Lectionary Readings for Monday, February 7th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Monday, February 7th, 2022

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 17

1. THE Voice came to Tae, saying: The fourteenth year is My year. Behold, the harvest of My laborers, who came first out of Uz, is ripe unto deliverance.

2. In the heavens of My Gods, I bequeath a time to labor unto them also; and when their angel hosts are prepared for a new resurrection to a higher heaven, I come and deliver them.

3. For fourteen years, thou and thine hosts have labored with My infants; those which I gave into your keeping have prospered, and shall be now emancipated from all further responsibility over them, save such as ye may take upon yourselves.

4. Call them together, old and young, and, with suitable rites and ceremonies, fulfill My commandments unto them, and bequeath unto My children the titles, brides and bridegrooms of liberty.

5. So, Tae appointed a day of emancipation, and had it proclaimed before all the people of the colony.

6. And, on the day named, there came into the temple of Jehovih one thousand of the infants who had attained to fourteen years of age. And they were clothed in white, with uncovered heads, boys and girls, each carrying a sprig of acacia, and they marched in from the west, two and two, but separated one to either side, forming a crescent, with the horns to the east.

7. The fifty-two founders sat in the east, and were thus betwixt the horns of the crescent, and they were clothed in black, with white aprons, but with Zarathustrian hats on the men’s, and with sky-crescents on the women’s heads.

8. Back of the founders, were stationed another thousand children of younger years, and they bore the flower-wreaths intended for the brides and bridegrooms of liberty.

9. But within the midst of the crescent stood Es, facing the east. Still outside of the crescent, were stationed the next younger class of a thousand infants. And, beyond these, were the members of Shalam; and beyond them, were the visiting Uzians.

10. On the north and south were stationed the musicians, and betwixt them and the crescent horns, on the exterior, were the marshals of Shalam.

11. Tae represented the Voice of Jehovih, and Es the voice of the young brides and bridegrooms who were to speak in concert with her. After prayer and suitable music,

12. Tae said: In the name of Jehovih, and by His Light upon me, I declare the place of the Holy Covenant open to the voice of mortals. Who here knoweth the times of Jehovih, and the day and year in the place of His kingdom?

13. Es and the brides and bridegrooms of liberty: In Jehovih’s name, greeting from the west. Behold, this is the brides’ and bridegrooms’ day of liberty. We stand before thee and thy hosts to answer our love for the benefits ye have bestowed upon us in the Father’s kingdom. We bring to ye sprigs of acacia as memorials of the everlasting life ye have shown unto us.

14. Tae said: The east answereth in love and sorrow, but receiveth your memorials with great joy.

15. Es: Before the Almighty, all things move onward; to His decrees we bow in reverence.

16. Tae: Are ye not satisfied?

17. Es: We are more than satisfied with the love and blessings we have received.

18. We were fatherless and motherless, and ye gathered us up and fed us and clothed us. But, greater than all, ye have taught us to love and honor you in our Father’s name.

19. Tae: We went forth in duty, but Jehovih hath answered us with love. We found you helpless, with none to care for you, or to save you from destruction. We brought you hither and provided unto you without price and without hope of reward.

20. Es: But ye have bound us; how can we ever repay? None can know the fullness of our gratitude.

21. Tae: We have watched you since before ye stood upright; your every little step hath been both a responsibility and a joy unto us. O, why will you leave us? Who knoweth the love of the aged for the young, whom they have watched from day to day?

22. Es: We will not leave you; but, behold, we are no longer babes, we are strong and learned.

23. As ye saved us, so let us go forth in our might to save others. Who can teach the aged that those they raised up are not always babes? O, give us our liberty! Behold, we are clothed as brides and bridegrooms!

24. Tae: And turn you loose without anyone over you to guard and bless you?

25. Es: Jehovih will guard and bless the righteous who serve Him. We are His!

26. Tae: Who is Jehovih? and where?

27. Es: He is the Life and the Knowledge, Who is everywhere present, the All Person, Who created us alive, Who, by giving, created all things. He is our shield.

28. Tae: Your faith being in Jehovih, it is well; but ye have bound us with your love. What is bound on earth shall remain bound in heaven. Though we give you the form of liberty, yet our hearts will ever go out in love to you.

29. Though we emancipate you here on earth, remember, we are growing old. Ere long, we shall join our fathers in heaven. Whither we go, we shall again prepare unto you.

30. And, when ye come again to us for a season, behold, we shall again go on for a time and a season.

31. Es: O Jehovih, preserve Thou us ever pure and wise, that Thy hosts may continue this love in our travel in Thy everlasting kingdoms!

32. Tae: Such is ever the beginning of a kingdom of the Father: Where a few gather together in His name, fulfilling the commandments, there is the starting-place unto them.

33. Pity those that live and die in this world, not having found and lived within a kingdom of the Father.

34. Es: To remain true to Jehovih’s heaven, what a glory, time without end! Make us strong and wise, O Father, to bring them into Thy kingdom on earth. Help us to make them comprehend.

35. Tae, in the Voice: With liberty I give also responsibility.

36. Es, in the Voice: Thy chosen comprehend; as Thou givest them liberty, even so do they emancipate those who saved them.

37. Tae: To the helpless, I provide saviors; to the wise and strong, I say: Save yourselves.

38. Es: We want none but Thee, Jehovih, to save us. We bind ourselves unto Thee from this time forth, forever!

39. Tae: Whosoever striveth to save himself, shall not fail before Me.

40. We covenant unto Thee, Jehovih, to strive hereafter, forever, to save ourselves from all sin and righteousness, in thoughts, words and deeds, and to serve Thee with all our wisdom and strength, by doing good unto others as long as we may live.

41. Tae, of himself: Then, in Jehovih’s name, and by His authority vested in me, I bequeath you liberty forever. Jehovih be with you all. Amen.

42. In Jehovih’s name we release our saviors from all responsibility for us forevermore. Jehovih be with you all. Amen!

43. Tae: Draw unto Me, and receive from My hand, saith Jehovih. Whoso covenanteth unto Me, I covenant unto him.

44. Whoso registereth unto Me, shall be registered in My heavenly kingdoms. Upon the entrance in heaven of My chosen, behold, My holy angels are there to receive them.

45. The brides and bridegrooms: We covenant unto Thee, O Jehovih, to be Thine forever.

46. Register us in thy everlasting kingdoms; make us acceptable associates for Thy holy ones in heaven.

47. Teach Thou us, O Jehovih, to look down into our thoughts, words and behavior, every day and hour, with swift remembrance to do all the good we can unto others that we may be an honor and glory in Thy works.

48. Tae: Come unto Me, My beloved; receive from My altar the token of liberty in My name!

49. The marshals then brought the points of the crescent together, in front of Tae, leaving a space between. The guards, then, brought the children with wreaths forward, filed to pass betwixt Tae and Es, who had advanced to the apex of the horns. The saviors (the founders) drew up in single file, facing the west.

50. And, now, at a signal from the chief marshal, the brides and bridegrooms turned in at the crescent, two and two, and, as they did so, they gave the acacia to the founders, whilst the wreaths were placed on their heads by Tae and Es, the bearers passing the other way. And, as they did so, Tae said:

51. Receive thou this token of liberty in the name of the Almighty. It was grown by Him, gathered by His loves, and is bestowed by thy benefactor as a crown of Jehovih’s kingdom on earth.

52. Es, in response: More precious is this than the crown of any king or queen on earth. In Jehovih’s praise I receive it; it is an emblem of a new beginning in my life, a wreath of liberty. The saviors (founders) said: This acacia shall be my register before the Almighty of your love.

53. After this, the musicians sang and chanted whilst the audience resumed seats.

54. Tae said: A new life is before you. Heretofore, you have been directed and criticised, and told what to do and what not to do. Hereafter, ye shall not be thus disciplined, but shall discipline yourselves.

55. As much as ye are thus bestowed by us, so shall ye bestow one another. And, henceforth, ye shall not criticise or direct or dictate to one another. As much as ye are free from us, ye are free from one another.

56. Heretofore, ye reproved one another for various trifling faults; hereafter, ye shall not reprove one another, nor reprove any person above fourteen years of age; remember constantly that ye are not keepers or supervisors over your equals or your elders.

57. And for such faults or shortness ye may perceive in others, save infants, turn away, behold them not, nor mention them. Such matters are betwixt Jehovih and the doers.

58. And, now, behold, it is proper for you to go into Uz, and see them, and observe how they live, both in splendor and in misery.

59. For which purpose, ye shall be provided in groups of dozens or more, and accompanied to the cities of Uz to sojourn there for a season.

60. And, if it so happen that ye desire to remain in Uz, then be it so; ye shall remain.

61. And, if ye desire to return hither, then shall ye return.

62. But ye shall not return here as before, as helpless babes, but as workers.

63. And, if ye elect to remain with us, then shall ye make the covenant of brotherhood with us, being one with us in all things, and this place, or its sister colonies, shall be your home as long as ye may desire.

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