Lectionary Readings for Saturday, February 26th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, February 26th, 2022

Seventh-Day Sabbath

Book of Discipline Chapter 10


1. BE patient, O man, with thy neighbor and thy brother.

2. Many men are far short in righteousness, and without strength to accomplish to the extent the mind conceives;

3. And for having done wrong suffer lamentably, with none to relieve them;

4. For which reason thou shalt provide them honorable comfort.

5. In olden time, such ones confessed to a priest, and he pardoned them, whereby they were quieted and relieved of great distress.

6. In a later time, it was said: Confess ye one another.

7. But in this day neither of these is compatible with the intelligence of such as shall be of Jehovih’s kingdom.

8. If then a man have remorse for having wronged a brother or neighbor, he shall so acknowledge it to that member, and this shall be restitution, even as if the wrong had not been committed.

9. But if he hath wronged the community, then he shall acknowledge it to the whole assembly, and that shall be restitution, even as if the wrong had not been committed.

10. And in either case he shall not take further sorrow or remorse, or shame, nor shall any member ever speak of the matter afterward, save to comfort him.

11. But in all cases confession shall be made in the name of Jehovih, and forgiveness likewise. But whoso seeketh to justify himself, or to make it appear that he was but partly culpable, or that another led him into it–that man shall not be forgiven.

12. If he were led into it–then he who led him knoweth it and shall exonerate him.

13. Whoso Jehovih hath created in proximity as to time, country, place and association–the same shall not be far distant on many occasions in the next world; and in time to come they shall be as if in a house of glass, and all the deeds done while in mortality shall be read as if in an open book.

14. For which reason thou shalt not tarry by the way when thou hast wronged any man or the community, but go quickly and confess, that thy spirit become pure in the sight of Jehovih.

15. Though thou grieve, saying: Shall I humble myself?–I say unto thee this is Godliness, for it is the purification of thyself, and the beginning of power. But if a man wrong himself, as by pollution, dissipation, or otherwise, this is sin against Jehovih; and to Him shall he confess privately, making a covenant with his Creator to do so no more–which if he keep–then the wrong is forgiven him, and he shall have peace of soul.


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