Lectionary Readings for Friday, November 20th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Friday, November 20th, 2020

Book of Inspiration Chapter 13

1. Man saith: If I can not add one jot or tittle to my corporeal body, and it is all built up by
Jehovih, then, indeed, it is His.

2. Neither am I accountable whether it be well made, or well preserved.

3. And if I can not make one new thought nor idea, then, indeed are all my thoughts and
ideas Jehovih’s, given to me by inspiration, either directly by Jehovih, or by His creations.

4. Neither, then, am I accountable for my thoughts, nor ideas, nor behavior, whether they
be good or bad. Verily, then, I am not responsible for anything, neither what I am, nor
what I do, nor for what becometh of me. I am but an automation; I, myself, am nothing.

5. Jehovih saith: Because I gave thee liberty, thou art responsible for all thou art, and for
all thou makest thyself, and for all that shall come to thee, and for thy peace and
happiness, both in this world and the next.

6. Liberty I gave thee as to what thou shouldst eat, and shouldst wear to cover thyself, and
where thou shouldst abide.

7. I gave thee liberty to build thy house in thine own way; but, behold, such liberty I gave
not to the bird, as to her nest, nor to the beaver, nor to the ant, nor to any other living

8. Liberty I gave thee as to whether thou should eat herbs or flesh. But such liberty I gave
not to any other living creature.

9. To the sheep and the horse I said: Eat ye of herbs; to the tiger and lion: Eat ye of flesh.

10. To thee I gave liberty to make thyself carnivorous, or herbivorous, or omnivorous.

11. Whatsoever thou didst put in thy mouth, and it united with thy blood, and entered thy
body, behold, it was by My labor and by My power it was accomplished.

12. Verily was I thy workman.

13. All that thou didst in the matter was to choose. Thou wert, in that respect, the master,
and I thy servant. And, behold, I made not the servant responsible for the master’s

14. Because thou madst thyself carnivorous, the fault is thine own. I placed before thee
the herbivorous animals and the carnivorous animals; and I gave thee eyes to look upon
them as to their behavior, whether ferocious and destructive, or peaceful, patient and

15. And I spake unto thy soul, saying: Look, judge for thyself as to what thou shalt eat;
behold the order of My creations and the result upon all My living creatures.

16. Hence, thou art accountable unto thyself, and responsible unto all the world for
having made thy corporeal body as thou hast.

17. Even so, in regard to thy spirit, thy soul, thy mind, thy ideas and thy thoughts, I gave
thee liberty in the same way.

18. I gave thee liberty to receive thy inspiration from drunkards and harlots and fighters;
or from men of wisdom, or the innocence of childhood, or the virtue of a virgin.

19. Or from a city of corruption, or from the country, with pure air and trees, and flowers
and mountains and valleys.

20. And I spake unto thy soul, saying: Choose thou what thou wilt to be the inspiration of
thy mind and spirit and soul; behold, I, thy Creator, am thy servant to impregnate thee
with thoughts and ideas and disposition. All thou hast to do, is to choose.

21. Yea, I said: I will even take thee to whichever place and condition thou mayst choose.

22. And, now, because I gave unto thee this extreme liberty, and thou hast
chosen, behold, thou art accountable unto thyself for thine every thought and idea;
and for thy spirit and soul, and in thy behavior thou art responsible to all the world.

23. With liberty I bestowed responsibility also.

24. I am the Power, the Light and the Life.

25. In one thing, chiefly, thou art not an automaton, and that is thine own entity, thine
own self, thine own whatsoever thou art.

26. Thyself I gave to thyself, and even at the zero of thy entity, I said unto thee: Go thou,
make thyself. All other animals I created perfectly with Mine own hands, but to thee I
gave liberty to make thyself, even as thou hast. Yea, even in this, I said: Choose thou, and
I will do for thee thy labor Myself.

27. So that, choice and liberty were the sum total which I gave to thee.

28. Now, therefore, O man, as I gave choice and liberty unto thee, so shalt thou give the
same unto thy neighbor and associate.

29. Without these, there is no responsibility; with these, all responsibility.

30. Choose thou thine own food, and thine own raiment and thine house; and choose thou
the place, and provide thou the way for whatever inspiration thou mayst, still thou shalt
be responsible in all; and the result shall be to thee according to thine own choice,
whether thou fawn upon satan, or emulate thy Creator.

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