Lectionary Readings for Friday, September 11th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Friday, September 11th, 2020

9/11 Remembrance

God’s Book of Eskra Chapter 60

1. The Lord said: In the same hour, when God, in Paradise, received the epistle from the
four false Gods, a light appeared in the firmament above, descending from the etherean

2. It was a star-ship from the Nirvanian heavens of Chia’hakad, only four hundred years
from the dawn of the arc of kosmon, of the era of kosmon.

3. Like a crescent, made of stars, with a sun betwixt the horns, it came, a very world of
light, swiftly coming toward Paradise.

4. Down came the ship of fire far below the moon’s orbit, and then halted. For two whole
days it halted, as if to warn the false Gods, the pretended Saviors of angels and mortals,

that Jehovih had spoken in the higher heavens.

5. Then came again the star-ship, till it anchored near the throne of God.

6. And the lights and the etherean waves of higher worlds were opened, and there came
out of the midst of the arches of ships, a million angels, well trained in the management
of worlds, and they were headed by Hyaponitissa, Goddess of Vaigonataj, in the plains of

7. And God of Paradise raised the lights of his heavens, and opened his palace and throne
to the approaching Goddess and her hosts. God’s Holy Council made way, and
Hyaponitissa and her hosts entered the palace of God.

8. God said: Hail, Daughter of Jehovih! in His name, welcome to my throne!

9. And God saluted on the sign, THE CIRCLE AND TRIANGLE. Hyaponitissa answered in the
sign, C
HAIN OF THE CIRCUIT, saying: All honor and praise to thee, O God, Jehovih’s Son.

10. Then she went up, and sat on the throne of God; and her hosts filed in front in a
crescent, maintaining the chain of etherean light to the ships, and thence to the worlds

11. The es’enaurs chanted an anthem to Jehovih, and, after that, the Goddess rose up on
the throne of God, and said:

12. Praise be unto Thee, Jehovih; mine eyes have beholden a Son of Thy love; the glory
of the red star and her heavens, Thou hast uncovered before me.

13. The toils and trials of thy God, Thou has opened as a book is opened. And the dark
ages of hundreds of years Thou hast made transparent by the light of Thy countenance.

14. Thou hast appropriated those, that labored for their own glory, to sweep from off the
earth and her heavens, oracle worship and idolatry; and these curses shall return not again

15. The prayer of Thy God reached up to the heavens Chia’hakad; the Gods of other
worlds hearkened unto his voice.

16. And Thy Voice, Jehovih, came upon me, saying: Daughter of Vaigonataj, haste thou
quickly to the red star; My God is calling!

17. And Thou gavest into my hands a million of Thy Holy Sons and Daughters, with a
great ship of fire.

18. And I sped through Thy etherean seas and wide roadways, glorying in the work Thou
gavest me.

19. Now, behold, I am honored before Thee and before Thy God and his Holy Council.

20. My love is to them, like a sister’s, who had found a long lost brother; the glory of Thy
handiwork, Thou hast manifested in them.

21. Thereupon, the Goddess gave the sign, LOVE TO ALL, and she sat down. Then, God rose
up, and said:

22. Because Thou hast blest my people, O Jehovih, I am abashed before Thy Goddess,
who hath come so far to see me.

23. Behold, in the last hour of my trials, Thou sent unto me; in the time I was
heartbroken, Thou thrust into my kingdom the chain of Thy etherean light.

24. How can I be unmindful of Thee, Jehovih; how can I doubt the triumph of the
Almighty. Thou hast dwellers in Thy Orian realms, whose presence are as a power to
overturn a world.

25. And Thou hast found one that rusheth forth at Thy command to show me the way of

26. Thereupon, God gave the sign, A GRATEFUL HEART, and he also sat down.

27. Again the es’enaurs chanted; and, presently, a ray of light passed over the head of
Hyaponitissa, the Goddess, and it formed above the throne like a brilliant star.

28. And the Voice came out of the star, saying: My Son, God of the red star and her
heavens, all honor and glory be unto thee.

29. The measure of thy labor is known to My Sons and Daughters in the higher worlds.

30. From this time forth, concern not thyself more about the four false Gods; sufficient
unto them is the work they have undertaken.

31. Behold, they have appropriated four great divisions of the earth unto themselves; and
the heavens thereof have become their dominions. Suffer them, therefore, to keep what
they have taken.

32. Because they have bound mortals by their religions, and established themselves by
mortal laws, and by force of their standing armies, thou shalt give unto them even all they
have bound on earth and in the heavens.

33. But, behold, I have another continent, laying beyond the ocean, Guatama, where My
people know Me, and worship Me.

34. Thither shalt thou inspire mortals to go from the east and find Guatama, and inhabit it.

35. And thither, it shall come to pass, none of the false Gods shall establish their
doctrines by mortal laws, and bind My people.

36. And, as for the spirits of such mortals as the false Gods caused to be slain in the
inquisitions, leave them to those Gods that took them.

37. And, though such spirits have vengeance in their hearts, and will be the means of
ultimately casting the false Gods into hell, yet thou shalt not go near them.

38. But thou shalt look to the mortals whom thou shalt take over to inhabit the western

39. And thou shalt send loo’is thither, and raise up, by birth, certain mortals, who shall
ignore the doctrine of enforced worship for any God or Lord or Savior.

40. For the people of that land shall be free, not only in body, but in spirit also.

41. And it shall be guaranteed unto them to worship in My way, that their conscience may

42. And, when the dawn of the arc of kosmon cometh, behold, I will open up My heavens
unto mortals, and prepare the foundation of My kingdom on earth.

43. The Voice ceased, and now God declared a day of recreation, that the ethereans and
atmosphereans might mingle together, and rejoice before Jehovih. And this was done
also. And on the next day Hyaponitissa departed, leaving the requisite etherean laborers
with God.


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