I raised up my voice against my Creator! I plucked Him out of my soul; from all
people in heaven and earth I dispersed Him. But they that applauded me turned against
me! Even as I had turned against Thee, Thou All Person!

16. In my vanity I owned not that I was in Thee nor of Thee; with mine own hand I cut
myself asunder from Thee, O Jehovih! O that I had perceived I was going farther and
farther away; that I had known the road of life and death!

17. I see Thy judgment upon me, O Jehovih! I hear Thy just decree: Whilst the name of
God or Lord or Savior is worshipped on the earth I shall labor with the drujas of heaven
and the druks of earth!

18. A most righteous judgment, O Jehovih! Whilst I am in hell or in heaven, in hada or on
the earth, will I pursue all peoples, mortals and angels, till I cast out the worship of a God
and of a Lord and of a Savior. And Thou alone, Thou Great Spirit, Ever Present Person,
Everlasting and Almighty, Thou shalt be All in All.

19. Again Anuhasaj went off in a swoon for the space of three days, and yet the Gods and
Goddesses ceased not their fixed places. And again was the music resumed till Anuhasaj

awoke and again chanted in Jehovih’s praise. And again he relapsed and again awoke, for
many days; but at last awoke and beheld first of all Ahura. Steadily and wildly he gazed
thereon, until his eyes were clouded and as if dead. And he dropped again into a swoon.

20. Another day the Gods watched him, and sang for him; moved not from the sacred

21. Then Anuhasaj awoke, singing: Who was it taught me to love? Ahura! Who first
proclaimed Jehovih unto mine ear? Ahura! Who was the last to plead Jehovih? Ahura!
Who most of all that live labored for me? Ahura!

22. I broke thy heart, O Ahura! I was mad, O I was mad, Ahura! Because of thy love,
Ahura, thou praisedst me; I was vain-glorious and unworthy of thee, O my beloved.

23. Thy vision hath raised up before me, Ahura. Second to Jehovih, O my love? O that
thou knewest I am here, penitent and heart-broken! I know thou wouldst fly to me, Ahura.
Thou alone do I know, who would never desert me, sweet Ahura.

24. Then again Anuhasaj relapsed into a swoon, wilted, breathless, like one that is dead.
Ahura sang:

25. Behold me! I am Ahura. I am come to thee from afar, O Anuhasaj. Awake and behold
my love, my love. My heart is broken for thee, Anuhasaj. A thousand years I have wept
for thee. O that thou couldst awake to know me!

26. Anuhasaj looked up and beheld Ahura. The latter kept on singing: It is not a dream,
Anuhasaj. Thy Ahura is here. Behold me! I am he. Break the spell, O Anuhasaj. By
Jehovih’s power put forth thy soul! Ahura is here!

27. Again Anuhasaj relapsed, but not to swoon; merely closed his eyes and sang:
Blessed art Thou, O Jehovih! Thou hast given me a sweet vision! Thou hast shown me
the face of my love, Ahura! His sweet voice fell upon mine ear! I am blessed, O Jehovih!

28. Even these hells hast thou blessed, O Jehovih! The darkness of endless death is made
light by Thine Almighty touch. Thou alone shalt be my song forever. Thou alone my
theme of delight. Jehovih forever! Jehovih forever and forever!

29. Then Ahura, seeing the spell was broken, said: Arise, O Anuhasaj. I will sing with
thee. Behold Ahura, thy love is before thee. This is no vision. Come thou to the arms of
thy love.

30. And he raised Anuhasaj up, and he awoke fully, but trembling and weak, and knew

Chapter 16

1. In the same time that Anuhasaj was delivered out of hell, so was Anubi, and from the
self-same knot. And he was carried on the same calyos to Hao-yusta, the same heavenly
place. And he was also in chaos, knowing nothing, only screaming: I am not Anubi. I am
not the Savior. I am plain Chesota! (his real name).

2. And he also saw not and heard not, but was wild, desiring to fly away. And they held
him fast, and, after the same manner they delivered Anuhasaj to reason, they also
delivered Chesota.

3. And when both of them were well restored to sound reason, though still timorous,
Ahura took them in his own otevan and carried them to Theovrahkistan, before Lika,
for judgment. And great was the time when they came; and especially the desire

of the inhabitants to look upon Anuhasaj, the most audacious God that had ever
dwelt on the earth or in her heavens, and, withal, the much-loved friend of Ahura.

4. When they came before the throne of Jehovih and duly saluted, Lika said: Whence
come ye and for what purpose, O my beloved?

5. Ahura said: Hell hath delivered up the bound. My friends are before thee. Then Lika
said: In Jehovih’s name, welcome. Whatsoever the Father putteth into your souls, that
utter ye and be assured of His love, wisdom and power.

6. Anuhasaj said: That I am delivered out of hell it is well; that I was delivered into hell it
was well likewise. Give thou me Jehovih’s judgment. My purpose before thee, is to
register my vows unto Jehovih, that my record and thy just judgment may be carried to
the heavens above.

7. Lika said: My judgment upon thee, Anuhasaj, is that thou shalt judge thyself!

8. Anuhasaj said: Most righteous judgment, O Jehovih! But knowest thou not Jehovih’s

9. Lika said: Thou asked for a great heavenly kingdom. Behold, Jehovih gave it thee. As
soon as order is restored, thou shalt have thy kingdom again.

10. Anuhasaj said: I want it not.

11. Lika said: Thou shalt not say, I want this or that; but say that thou will do whatsoever
Jehovih hath given into thy hands. When thou hast raised up thy whole kingdom, behold,
thou wilt also be raised up.

12. Anuhasaj said: Alas me, this is also just. Show thou me the way; I will henceforth
labor for the thousands of millions who were my kingdom.

13. Lika now bade Chesota (Anubi) speak. Chesota said: I called myself Master of
the Scales and Savior of men. Whoever called on me, worshipping me and De’yus,
alias the Lord God, I accepted; whoever worshipped me not, nor De’yus, nor the
Lord God, I cast into hell, saying: Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting torments.

14. What, then, O Lika, shall be my judgment? For, behold, I cast a thousand millions
into torments.

15. Lika said: Judge thyself.

16. Chesota said: Alas, the pains I gave can never be called back and undone. Have I,
then, no hope?

17. Lika said: Whom thou hast pained, go thou to, and by thy good deeds hereafter done
to them, so win their love that they will call thee blessed! When all of them have accepted
thee, behold, it shall be well with thee.

18. Chesota said: O endless task! And yet, it is just. Teach me, then, O Lika, how to carry
out this great judgment.

19. Lika then asked for Anuhasaj to come forward and be crowned; and when he
approached the foot of the throne Lika came down and said: Anuhasaj, Son of Jehovih,
God of Hao-yusta, thee I crown in Jehovih’s name, unto his service forever. Be thou with
him, O Jehovih, in wisdom, love and power.

20. Anuhasaj said: Into Thy service, O Jehovih, I commit myself forever! Give me of Thy
love and wisdom and power that I may glorify Thee and Thy kingdoms.

21. Lika stretched up his hand, saying: Light of Thy light, crown of Thy crown, O
Jehovih! And the light was formed in his hand, and a crown came out of the light, and
Lika placed it on Anuhasaj’s head. The latter then sat down on the foot of the throne, and

Lika took his hand, saying: Arise, O God, and go thy way, and the Father be with thee!

22. Thereupon Anuhasaj and Chesota saluted and stood aside. And then Ahura saluted
and stood aside also; whereupon Lika granted a day of recreation, during which time the
visiting Gods departed for Hao-yusta.

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