Lectionary Readings for Monday, April 15th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Monday, April 15th, 2019

Book of Divinity Chapters XVII and XVIII

Chapter XVII

1. But even Gods fail at times. For by failures do all persons learn there are higher
powers. Only Jehovih never faileth.

2. In the last month of the last year of a’ji, even whilst God, Jehovih’s Son, and his Lord
Gods, and his Lords and sub-Gods, were proud of heart that they should carry the earth
and her heavens through safely, they met sore trials. This, then, is what happened: A
comet came within the earth’s vortex, and was drawn in, even as floating drift is drawn
within a whirlpool in a river. The substance of the comet was condensed, and fell on the
earth in mist, and dust and ashes. And the earth, and the heavens above the earth, were in
darkness twelve days, and the darkness was so great that a man could not see his hand
before him.

3. And during those days of darkness there were more than four score hells founded
within Ahura’s heavenly regions, and he himself was cast into one of them, and he
was walled about by more than three thousand million angels; pilfered and stripped of all
he had. And his remaining sub-Gods were also bound in hell and robbed of all they had.

4. And presently the spirits ran for the kings’and queens’souls (of them who had been
tyrants on earth), and they caught them, and brought them and cast them into hell also,
taking vengeance on them with stripes and foul smells. And hundreds of thousands of
spirits went and gathered foul smells and cast them into hell, and surrounded the hells on
every side with foul gases, so that none could escape.

5. So desperate became the madness upon them, that even the tormentors rushed in,
making a frolic of madness. And whosoever had ever had an enemy on earth now ran for
him and caught him in hada and brought him; and others helped; and they took and cast
him into the torments of hell. And those who had been slaves hundreds of years to Ahura
and his Gods, now caught every one they could lay hands on, and dragged them into hell.

6. As soon as God’s messengers came and told him what had happened, God sent all
his available forces to overthrow the place if possible. Vishnu, full of hope and courage,
sent one-half of his forces to God’s assistance, thereby risking the guardianship of
the three great mortal kingdoms, Vindyu, Jaffeth and Arabin’ya. And God sent
messengers to the heavenly kingdoms of North and South Guatama, saying to the
Gods of those places: Behold, Ahura, the false, is involved in torments; his hosts are
upon him, three thousand millions! Send all above grade seventy at once. To Uropa
he sent also, saying the same thing, and adding thereto: Alas, my little wisdom
in sending off a thousand million of mine own hosts to Craoshivi at such a time!

7. Craoshivi was the new plateau, difficult of access, and it was scarcely possible to recall
his hosts in the time required. And God summoned the Diva, that they might sit for the
Father’s Voice; and the members came and sat in the usual way, and Jehovih spake unto
God, saying:

8. Peace be unto Thee, My Son! Neither regret thou that thou sent thy most exalted
hosts to Craoshivi. Did not I lead thee thither? And I said unto thee: Possess this
place, and send thou thy hosts hither. Neither grieve thou because I sent the nebulae
and the darkness of that time. Is it more to thee to behold these things, than for
mortals to witness the spring floods that wash away the summer’s coming harvest?

9. To learn to provide against contingencies, this is wisdom. Yet not All Wisdom is in
man’s heart, nor yet with My Gods. How canst thou perceive how it is with Ahura’s soul,
whether this hell be good or evil unto him in the end?

10. If thou behold My sudden power, how much more must not Ahura feel it? Yet thou
shalt deliver him out of hell; by thy hosts shall he and his sub-Gods be delivered. But
far greater shall be the torments of his own soul, than what his drujas can heap upon him.

11. Then God inquired of Jehovih, saying: What is the best, most perfect way, to deliver
Ahura and his subjects out of hell?

12. Jehovih answered him, saying: Whom he hath despised, send; whom he hath illtreated, send; whom he hath humbled, send. And when thy Lords and Gods are come
to the place, let these, his abused enemies, take the hand of thy Lord or thy God, and
they shall call out to Me in the name, Ormazd, the which name Ahura hath tried to
destroy for the glory of his own. And at the sound of the name, Ormazd, thy hosts shall
cast burning light into the faces of the drujas, and thus scatter them away till Ahura
be released; and he shall witness that he hath been released through the name, Ormazd.

13. God sent E’chad, and Ah’oan, to deliver Ahura out of hell, and they labored four years
in accomplishing it, and then Ahura was free, and his hosts were divided into groups of
tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands; and God appointed generals and captains
over them. Save and except eight hundred million drujas that escaped from hell and
through the guards’fires, and descended back to the earth, to torment and to deceive

14. So it turned out that Vishnu failed in some degree to save the nations of the earth
from the approach of evil spirits. Jehovih spake to Vishnu, comforting, saying: Because
thou hast helped to deliver Ahura, thou shalt not take sorrow to thy heart. What are eight
hundred millions to thee? So Vishnu grieved no more.

15. Now during the time of the deliverance of Ahura, no less than six knots had been tied
in hell, and in one of these Ahura and his sub-Gods had become bound, so there was no
escape for them. But the outer and extreme knots were untied first, and as fast as the
delirious spirits were rescued, they were carried without and beyond the firewalls and
placed under guard.

16. Thus in sections was Ahura’s hell cast out; and when the deliverers came to Ahura
and his confederates they were all, save Ahura, in a state of chaos, frenzied with fear. But
Ahura was not beside himself, though in serious fright. Ah’oan, Lord of Jaffeth, spake to
him, saying: In the name of God, and of Ormazd, I have delivered thee. How is it with

17. Ahura said: I am done! I am nothing! One God alone can do nothing. Do with me
whatsoever thou wilt. I am thy servant.

18. Ah’oan said: Nay, be thou servant to none save Ormazd, thy Creator. His name is the
watch-word and the power in all the high heavens. By his name thou shalt become one
amongst Godly companions.

19. Ahura said: But thou must torment me first! Ah’oan said: Wherefore? My work is not
to cast down but to lift up. So it is with all of Ormazd’s Gods. Behold thou here, even thy
sub-Gods, and such as thou hast in times past evilly used! See, they hold up their hands in
prayer to Ormazd for thee!

20. And is this not the way of knowing angels and mortals, whether they be of the
Creator? If they pull down, they are not His. If they slander or torment, or speak evil of
one another, or give pain, they are not His. How, then, shall I not do good for thee and
restore thee to thy kingdom?

21. Ahura said: Give me anything, but give me not my kingdom again; for of all torments
this is the worst. Ah’oan said: Wouldst thou evilly treat them that had been thy subjects?
If so, thou art not of the everlasting resurrection. Ahura said: Nay, I would see them not
forever! I would hear them not, know them not forever. If, therefore, thou wilt do me
good instead of evil, I pray thee take me afar off, and alone, that I may meditate forever
on the horrors I have passed through.

22. Ah’oan said: Hear me now, once for all, and I speak in the name of God and of the
Great Spirit, Ormazd: Because thou hast served thyself and compelled others to serve
thee for nearly two thousand years, thou hast become blind to the Ormazdian law, which
is: That thine own peace and happiness can only come by making restitution to thy
servants, and by lifting up those whom thou hast cast down. How can I deliver thee away
from them? I may take away thy person, but I cannot deliver thy memory. No man can be
delivered from himself.

23. One way only is open for thee, which is under the Ormazdian law; which is, that thou
shalt take thy kingdom again, and deliver it unto righteousness, intelligence and good
works. Serving Ormazd by doing good unto them whom the Creator gave thee. Many of
them have served thee more than a thousand years; wouldst thou now cast them off
without recompense?

24. Ahura said: Thou art just, O Ormazd! I perceive the wisdom of Thy Gods, and
the bondage of men. Take me, O Ah’oan, put me in a way to carry out this great light.

25. Ah’oan said: Hear thou thy sentence, in the name of Ormazd, the Creator; which is,
that thou shalt be taken to a place of safety, which E’chad shall select; and thither shall thy
best, most exalted people be taken, and put to work and to school, and in nurseries and
hospitals; and thou shalt go about amongst them, teaching and encouraging them in
industry and righteousness, for Ormazd’s sake. And when thou hast certain ones
disciplined in this way, thou shalt receive another installment of thy people, and they shall
be disciplined in the same way. And then another installment, and so on, until thou hast
all thy kingdom.

26. And that thou shalt be successful, these, my Lords, and generals, and captains, shall
go with thee and labor with thee and thy hosts. And thou and thy people shall have no
ornaments; and your raiment shall be white-gray, alike and like, teachers and pupils, save
when especially ordered otherwise by God and his deputies.

27. And when thou and the majority of thy hosts have risen above grade fifty, thou shalt
be crowned in the name of Ormazd, and thy kingdom shall have a throne, and thou shalt
be one amongst the united hosts of the higher heavens. Till then, go thou to thy labors
diligently, and may Ormazd abide with thee in wisdom and power.

28. Ahura said: Thou art just, O Ormazd. I will henceforth, forever, serve Thee with all
my wisdom and strength!

29. And then E’chad and his attendants led the way, and the marshals and generals and
captains brought Ahura’s hosts, the first installment, and they went to a place called
Ailkin, a heavenly place capable of seven thousand millions, and there they founded the
new colony for Ahura.

30. But Ah’oan and his hosts continued their labors in delivering the hells, until they
delivered the four score and placed all the spirits under guard and discipline.

Chapter XVIII

1. Thus drew to a close the cycle of Fragapatti, being three thousand and one hundred
years. And at this time there were but few people on earth or in heaven but were capable
of everlasting life, even the druks and drujas also.

2. Jehovih spake to God, saying: Now shalt thou enumerate earth and heaven, as to all
that I have created capable of everlasting life; and of My harvests since the habitation of
the earth, when man first walked upright. And thy numbers shall be entered in the
libraries of heaven, to remain forever.

3. So God called together a council of mathematicians, and they numbered mortals and
angels, and recorded their labor in the libraries of heaven, where the wise men of heaven
and earth may read the records.

4. In Fragapatti’s cycle were born alive ninety-two thousand millions. Of these ninety
percent were born to everlasting life. Ten percent went into dissolution, as a drop of water
evaporateth before the sun and is seen no more.

5. In Osiris’cycle, ninety-one thousand millions. Of these eighty-seven percent were born
to everlasting life. Thirteen percent went into dissolution and were seen no more.

6. In Thor’s cycle, eighty-eight thousand millions. Of these eighty-five percent were born
to everlasting life, and fifteen percent to dissolution.

7. In Apollo’s cycle, eighty thousand millions. Of these seventy-two percent were born to
everlasting life.

8. In Sue’s cycle, eighty-seven thousand millions. Of these sixty-two percent were born to
everlasting life, and thirty-eight percent went into dissolution.

9. In Aph’s cycle, sixty-six thousand millions. Of these fifty-four percent were born to
everlasting life, and forty-six percent went into dissolution.

10. In Neph’s cycle, before the submersion of Pan, one hundred and twenty-four thousand
millions. Of these twenty-one percent were born to everlasting life, and seventy-nine
percent went into dissolution.

11. And this comprised one-sixth of the people that had been created alive on the earth
since man walked upright; that is to say, three thousand six hundred and seventy-eight

12. But in the early days of man only a small percentage were born to everlasting life;
and, first of all, only one percent.

13. And God gave thanks unto Jehovih, the Creator, because all the races of men on earth
were now capable of everlasting life.

14. Of the hells and knots springing out of hada since the days of Wan, this was the
proportion, to wit:

15. In the cycle of Fragapatti, two hundred and seventy-six hells, of average duration,
thirty years. Involved in these hells, two thousand million angels. Sixty-four knots, of
average duration, two years. Involved in these knots, one thousand million angels.

16. In the cycle of Osiris, three hundred and eighty-nine hells, of average duration, four
hundred years. Involved in these hells, seven thousand millions. Two hundred and twelve
knots, of average duration, three years. Involved in these knots, three thousand millions.

17. In the cycle of Thor, five hundred and ninety-one hells, of average duration, six
hundred years. Involved in these hells, nine thousand million angels. Four hundred and
thirty-six knots, of average duration, six years. Involved in these knots, four thousand
million angels.

18. In Apollo’s cycle, seven hundred and forty-two hells, of average duration, eight
hundred years. Involved in these hells, ten thousand million angels. Six hundred and four
knots, of average duration, twelve years. Involved in these knots, five thousand millions.

19. In Sue’s cycle, twelve hundred and seventy-three hells, of average duration, one
thousand years. Involved in these hells, thirteen thousand million angels. One thousand
and five knots, of average duration, thirty years. Involved in these knots, eight thousand

20. In Aph’s cycle, three thousand five hundred hells, of average duration, two thousand
years. Involved in these hells, twenty-eight thousand million angels. Two thousand
knots, of average duration, fifty years. Involved in these knots, twenty-five thousand
millions. And these were the numbers of spirits cast into hell and into knots, from the
submersion of Pan to the end of the cycle of Zarathustra; but at the dawn of each and
every cycle, both the hells and the knots were delivered by the etherean Gods. Save in
Fragapatti’s cycle, when they were almost entirely delivered by the atmospherean God.

21. Prior to the submersion of Pan, commonly called the flood, more than half the people
entering the first es world went into hells and into knots. And in all ages of the world
there have been thousands and millions of spirits who delight in hell for certain seasons,
even as is manifested in mortals who delight in debauchery, and vengeance, and war. Nor
is a hell widely different, as regards the spirit, from what war is amongst mortals. And
as mortals of this day glorify themselves and their generals and captains for the
magnitude of their havoc in war, so in the olden times, in atmospherea, there were great
boastings and laudations for such as inflicted the greatest torments and horrors in hell.

22. As mortals of the druk order oft leave their evil ways for a season, and become
upright and virtuous, loving decency and righteousness, and then break away and indulge
in a season of debauchery, so in the es world hath it been with millions and thousands of
millions of angels. In one day the teachers and physicians were rejoicing before Jehovih
because of the steadfastness of their wards to righteousness; and in the next day were left
to deplore the loss of hundreds and thousands who had broken faith and gone off for
indulgence’s sake in some of the hells. And these had to be rescued, persuaded, threatened
and coaxed back again and again to the nurseries and hospitals, or to the factories and

23. Neither knoweth any one, save Jehovih, the labor and fretting and anxiety that were
undergone by the teachers and physicians, and Lords and Gods, who had such drujas in
charge. For even as it is beholden on earth that men of great learning and high estate oft
fall, becoming lower than the beasts of the fields, so in heaven were there hundreds of
thousands, and even millions, oft high raised in the grades, that would stumble and fall
into the lowest of hells, and even into the knots.

24. So Jehovih brought the earth and her heavens into another dawn of dan, in the arc of
Spe-ta, in the Nirvanian roads of Salk-watka, in etherea.

25. Now, up to the last, God and his Lords maintained the Diva; and mortals
somewhat understood the matter, that there were certain Divine laws in heaven that
ruled over mortal kingdoms and empires. So that the words Div, and Diva, and Divine
rights, began to be realized as a concerted power in heaven greater than man’s power

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