Lectionary Readings for Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Seventh-Day Sabbath

God’s Book of Eskra Chapters 19, 20, and 21

Chapter 19

1. God called up Erastes, prince of messengers, and he said unto him: Thou hast heard the
words of thy God and of Taenas. Take therefore thirty thousand and four hundred
messengers, that is, one for each and all of my remaining kingdoms, and go and proclaim
the same unto them, that they, having due notice, may manage their affairs with wisdom
and foresight. Erastes said: Jehovih’s will and thine be done! And he saluted and
withdrew, going to the palace of the messengers, and choosing his hosts, whom he
instructed in regard to the message. And he gave to each of them power to choose their
own officers, and to provide their own vessels of travel. And in not many days thereafter,
they all departed.

2. Now it came to pass, that the following kingdoms soon fell to pieces, and drifted into
the Triune Confederacy, namely: Sho’e’gan, and her twenty-eight sub-kingdoms, all in the
hadan regions; Ghi’e’wan, and her forty-four heavenly hadan kingdoms; Haotus, with
seven heavenly hadan kingdoms, and five sub-kingdoms; Tuwahtal, and thirty kingdoms
in the first resurrection in the plateau Theovrahkistan; Livragga, and seventy-one
heavenly sub-kingdoms, of which thirty-eight were ready to enter the second resurrection;
Jahkin and Mouru, with ninety-seven heavenly hadan kingdoms, of which eighty-seven
were promoted to the second resurrection; Ganzoe, with four hundred hadan kingdoms, of
which many were below the first resurrection; Hapsu, with four heavenly kingdoms of
seventy million angels in the second resurrection; Iturba, with twelve heavenly kingdoms
of one hundred and four million angels in the second resurrection, half of whom were as
high as fifty in the grades; Wantawacha, with thirty heavenly kingdoms, with three
hundred million angels in the second resurrection, three-fourths of whom were upward of
grade fifty.

3. Of the seven lower kingdoms of the second sphere, there were eight hundred million
angels of the first resurrection, who migrated from their provinces to the Triune regions,
Amesha; and they destroyed the road behind them.

4. Now, when God saw the great secession of his heavenly kingdoms, and their allegiance
to the Triunes, his soul was filled with sorrow. And the Voice of Jehovih came to him,
saying: Why takest thou sorrow to thy soul for these things? Shall a God grieve, because
his burden is made lighter? Behold, in this day and hour the Gods and Lords of the Triune
are rejoicing with great joy, because of these accessions. Yea, they perceive not, what a
load they are taking on their own shoulders.

5. But thou shalt send agents amongst the Triunes, especially into their capitals and their
chief kingdoms.

6. So, God appointed many agents, different from messengers, for they were to be under
the command of none but God. God said unto them: Ye shall go to the places I appoint
unto each one of you, as travelers and sojourners in your own way, and observe the
doings of the Triunes, especially the chiefs and leaders, Lords and Gods, and their
teaching and government, and in your own good time depart out of the place and return
hither and inform my Holy Council and my Holy Eleven.

7. And the agents went forth as commanded.

Chapter 20


1. The Lord said: The three heavenly kingdoms, Heractu, Eta-shong and Hapsendi, of the
Triunes, were independent, but allianced for offence and defence against the evil Gods,
Baal, Dagon, Shulleth, Ashtaroth and others, whose angel subjects were kept in slavery,
and for evil purposes.

2. Now, therefore, the Triunes jointly declared war, to the end that peace might be
secured in these heavens.

3. Nevertheless, each of the Triunes had charge of his own heavens and over such part of
the earth as was covered by his heavens.

4. For they had divided up and appropriated both, the earth and the heavens, into three
parts, one to each of them.

5. Here followeth, then, the history of the wars of the Triunes:

6. First, of Looeamong and the false Gods he overthrew:

7. A triangular war was going on in hada and on earth betwixt the angel armies of Baal,
Dagon and Ashtaroth, in which ten thousand million angels were engaged under them.

8. Looeamong declared war against the whole of them, and impressed into his service
eight thousand million angel warriors.

9. Ashtaroth, the most vengeful Goddess, had previously sent hundreds of millions of her
warring angels down to the apostate Jews, to inspire them to wars and cruelties on one
another, hoping, to exterminate them, lest they become Baal’s subjects. And yet other
millions of warring angels had she sent to the Parsi’e’an cities, and to the Eguptian cities,
Daskrath, Babylon and Gonassah and Tyre and Romaxain and to the kings and queens of
many other great cities, to inspire them to send forth armies to destroy, not only the
worshipers of Jehovih, but all people that worshiped Baal, or Dagon, or any other God.

10. Baal, on the other hand, had sent hundreds of millions of his warring angels down to
the earth, to Heleste and the west regions, and to the Israelites as well, inspiring mortals
to war against the east kingdoms, especially Babylon and Daskrath, two mighty cities in
the dominions of the Goddess Ashtaroth.

11. And the armies of mortals were moved forth by the armies of angels, whom they saw
not; war raged east and west and north and south.

12. Looeamong, the Triune, said: I will spoil them both. I will send an angel army of
warriors down to the middle kingdoms, to the great tyrant, Cyrus. I will possess the
oracles and direct Cyrus to march against Parsi’e. He shall make an alliance with the

13. Hatchesan and Karsoka shall be my countries. And the cities of Hemia and Babylon
and Nine’vah and Gassakad and Hannedan and Saluem shall bow down no more to Baal
and Ashtaroth, forever.

14. Belus shall be mine, and the cities and temples of Hina and Maroth and Hovan and
Torres and Delfi; and the habitations of Phires and Somak and Macedon and Thues, and
the great oracle-houses of Myrsilus and Myrsus and Gyges and Simon and Gamma and
Fabiyan and Sulus and Craz’ya and Wakadya and P’hrid and Gemnae and Ma’zan and

15. By force will I possess them; yea, by force drive hence all other angels and Gods. And
my warrior angels shall possess these temples, so that whoso cometh to consult the Gods
shall receive mine own answers. I will drive mortals to war in mine own way, and to
whatever place I determine to subdue or destroy.

16. Equally menacing were the boasts of the Goddess Ashtaroth; she had said: Whether I
despoil heaven and earth, I care not. If I can not possess them, I will destroy them, so that
no God shall possess them.

17. Into festering knots and hells will I cast tens of thousands of millions of angels, in
case I do not succeed in winning all.

18. I will send millions of warring angels down to Xerxes, the Parsi’e’an king, and to his
kingdom, and they shall obsess every man, woman and child to desperate madness
against the Argos’yans and the middle and west nations.

19. I will lead Xerxes forth with the mightiest army that has ever been on the earth. And
they shall despoil all regions, whithersoever they march.

20. For I will make Xerxes and all the Parsi’e’ans believe, they are doing these things for
their own prosperity and glory, and for despoiling their own enemies.

21. And, after Xerxes hath despoiled and conquered all the earth regions, Baal and all
other Gods shall be driven away from the oracles and temples. Xerxes shall issue a
decree, abolishing all other Gods but me, Ashtaroth.

22. And, when I am thus well anchored on the earth, I will turn my legions against this
new upstart God, the Triune, Looeamong. And I will cast him into a hell, from which he
shall not escape forever.

23. So, Ashtaroth concentrated her heavenly warriors into this great and desperate
work. For she had been maturing her plans, even before Xerxes came to the throne
of Parsi’e. And, since, in those days, the kings and rich men in all those countries
consulted the spirits, in reference to all important undertakings, it was not a difficult
feat for Ashtaroth to obsess the millions of Parsi’e’ans to carry out her project.

24. Accordingly, Ashtaroth commanded her marshals to summon two thousand million
angel warriors, men and women, for the work in hand. And when they came to Neabissa,
a heavenly region to the north, over the earth-mountains Afflo’yagga, she caused Mateus,
her chief orator, to prepare a speech in her behalf, and have it declaimed before the angel

25. Mateus, a one-time Lord to Osiris, nine hundred years previous, now made the
speech, and this that followeth is a synopsis, to wit:

26. I, Goddess of all the heavens and of the whole earth. Behold, me, Ashtaroth!
The earth and the heavens are mine, saith Ashtaroth! I clove the sun in twain; for it is
mine. I clove the pieces again; for they were mine. From these I made the stars and the
moon. But the great earth I made as my foot-stool; for it was mine, and ever shall be.

27. I peopled it over with all the living; they were my creation. And ye also are mine. I
peopled the stars, and gave to the inhabitants thereof great delights. And the earth and my
heavens were places of great delight. For I gave bountifully to all my children.

28. But the inhabitants of the far-off stars quarreled because of an evil God, Baal. And
they cast him out. And he came here to despoil me and my heavenly places. Witness ye
my beloved. I could destroy him with my little finger. But he is unworthy of your
Goddess. To you I give the glory to capture him, and cast him into hell, and torture him

29. But lest other evil Gods take possession of his earthly places, they shall also
be destroyed. Hear ye then the command of Ashtaroth, which is, that ye shall go down to
the earth, and obsess and inspire the Parsi’e’ans to march forth and destroy all other
people on the earth, beginning first with the stronghold of Baal, in Argos, where he
hath many sub-Gods under him, where the Argos’yans, not knowing him, call him, Zeus.

30. And to whoso proveth valorous amongst my angel warriors, will I give great
promotion and glory, and thousands and millions of slaves. For when Baal is overcome
and cast into hell, ye shall take his angel slaves, and possess them yourselves, according
to your valorous deeds.

31. Ashtaroth then officered her angel hosts, and sent them down to the earth, and
they were distributed by the captains and generals around about Parsi’e. Being
directed to preside in the presence of mortals by day, inspiring them to war against
Argos, and to be with them at night, and talk to them spiritually in dreams and visions.

32. And it came to pass, that Xerxes and the people, the Parsi’e’ans, were moved to go
forth and destroy the Argos’yans. And king Xerxes took two and a half million soldiers
with him for his army. And so great was the inspiration and obsession of Ashtaroth’s
angels, that they caused another two and a half million of Parsi’e’ans to go with Xerxes’
soldiers. So that Xerxes’whole army was five millions of souls, which was the largest
army on earth, that ever had been, or ever shall be.

Chapter 21

1. Baal, God of the Argos’yans (Greeks), called together two thousand million angel
warriors, and after properly officering them, caused them to assemble in Beth’hagas, a
sub-kingdom of heaven over the Tillag mountains, to the north of Macedon, and he said
unto them:

2. Behold, your Creator, who I am! By my breath upon the earth ye came forth. I am he,
who was of old called, De’yus, Lord God of heaven and earth. All places are my places,
all dominion is mine.

3. My heavens gave I unto you for your inheritance forever. But an evil Goddess,
Ashtaroth, hath come to despoil you.

4. And she hath sworn upon her thighs to cast you into endless torments.

5. Behold, I have sworn a new oath on the sun and moon and stars! Ye shall capture her,
and cast her and all her angels into hell, to so abide forever.

6. For I will clear the heavens and the earth, and they shall be clean and full of delight.

7. Hear ye, then, the commandment of your God, Baal, ruler of heaven and earth: Ye shall
go down to the earth, to the Argos’yans, and obsess them, man, woman and child, and
inspire them to terrible deeds of blood and havoc and death against the Parsi’e’ans who
are coming against them.

8. And whilst ye are thus providing corporeal destruction for this evil Goddess, my
heavenly hosts under Yaawochad, my Lord of Agansetha, shall attack her angel armies in
every quarter of these heavens.

9. And as fast as her drujas are captured, they shall be cast into the hells of Gotha, which I
have prepared for them. And to all my valorous workers will I give great promotion and
power. Ye shall have servants and slaves without number.

10. Now, it came to pass, that many years of war and destruction ensued; but Baal’s hosts
were too powerful for Ashtaroth. And so Baal not only overcame her angel warriors on
the earth, but in her heavenly capital also. And his legions rushed upon her, and captured
her. Whereat her own angels turned against her, perceiving now that she was an imposter,
and not the Creator.

11. And they bound her, and carried her and her Lords and Gods off to Toosemmes,
a heavenly place of foul smells, in Gotha, and they built here a place of torment for
her and them, and cast them in. And they brought hither tens of thousands of her
officers, and cast them in, and also the spirits of kings and queens and of generals and
captains who had been her devotees, who were slain in battle, and who were yet in chaos.

12. Thus ended the God-ship of Ashtaroth. And there were thus cast into this hell,
voluntary and involuntary, two thousand million angels.

13. Looeamong, the Triune God, said: This is the end, number one; next shall fall Baal;
and him will I cast in hell also.

14. As to mortals, Xerxes’ mighty armies lived not to return to Parsi’e, but were scattered
and destroyed. As to the Argos’yans, they were a ruined people.

15. And all those countries were covered over with the spirits of the dead, in chaos.

16. For these wars had been going on for many, many years.

17. Hear ye, next of Kabalactes, Triune God of Vind’yu and her heavens.

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