Lectionary Readings for Monday, October 28th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Monday, October 28th, 2019

New Moon

Book of Judgement Ch. 30


1. God said: Now, behold, a certain rich man coveted his neighbors’children, and he went
about and captured many of them. And withal he was mighty above his neighbors, and
none of them could regain their offspring.

2. And a certain rab’bah inquired of Jehovih concerning the matter. And Jehovih
answered him, saying: Whatsoever he coveted and hath taken, suffer him to keep. What
he hath taken exultingly shall be a bondage unto him in sorrow, in time to come; for he
shall provide according to law.

3. And it so happened that a famine came upon that land, and, according to the laws, the
rich had to provide unto the kin of their own households.

4. And, behold, the rich man’s possessions were consumed by the neighbors whom he had
robbed, and great sorrow came upon him.

5. Such, O man, is the way of the dominions of men. A mighty king stretcheth forth his
hand to possess his neighbor’s kingdom, and Jehovih giveth it unto him.

6. And that king exulteth, saying: Behold my possessions and my power!

7. Hear, now, the judgment of thy God, O man: Soon or late, all things answer unto
Jehovih in a way man imagineth not. Whoso coveteth and receiveth, is bound unto

8. And, when a king possesseth himself of a new country, he not only receiveth its riches
but its misfortunes also. The profits and losses are all his.

9. And the sins of the people are his, and are henceforth upon his head.

10. And, when a famine cometh upon that country, the king shall be responsible

11. And he shall supply every want of the people, or judgment shall be upon his head.

12. And for all of the newly acquired subjects, who may be in sickness or distress, the
king shall be judged.

13. Moreover, judgment shall pursue that king into the es world; and the subjects he took
unto himself on earth shall be his in heaven to redeem, and provide for, and educate.

14. Neither shall he have exaltation in my heavens faster than the lowest of his subjects.

15. Behold, I not only bequeath the glory and joy of the Father’s kingdom on earth,
but I reveal also the responsibilities which shall be hereafter known to mortals.

16. Man shall not only perceive the justice of my judgments, but he shall realize the
power of my hand upon kingdoms and empires.

17. I show man not only the way of liberty, but the way of bondage. He shall know
understandingly the ways of my dominions, and the judgment that is upon him.

18. For every one whom the king causeth to be slain, in order to possess a new country,
the king shall mete out retribution until all his enemies do pardon and forgive him.

19. Behold, I have revealed the grades and rates; and such king shall perceive, that his
bondage can not be less than six generations, but may be twenty or forty generations, ere
he reacheth beyond the second resurrection.

20. And the same rules shall apply to every king and queen and emperor, and every other
ruler in all the world.

21. The resurrection in heaven of each and every one of them shall be with, and no faster
than those they ruled over on earth.

22. And they shall be responsible to all their subjects for deaths resulting from wars,
wherein the subjects were used for the glory and power of the king. And for all famines,
pestilences, and all other injuries that come upon the multitude through any shortness in
the king’s government.

23. And for the poverty of the people, and for their ignorance and crime; nor shall the
king escape retribution for any good thing he might have done, but did not accomplish.

24. And for all the profit and service the king receiveth on earth from his subjects, he
shall render back to them an equivalent profit and service, either on earth, or in heaven.

25. Let not the king or other ruler, any longer flatter himself that death effaceth the
bondage of man unto his subject and neighbor.

26. Behold, by opening the gates of heaven, I have also given you the glory thereof; and,
with it, I also give you the responsibilities.

27. I have brought the angels to your door; they bring you news of great joy, and bring
you also the afflictions ye cast upon them.

28. I told those of the olden time, that sword should answer sword; war should answer
war; and peace receive in peace.

29. Such, then, is the judgment of thy God upon dominion; and this shall be ratified in
time to come by every ruler on the face of the earth.

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