Lectionary Readings for Monday, November 4th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Monday, November 4th, 2019

1st Quarter Moon

Book of Judgement Chapter 37


1. God said: Think not, O man, that thy God goeth about a work without a system and

2. Verily these are the first of my considerations.

3. First, I send my loo’is, my masters of generations, down to the earth, to the nations and
peoples where I design to build my edifice.

4. And my loo’is, by inspiration, control the marriages of certain mortals, that heirs may
be born into the world suited to the work I have on hand.

5. For many generations, my loo’is labor to this end, raising up thousands and tens of
thousands of mortal heirs according to my commandments.

6. So, O man, since four hundred years my loo’is shaped mortal births to bring about the
armies of thy God.

7. And now, when the time of kosmon had come, behold, I sent my Lords and my
numerators, to receive the harvest and the records of my loo’is.

8. Thus, O man, thy God knew beforehand what part and what place each and every one
of his mortal laborers was adapted to.

9. And through my Lords and generals and captains of my angel hosts, I commanded man
to fall to work on my building.

10. Some to heal the sick, some to work signs and miracles, some to lecture, some to
write, and so on, every one according to the work of his adaptation.

11. And all of this is to one purpose; not to build up or exalt any man, nor God, nor
religion, but to found Jehovih’s kingdom on earth.

12. To give man the system of universal peace, love, harmony and kosmon, adapted to all
nations and peoples in all the world.

13. And I commanded my Lords and angels, generals and captains to this end; and I,
furthermore, commanded certain angel registers to accompany and be with mortals in
this, the kosmon era, to observe them at the work I provided them.

14. And to whoso doeth a good work in truth, righteousness, wisdom and love, my holy
angels are commanded to extend their sphere of usefulness and light.

15. I said unto my angels: Go ye with these proofs, before mortals, with signs and
miracles; go to the rich and the poor, to the learned and to the unlearned. And ye shall
observe them, as to what use they make of the new revelations.

16. For some shall appropriate these things to money-making; some, to personal fame;
some, to evil purposes; but a few, to the glory of the Almighty, and the exaltation of


17. Try ye all mortals, and make a register of them and their behavior, and preserve the
same in my heavens.

18. And it shall come to pass that many of my seers shall have great poverty and great
hardships, for they will be unsuited to serve mammon. Nevertheless, they shall convert
the rich, proving my truths unto them. And my seers shall go to them in distress, and the
rich shall deny them, and refuse them.

19. Make a record of these also. For, in course of time, and, because of the hardness of
their hearts, I shall withdraw my holy angels away from such rich people, and they shall
be left to fall into the obsession of drujas.

20. And their families shall be obsessed, their wives, or husbands, or sons, or daughters.

21. And the drujas shall divide the families, turning a man against his father, and a
daughter against a mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

22. For, whoever goeth away from me, paying tribute to satan (self), I will not follow

23. And the drujas shall say: Think not we are come to send peace on earth, we come not
to bring peace, but to bring a sword.

24. And families of the unrighteous, being obsessed with drujas, shall keep secret their
convictions, and they shall say: This is lunacy, meaning derangement.

25. Others, being asked if they belong to the new dispensation, shall say: Nay, we know
nothing of it; behold, we are good members of the church!

26. And now, accordingly, all such matters were recorded in my heavens, and such
mortals became known to me.

27. And such as consulteth the spirits in regard to money-making, or to earthly matters for
self sake, also became known to me.

28. And I commanded my holy angels to withdraw from all mortals who were not
working for Jehovih’s new kingdom, who were of no profit in the resurrection of man;
and, behold, this was also done.

29. And it came to pass, that many whom I had designed for exalted work, fell into the
hands of drujas. And they held conferences, and were divided, man against man, and
woman against woman; full of boasting and short-sighted wisdom, seeking the applause
of the multitude.

30. And, so, my angels sifted them and sorted them, in order to find such as were willing
to sacrifice self for the sake of the Father’s kingdom.

31. These I drew aside, and I said unto them: Ye, that choose to serve Jehovih, behold,
Jehovih hath chosen you also.

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