Lectionary Readings for Friday, October 18th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Friday, October 18th, 2019

Book of Judgement Chapter 20

Chapter 20


1. God said: There shall be a day of judgment unto thee, O man. Soon or late, thou shalt
take the matter into thine own hand; and thou shalt look into thine own soul to judge
thyself. This is unto all men; none can escape it.

2. Such, then, is the judgment day. Let no man complain against the judge; thou shalt be
thine own judge.

3. And every one judgeth against himself, and, soon or late, crieth out: O Jehovih, I have
sinned against thee; in my youth I tried to find excuses for my behavior, but now I am
broken down utterly.

4. After judgment, reformation and resurrection within man begin as a new tree of life.

5. But, whether thou shalt judge thyself in this life, or wait till thou art dead and risen in
spirit, the matter is in thine own hands.

6. Yet, better would it be for thee, if thou wouldst sit in judgment on thyself every day of
thy life.

7. But touching the matter, as to how thou shalt judge thyself, hear thou the wisdom of
thy God, thy elder brother, and profit thou accordingly.

8. Because of the Ever Presence of Jehovih, thou wert quickened into a conscious being.
As thy earth-body is of the earth, so is thy spirit of Jehovih. Nevertheless, spirit is the
opposite of corporeal life; for the latter cometh to an end; but the spirit of man is a tree of
everlasting life.

9. Thy spirit groweth by cultivation, which is by the practice of wisdom, truth, virtue,
benevolence and affiliation unto others.

10. Think not, that the soul groweth by prayers or confessions unto this God, or that
God; for, in whatsoever God thou firmly believest, him shalt thou worship, for he is
thy choice. Nor shall any man prevent thee in this thy liberty. But, remember, the same
rule holdeth unto all in this day: Thou shalt never see the God thou worshippest,
save, indeed, it be an idol, or an image of wood or stone or some corporeal substance.

11. For, behold, I have cast out all Gods, Lords and Saviors on the earth and in the
heavens of the earth.

12. And, when the spirits of the dead come to thee in sar’gis, saying: Behold me! I am thy
Savior! I am thy Lord! I say unto thee: All such spirits are drujas.

13. Nevertheless, if thou worship a God, or Lord, let it be as a figure unto thee to cast
thine eyes into thine own soul, to purify thyself in the sight of thy Creator, whom thou
canst not doubt.

14. In such respect, it is no sin for thee to worship any good ideal, whom thou shalt
emulate in thy behavior.

15. Yet this also shalt thou prove: That, whosoever of the ancients was great, or
whatever Gods was well known, that thou settest thy soul on to love, behold, familiar
spirits will come to thee to deceive thee, professing to be that ancient or that God.

16. And, when thou art dead, and thy soul risen from the dead, behold, some
deceiving spirit will come to thee to use thee; neither shalt thou discover for a
long season that thou hast been the dupe and slave of an unscrupulous master.

17. This day in the lower heavens there are millions of false Brahmas, millions of false
Budhas, millions of false Kristes and millions of false Gabriel-Gods.

18. Whosoever bindeth himself to these names whilst on earth, becometh a fit subject for
drujas to fall upon when he entereth heaven.

19. Think not that great wisdom cometh suddenly by dying; in thy early entrance into the
es world, thou shalt be easily deceived.

20. For which reason thou shalt school thyself every day of thy life, that thy
Creator only is thy God; and that Him thou shalt never see as thou seest a man or an
angel; but that Him also thou canst see every day in the glory of His works.

21. With this faith in thy soul, thou shalt die and enter heaven fearlessly; and, when a
pretended God or Savior cometh to thee asking tribute, thou shalt know of a truth he is

22. Now, therefore, when thou judgest thyself, to determine the balance of thy good and
evil deeds, and thy good and evil thoughts, let thy Creator stand as the light of thy soul,
and, through Him, judge thou thyself, but not as to thy worship, but as to thy works.

23. Neither shalt thou judge thyself by any God, or Lord, or Savior, or by any idol, or by
any man or woman; for thou standest thyself second to Jehovih in thy attributes. It
behooveth thee to make a God of thyself, in thy behavior and in thy words and deeds.

24. Neither shalt thou judge thyself by any sacred book, or any bible, in all the world; nor
by the words within them purporting to be my words, or the words of any God, Lord or

25. For I have abolished all such sacred books and bibles and words and sayings
contained in them, purporting to be my words and the words of any God, Lord or Savior.

26. Neither shalt thou bind thyself by them, nor judge thyself by anything that is written
or printed in them.

27. But, behold, I declare a greater glory and judge unto thee in place thereof, which is
Jehovih, thy Creator.

28. By Him and through Him shalt thou judge, and be judged.

29. Books are maculate; but Jehovih, never.

30. Neither shalt thou, henceforth, swear by any book under the sun; nor by any God, nor
Lord, nor Savior, nor spirit, nor idol, nor image. But thou shalt swear by Jehovih, thy

31. To Jehovih only shalt thou covenant thyself, and this shalt thou do in thine own
way only, and not according to any book, or bible, or priest, or church, or spirit.

32. Behold, the olden times are past away; and thy God setteth aside the bondages of the
olden times also.

33. Sufficient were they for the times they were created. A man shall not be bound as a
child; neither shall the judgment of man be bound by the things that were intended for
man before he attained judgment.

34. Hast thou not beholden the signs of the times? What I here give in words, Jehovih
manifesteth over all the length and breadth of the world.

35. None can stay the hand of the Almighty.

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