Lectionary Readings for Saturday, December 5th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, December 5th, 2020

Seventh-Day Sabbath and Weekday Sabbath

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 12

1. Es, the chief nurse, had said: I must tell you of the wonderful Light of Jehovih, that
always cometh to us in time of emergency. Even at the moment despair is about to reach
us, lo, His Light provideth unto us.

2. I had undertaken to nurse, with bottles, ever so many babes, more than was possible for
one woman to attend, taking one at a time on my lap, but I could not get round in time.
So, also, I had had observation that babes should be held in somebody’s arms, and that
when they cried they should be taken up, held upright, and diverted by walking with them
or by tossing them.

3. To do these things for many babes was not possible for one nurse; so, after I had
prayed for strength and light as to what was best to be done, the Voice came to me,
plainly, as if I had read it in a book, saying:

4. My Daughter, why thwartest thou the way of My creations? Had I designed My little
ones to be upright, I should have provided a way for them.

5. Thou shalt permit them to lie down, and to roll about. Neither shalt thou encumber
them with pillows and cushions. Permit them to exercise themselves by crawling in their
own way.

6. And when the proper time cometh for them to stand upright, and to jump, behold, I will
be with them.

7. Es said: Now, thereupon, I began a new system. I not only searched to know myself,
but to develop these little ones. And when I took away the pillows and cushions, giving
them double blankets to lie on, and opportunity to exercise by rolling about, behold, they
grew in strength daily, and not only soon ceased to cry, but began to sing songs (to me
they were songs) and to laugh and amuse themselves with their hands and toes and
whatever they got hold of.

8. From this little light, of applying the law of development unto babes, I applied myself
to make them understand that they should divert themselves, without depending on their
nurses. For many of the orphans we had received were little tyrants, having been spoiled
by former nurses, and they screamed constantly, to make some one carry them about and
divert them.

9. Now, therefore, I perceived that Jehovih required more of me than merely to feed and
clean these little ones; the minds of the spoiled ones had to be remodeled; they should be
made to comprehend that no one was slave unto them; and, moreover, that they
themselves should cultivate patience, gentleness and love, as better attributes than
fretfulness and authority.

10. For, let no one be surprised, even babes can be spoiled to think themselves an
authority, with power to command obedience from adults. And they discover, at an early
age, that to give vent to peevishness and passion bringeth the nurse to do them service.

11. And I saw, too, that some, even such as could merely hold up their heads, became
jealous, to be the first fed, or the first washed, and answered my negligence with fearful

12. Now, it came to pass, when I ceased taking them up to feed them, and did away with
the pillow-props, and laid them all down alike, and gave them food at the same time
(according to their groups), I had not only provided unto them better corporeal
development, but better spiritual development.

13. Such as had been peevish and jealous ceased their former habits, and began to look
with respect to the other babes, rolling beside them.

14. Not many months passed by till they began to be interested in one another, examining
their feet and hands, and evidently trying to comprehend who they were, and whence they
came. And they also saw in one another a representation of themselves, appreciating a
fellowship that was surpassingly beautiful.

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