Lectionary Readings for Monday, January 4th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Monday, January 4th, 2021

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Jehovih Chapters 4 and 5

Chapter 4

1. Man perceived the general formation of the world, and he prayed that his eyes might be
opened for a sign in heaven; and Jehovih answered him, saying:

2. The clouds in the air I bring into view suddenly; by different currents of wind make I
thus the unseen visible and tangible to man’s senses. In like manner do I cause etherean
currents to bring forth a’ji and ji’ay, and nebulae, prior to making corporeal worlds.

3. In all the universe have I made the unseen to rule over the seen. Let the formation of
the clouds stand in the view of man on earth, that he may bear witness to the manner of
the unseen becoming seen.

4. Man perceived, and he prayed for a sign of duration, and Jehovih answered him,

5. Behold the tree which hath sprung up out of the ground and fulfilled its time; it falleth
and rotteth, and returneth to the earth. But lo, the wind, which thou seest not, never
ceaseth to blow. Even so is the comparative duration of all things. Think not, O man, that
corporeal things are annihilated because they disappear; for as a drop of water evaporateth
and riseth in the air as unseen vapor, so do all corporeal things, even earth, and stones,
and gold, and silver, and lead, become as nothing in the firmament of heaven in course of

6. Things that man seeth, created I with a beginning and an end; but the unseen I made of
endless duration.

7. The corporeal man made I belonging to the seen; but the spiritual man made I as one
within the unseen, and everlasting.

8. As the corporeal man beholdeth corporeal things, so doth the spiritual man follow
upward the evaporated, corporeal entities of things. As corporeal things are tangible to

corporeans, so are es things tangible to the spirits of the dead.

9. As I cause water to rise upward as vapor, and take a place in the air above, let it be a
sign and testimony of other places in atmospherea whereon dwell the spirits of the lower

10. As I made a limit to the ascent of the clouds, so made I a limit to the places of the
different kinds of substances in atmospherea; the more subtle and potent to the extreme,
and the more dense and impotent nearer to the earth.

11. According to the condition of these different plateaux in atmospherea, whether they
be near the earth or high above, so shall the spirit of man take its place in the first heaven;
according to his diet and desires and behavior so shall he dwell in spirit on the plateau to
which he hath adapted himself during his earth life.

12. For I made the power of attraction manifest in all things before man’s eyes that he
might not err, that like should attract like made I them.

13. Man sought to know the progress of things. Jehovih answered him, saying:

14. Open thy eyes, O man ! There is a time of childhood, a time of genesis, a time of old
age, and a time of death to all men. Even so is it with all the corporeal worlds I have

15. First as vapor the vortex carrieth it forth, and as it condenseth, its friction engendereth
heat, and it is molten, becoming as a globe of fire in heaven. Then it taketh its place as a
new born world, and I set it in the orbit prepared for it.

16. In the next age I bring it into se’mu, for it is ripe for the bringing forth of living
creatures; and I bestow the vegetable and animal kingdoms.

17. Next it entereth ho’tu, for it is past the age of begetting, even as the living who are in
dotage. Next it entereth a’du, and nothing can generate upon it. Then cometh uz, and it is
spirited away into unseen realms. Thus create I, and thus dissipate planets, suns, moons
and stars.

18. My examples are before all men. My witnesses are without number. I rise the tree
up out of the ground; I give it a time to bring forth fruit; and then barrenness, and then
death and dissolution. I prepare the new field with rich soil, bringing forth; and the old
field that is exhausted, and man shall weigh the progress and destiny of a whole world.

19. Let no man marvel because of the size of the mammoth and the ichthyosaurus,
for there was a time for them as there is a time for the infusoria of this day.

20. I have given thee a sign, O man, in the queen of the honey bee; because of the change
of the cell cometh she forth a queen, even from the same manner of germ as the other
bees. Be wise, therefore, and remember that the earth is not in the place of the firmament
as of old. Let this be a testimony to thee of the growth, the change and the travail of the

21. Nevertheless, O man, the seen and the unseen are but parts of My person; I am the
Unity of the whole.

Chapter 5

1. Man perceived the magnitude and glory of the corporeal worlds. He said, How shall I
speak of Thy great works, O Jehovih, and of Thy wisdom and power! Shall I open my
mouth before Thee! I look upon Thy countless stars, suns and moons, spread out over the

heavens! The millions of years Thou hast rolled them on in the never-ending firmament!
Processions in and out, and round about, of mighty worlds! By Thy breath going forth!

2. O Thou, All Highest! How shall I hide my insignificance! I cannot create the smallest
thing alive! Nay, nor change the color of a hair on my head. What am I, that Thou has
seen me?

3. Tell me, O my Creator, whence came life? This unseen within me that is conscious of
being? Tell me how all the living came into life.

4. Jehovih heard the words of man and He answered him saying: Let a sign be given to
man that he may comprehend se’mu. Thereupon Jehovih caused the jelly fish and the
green scum of water to be permanently coming forth in all ages, that man might
understand the age of se’mu, when the earth and the shores by the water, and the waters
also, were covered over with commingled atmosphere and corporeal substance. And this
substance was called se’mu, because by Jehovih’s presence quickened He it into life, and
thus made He all the living, both the vegetable and animal worlds. Not that se’mu is jellyfish or the green scum of water; for the earth in this day produceth not se’mu abundantly; nevertheless the jelly-fish and the green scum of water are signs of that which was in that
day of the earth.

5. Jehovih said: Because of My presence quickened I into life all that live, or ever have

6. Because I am male and female, even in my likeness, thus made I them. Because I am
the power to quicken into life, so, in likeness of Me thus, made I them, and with power to
bring forth.

7. According to their respective places created I the living; not in pairs only, but in
hundreds of pairs and thousands, and in millions.

8. According to their respective places and the light upon se’mu, so quickened I them in
their color, adapted to their dwelling places.

9. Each and every living thing created I new upon the earth, of a kind each to itself; and
not one living thing created I out of another.

10. Let a sign be upon the earth, that man in his darkness may not believe that one animal
changeth and becometh another.

11. Thereupon Jehovih gave permission for different animals to bring forth a new living
animal, which should be unlike either its mother or father, but he caused the new product
to be barren.

12. Jehovih said: And this shall be testimony before all men that I created each and all the
living, after their own kind only.

13. Such is My person and My spirit, being from everlasting to everlasting; and when I
bring a new world into the time of se’mu, lo and behold my presence quickeneth
the substance into life; according to the locality and the surroundings, so do I bring
forth the different species; for they are flesh of My flesh and spirit of My spirit.
To themselves give I themselves; nevertheless, they are all members of My Person.

14. As a testimony to man, behold the earth was once a globe of liquid fire! Nor was there
any seed thereon. But in due season I rained down se’mu on the earth; and by virtue of my
presence quickened I into life all the living. Without seed created I the life that is in them.

Jehovih said : Behold, I caused all the living creatures to gestate in
darkness. And this shall be testimony to the end of the world, that, when I
created life on the face of the earth, she traveled in My se’muan firmament. 

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