Lectionary Readings for Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Book of Judgement Chapter 33


1. God said: Hear the judgments of thy God, O man; look thou upon all the world with
the eye of a God.

2. Be thou comprehensive in judgment over all nations and peoples upon the earth.

3. Jehovih hath said: Out of My very self created I all the living; brothers and sisters made
I them, from the members of My body.

4. Jehovih hath said: In the early days of a world, behold, I provided unto man different
continents and islands, separated by mighty waters, that man, in one division of the earth,
might not interfere with man in another division of the earth.

5. Jehovih hath said: Behold, one nation and people I allot to one civilization, and another
nation and people I allot to another civilization. Separately, on the different divisions
of the earth and on the islands in the seas, situated I the different peoples I created.

6. Jehovih hath said: But, when the world groweth older, and man attaineth to wisdom, I
say unto him: Build thou ships, and sail across the waters I created; go visit thy brothers

and sisters in the different divisions of the earth.

7. Jehovih hath said: As man mastereth the ocean, and cometh to his brothers and sisters,
afar off, and I say unto man: Because thou hast mastered the ocean, let this be a testimony
unto thee, that there shall be no barrier, henceforth, between all the nations and peoples I

8. Jehovih hath said: In kosmon I come, saying: Be ye brethren upon the face of the earth
and upon the waters of the earth; these are the legacies I bequeath unto My children.

9. Jehovih hath said: Be ye a help and a profit unto one another, judging wisely of the
differences which circumstances and places of habitation have developed in the races of

10. Now, I, thy God, O man, declare this judgment unto thee: Inasmuch as thy wisdom
hath surmounted the corporeal barrier, the ocean, betwixt thee and thy brother, it is
meet and proper, that thy soul surmount the barrier of prejudice against thy brother.

11. And that, instead of making laws against him, thou shalt do the opposite of this, and
throw open the place of thy habitation, and thy soul, and thy love, to receive thy brother,
godlike, and with open arms.

12. Flatter not thyself, that thou canst turn aside, or set backward, the seasons of the

13. Wherein thou dost this, affliction shall surely come upon thee.

14. Behold, I have made the heavens of the earth universal; and established heavenly
roadways around about the earth, that the angels of the different nations and peoples may
be as angels of universal heavens, to help one another.

15. Wilt thou make a law to incite the enmity of the spirits of the dead against thee? And
open the door for still more aggressive wars?

16. Shall the laws of man interdict the march of Jehovih?

17. Now, behold, when kosmon came, I said unto thee: Come with thy God; peacefully
shalt thou knock at the doors of Chine’ya and Japan, and they shall open unto thee.

18. This, thou accomplished; and those who had been exclusive hundreds of years, turned
from the olden ways to welcome Jehovih’s hand in thy promises.

19. Now, I declare unto thee, I will not more have exclusiveness in any of the nations and
peoples in all the world.

20. Neither shall there be taxes and duties of one nation or people against another.

21. Behold, thou hast asked for the Father’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven,
and I will give unto thee. As thou hast prayed, so will I answer thee, in the name of

22. Thou shalt not serve both, Jehovih and mammon. Neither shall the light of my
heavens be with thee, save thou heedest my judgments.

23. I will have all the ports open and free, nor shall there be partisan taxation, in favor of
one nation against another, nor of one people against another people.

24. It is not excusable for thee to say: Lo, the poor foreigner will come and consume my

25. Thou shalt say the opposite: Welcome, my poor brothers and sisters! Whatsoever is
mine, is yours also. Come ye, and dwell within my country; it is ample, and Jehovih will
provide unto us.

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