Lectionary Readings for Friday, September 13th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Friday, September 13th, 2019

Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih, Chapter 5

Chapter 5


1. Whilst Ennochissa and his Holy Council were assembled in the palace of Eta-shong,
there came messengers from no less than thirty and six of Ennochissa’s sub-kingdoms,
alarmed, and with magnified accounts of the fire-ship seen descending to Paradise.

2. And each and all of these messengers told his tale before the throne; expressing the fear
of the sub-kingdoms’Lords, and praying to know Ennochissa’s will and pleasure.

3. Now, here, even as at Haractu, the Lords of the Holy Council spake expressive of their
hopes and fears. And here also were many Lords, who had long been promised exaltation,
but never received it. And they pretended heart-felt loyalty to Ennochissa, the false
Brahma, even whilst with secretive hope they prayed some adventurous God might come
and break up Ennochissa’s kingdom, feeling, that in the spoil they would profit in
heavenly kingdoms of their own.

4. Then spake Ennochissa, saying: In the name of the Holy Ghost, I thank you all. And for
your loyalty make myself your humble God to do your wills and pleasure.

5. First, then, that our unapproachable kingdom shall ever remain the all highest heaven,
where ye shall rest secure forever, I will prove most alert to learn the designs of this
visiting God.

6. Behold, I will send thither an arrow-boat, with a million Lords, arrayed in splendor,
and every one crowned; and over them, Kosimathara, Lord in chief.

7. In my name and in the name of the Holy Ghost, my hosts shall greet this God, and
invite him hither on a monthly visit. Perchance he hath no knowledge, as to what the all
highest God is.

8. So, it came to pass, an arrow-boat was made, the most magnificent ever seen in
Eta-shong; and in it the million Lords with jeweled crowns embarked, commanded
by Kosimathara, Lord in chief, and they sped off for Paradise also.

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