Lectionary Readings for Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Monday, June 3rd, 2019

New Moon

Book of Lika Chapters 5 and 6

Chapter 5

1. Vetta’puissa, in Lika’s etherean regions, made glorious by Jehovih’s light, and by His
purified Sons and Daughters, whose heavenly mansions matched unto their great
perfection, was now quickened with great joy. The trained hosts of Jehovih’s Son, Lika,
knowing he was to take recreation by a journey to the red star, the earth, to deliver her
unto holiness and love, provided music and heralds and trumpeters, millions of
performers, to claim their reverence and rejoicing.

2. The fire-ship, the airavagna, now adorned in splendor, was brought into its place, and
the vast hosts for the journey entered into it. A roadway was preserved for Lika and his
companion Chiefs and Chieftainesses. First to lead, of the Rapon hosts, were the
Chieftainesses, Yanodi and Thazid, and they walked arm in arm. Next after them came
Lika, alone. Next came Rebsad and Thoso, arm in arm. Next came Miente and Hors-ad,
arm in arm. Then Oshor and Yihoha, arm in arm. Then Gwan Goo and Geehoogan, and
after them Rehemg and Antosiv.

3. Loud swelled the music as the Chiefs marched forth; more than a thousand millions in
concerted song to Jehovih; and echoed by the far-off trumpeters. And when the Chiefs
entered the ship, followed by the ship’s laborers and firemen, all was motionless till the
music ceased.

4. Lika walked upon the High Arch, and stretching up his hands to Jehovih, said: I go
forth in Thy name and wisdom and love and power, O Jehovih! Thy great heavens which
thou hast made full of glory shall bear me up; the spark Thou gavest unto me will I keep
quickened in Thy sight. Thy hand is upon me. Thine arm encompasseth my ship of fire. In
Thee I know it will rise and course these worlds, to the red star, sail with Thy hosts
triumphantly unto labor for Thy glory.

5. Arise, O palace of the firmament; by the power of Jehovih that dwelleth in me,
upward! onward! arise!

6. And now with one will the hosts joined in, and the laborers and firemen stood to
their places. A moment more, and the airavagna raised from its foundation, steered
toward the red star, and moved forth over the Fields of Vetta’puissa. A hundred thousand
banners and flags floated and waved from every side on the great ship of heaven, and
was answered by more than ten hundred thousand more in the hands of the hosts below.

7. The es’enaurs of the ship struck up a quickened march, joined by the millions beneath,
whilst the great multitudes tossed up their hands and shouted in prolonged applause. Thus
went forth Lika, Son of Jehovih, to the red star, the earth.

Chapter 6

1. As Lika in his ship sped on, coursing the Fields of Sonasat, and Hatar, and Yuax, in the
etherean world, Chen-a-goetha, rich in light in these regions, on the Yong-We Road, and

now traversed by hundreds of vessels coursing hither and yon, Jehovih’s light descended
on the High Arch, in the midst of the Rapons; and the Voice of Jehovih spake out of the
light, saying:

2. As I taught corporeans to build ships to traverse corporeal seas, so have I taught
ethereans to build vessels to course My etherean seas.

3. As I bound the corporean that he could not raise up in the air above corpor, save by a
vessel, so created I My heavens for the spirits of men, that by manufactured vessels they
might course My firmament.

4. For the little knowledge I gave to corporeans I made as a type of knowledge which is

5. To the corporean I gave two kinds of presence, objective and subjective. By the latter
he can imagine himself in a far-off place; and the thought that proceedeth out of
him goeth to a friend and speaketh understandingly in the distance. For thus I created
him. But he who goeth objectively must take his person with him, for so created I him.

6. And I magnified these two conditions unto the spirits of all men, that they might also
appear objectively and subjectively in the places known to them.

7. And this is the bondage I created unto all places on the earth and in the heavens
thereof, making all men understand the power of objective association.

8. I created wide seas on the corporeal earth, that man should perceive that one man alone
could not cross over; nor in a small boat, with any profit under the sun. Neither created
I My heavens in the firmament that one angel could go alone on long journeys,
becoming isolated and powerless. But I provided them that they could not escape
association; yea, I created the firmament that they must congregate together and go.

9. Nevertheless, I gave freedom unto all; to him that goeth not objectively, to go
subjectively; but of little avail and not much truth or profit. And because I gave
this liberty, behold, even drujas will say: Yea, I have been there. Nor know they
how to raise up from the earth, or to go to any place, save on another’s shoulders.

10. And I created man and angels that all knowledge which is to be everlasting must be
obtained objectively; yea, in the experience of his own person made I him to desire
without end.

11. And they fill My seas in heaven and earth with their great ships; with wants that
could not be satisfied in one place created I man. For I drive him forth on strange errands
and on missions of profit and love; for I will store him with a knowledge of My works.

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