Lectionary Readings for Monday, October 21st, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Monday, October 21st, 2019

3rd Quarter Moon

Book of Judgement Chapter 23


1. God said: I am not come in this era to judge the drunkard, the harlot and thieves and
murderers; these are known unto thee, O man.

2. I am not come to repeat former judgments against whom all men understand to be
sinful; for, behold, I gave governments into the hands of men, to deal unto such

3. But I am come to the leaders of men; to kings, queens, emperors and presidents; and
to philosophers and men of learning, priests, rab’bahs, cardinals and popes; and to

merchants, bankers, manufacturers, farmers, shippers, and hucksters.

4. Such as pass unscathed before the laws and government of man, and are reckoned
passably wise and good before the world.

5. And not even to such of these as are bad men in disguise, who escape condemnation
before the courts, by cunning and stratagem.

6. But I am come to the best of all of them, be they true Brahmins, true Ka’yuans, true
Budhists, true Kriste’yans, or true Mohammedans.

7. Therefore, O man, hear the judgment of thy God against them: They are not united and
affiliated as brothers.

8. But the best of all of them are as so many individual entities pulling in different ways,
every one for himself.

9. The Brahmins are not communal; the Ka’yuans are not communal; neither are the
Budhists, nor the Kriste’yans, nor the Mohammedans; neither the philosophers, priests,
merchants, nor any one people in all the world.

10. There is no fullness of heaven amongst any of them. They are divided into thousands
of ideas and projects.

11. Now, hear me, O man, and consider the wisdom of thy God: Satan is wiser than any
of these I have named.

12. For satan hath made armies of soldiers communal. He hath discovered the power of
affiliation and discipline.

13. Behold, a thousand soldiers are more efficient than ten thousand men, unorganized.

14. Judgment is rendered against the best of men in all the world, because they are
inorganic for righteousness, and for establishing the Father’s kingdom.

15. This, then, is what befalleth the nations and peoples of the earth: Alike and like the
angels of heaven minister unto mortals (save wherein thy God and his Lords provide
especially otherwise), the inorganic heavenly regions to the inorganic inhabitants of the

16. Now, behold, I said unto thee, in the olden times, try the spirits, and see, if they be of

17. For the angels who wander about on the earth know not my kingdoms, and they deny
me, and deny all order and system and discipline in heaven and earth.

18. And each and all such angels, coming to mortals, do so on their own account,
assuming any form and name they may find acceptable unto men.

19. Such angels have not yet entered the first resurrection; nor belong they to any
disciplined kingdom in heaven.

20. And all mortals, such as I have named to thee as the best and highest of
mortals, enter the es world (after death), only into the inorganic regions of heaven.

21. Neither can they enter into the lowest of my kingdoms until they abnegate self and
learn affiliation.

22. Therefore, after death, they remain, for the most part, in their former places: The
merchant in his counting-house, the banker in his bank, the shipper in his place, the
philosopher in his place, the pope in his place, the king in his, the farmer in his.

23. Neither have they power or wisdom to go to any other place; and they stroll about,
like one that hath lost his master. Neither will they affiliate with other angels; but, in
stubbornness and moroseness, persist in working out an individual identity, until they are

broken down in sorrow and darkness, which may be in a few years, or it may be hundreds
of years.

24. And, then, my holy ones come to them, and carry them away to my es’yan schools.

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