Lectionary Readings for Friday, May 31st, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Friday, May 31st, 2019

Book of Wars Against Jehovih Chapters 54 and 55

Chapter 54

1. About the time Baal and Ashtaroth had destroyed the inhabitants of the earth in Parsi’e
and Heleste, they applied to Osiris, demanding promotion to separate kingdoms of their
own. They said:

2. Thou knowest of a truth that for sake of confederacy we merged our own kingdoms
into thine; to make thee powerful against the wars of Te-in and Sudga in heaven. And
to do thy will we have laid desolate the mortal kingdoms of Parsi’e and Heleste. For
which things thou didst promise us in the start we should have great kingdoms in heaven.

3. Now behold, heaven is but one vast scene of war! And this also do we perceive, that
the mighty contests are without any prospect of an end. As these heavenly wars raged
hundreds of years ago, even so do they this day. Yea, the heavenly forces are becoming
less disciplined and less scrupulous from year to year.

4. By evidence of which it is plain that thy heavens, and Te-in’s, and Sudga’s, will soon or
late be cast into interminable hells. To prevent which, we ask of thee, our God, go give us
each a section to ourselves, and we will subdue the places and govern them in our own

5. Osiris answered them, saying: Of all the Gods, who but I hath done a hand’s turn to
raise mortal subjects to a higher plane? Te-in’s course was destruction; so was Sudga’s.
And by much importuning ye twain persuaded me to have the mortals of Parsi’e and
Heleste destroyed. And now, in the time when most of all we should be united, ye
importune me to have my great kingdom disruptured and divided. Perceive ye not that we
have the balance of power in our favor? And also, that if in these troublous times ye
espouse new kingdoms, we will all be at the mercy of Te-in and Sudga.

6. For which reason I beseech you both to postpone the matter till we have driven our
enemies from our doors. Let us be faithful to the confederacy.

7. Now in this affair Baal and Ashtaroth came not to Osiris in person, but sent
messengers, as if they were ashamed of their own proposal. And yet, on the other hand,
Osiris invited them not to his kingdom.

8. Ashtaroth said to Baal: See what Osiris hath done! He taketh us for children; giving us
sweet promises if we will but keep right on serving him. I tell thee, Baal, thou mayst
serve Osiris; but from this time forth I am none of his! Behold, I will mark out a kingdom
of mine own, and I will establish it and rule it in mine own way. Moreover I will send
word to Te-in and Sudga; and if Osiris balk me, they shall know his vulnerable points.

9. Baal said: Even so will I; and I will establish a kingdom alongside of thine, and if our
enemies attack us we can the better defend ourselves.

10. So said, so done. And Baal marked out for his heavenly kingdom over Heleste and
north-western Arabin’ya; and Ashtaroth marked out for her heavenly kingdom over Parsi’e
and north-eastern Arabin’ya. And the twain no sooner chose their generals and captains,
and founded their heavenly thrones, than they sent word to Osiris and to Te-in and to

11. A general dismemberment of these mighty kingdoms took place. In Osiris’heaven
there revolted one Kabbath, who took the name Thammus. He was a general, whom tens
of thousands of angel officers delighted to serve. He marked out his heavenly place over
western Egupt, and established his throne and officers, and had himself proclaimed to
mortals through the oracles as T

12. Teos-judas also revolted from Osiris, and established a heavenly kingdom over
south Arabin’ya (Africa). Besides these there were: Marcus, Delos, Acta, Hebron, Debora, Julta, Wab, Thais and D’nor, great generals and captains in Osiris’heavenly
kingdom, all of whom revolted and began setting up heavenly kingdoms of their own.

13. And in Sudga’s heavenly kingdom more than one thousand generals and captains
revolted and began to establish heavenly kingdoms of their own. Of these the most
prominent were: Judsa, Vishnu, Eorata, Chrisna, Histaga, Vivaulias, Hiras, Haroyu,
Ahhoma, V’ractu and Tiviressa.

14. And in Te-in’s heavenly kingdom more than eight hundred generals and captains
revolted, and established kingdoms of their own. Of these the most powerful were:
Chong, Ho-Tain, Dyut, Cow, Ghan, Su-Lep, Djhi, Hiss, Me Lee, Wang, Hop-jee and

15. And all the revolted ones called themselves Gods or Lords or Saviors, and endeavored
to establish an earthly habitation as well. And all of them took with them millions and
millions and tens of millions of angel followers; and some of them had more than a
hundred million subjects to start with.

16. So anarchy began to reign in hada. Order was broken down; warfare was divided in a
thousand ways, and neither angels nor Gods could more discover what this war or that
war was about, save to inflict torments on others. And so great was the conflict that over
more than half the earth all the lowest heaven was but one continuous succession of knots
and hells. To inflict pain and disorder and destruction was the work of twenty thousand
million angels in darkness; war, war, war; hell, hell, hell!

17. And now, alas, over all the earth where war had reveled hundreds of years, were
thousands of millions of spirits in chaos, not knowing in fact they were in the spirit world,
but still battling against all who came along, to the left and to the right, before and
behind, screaming, bawling with madness, striking out in madness, in unceasing agony, in
an unending nightmare of madness.

18. And from the mighty hosts of darkness, the drujas, deep born in darkness, now
pestering the people on earth, were hundreds of millions of familiars taking to fetalism!
Vampire spirits who suck the blood and the flesh of mortals till the brain and heart are
wild and mad! Till the mortal is driven to nameless deeds of horrors, desperate with the
foul obsession. Spirits who bring poison and horrid smells to afflict mortals with; spirits
who delight to feed on the flesh of mortals which is corrupted with scabs and running
sores. Spirits that teach re-incarnation and lust as the highest, most exalted heaven.

19. And now the mighty hosts of Anuhasaj, alias De’yus, the Lord God, the false, broke in
on every side, and spread here and there for foulness and for fuel to feed their thousands

of hells.

20. And these in remembrance of Osiris’hated name and treachery went for his great
kingdom, followed by thousands of millions of angels, desperate with long-continued
slavery, roused for deeds of vengeance. Forth into his capital, Agho’aden, they rushed,
beating down the pillars of fire and high archways and rushing into the throne of Osiris,
seized him and his vice-Gods and high marshals and dragged them off and cast them into
foul-smelling hells, hideous with the wail and roar of maniacs and tantalizing drujas, and
with kicks and blows and poundings covered them up in foul darkness, heaped deep and
smothering in suffocating gases.

21. Then off ran other legions for Te-in and his high officers, and to pillage his kingdom
also. And him and them they seized and bore off in triumph to equally horrid hells. And
then others for great Sudga ran, even more desperate for vengeance sake; and him they
also caught, despoiling his mighty kingdom and cast him into hell.

22. And for many of the lesser Gods they ran, and broke them down utterly, and cast them
into hells. Only two Gods of the past days in these regions escaped, Baal and Ashtaroth,
who fled to save themselves for a more opportune season to carry out their wicked

Chapter 55

1. Of the self-Gods of Uropa, and North and South Guatama, little need be said. They
established weak heavenly kingdoms and succeeded in inciting mortals to war, but to no
great destruction. Their heavenly kingdoms were for the most part failures; their thrones
were poor and dilapidated almost from the start.

2. Of these great divisions of the earth mortals were too scattered and few to be profitable
for false Gods. In Guatama they had not forgotten the lessons of I’tura, the false God who
had ruined their forefathers. They were wary, and for the most part preserved their
allegiance to the Great Spirit.

3. This much, then, of evil; now know ye of the good and faithful, and of the changes of
earth and heaven.

4. By the pressure of ji’ay, Craoshivi had descended near the earth, and some places
bordered upon it. Darkness had overspread the land of the earth in some regions for
seven hundred years, so that the sun shone not, save as a red ball of fire. And nebula
fell in many places to a depth of three lengths, so that even the places of the great cities
of the earth, which had been destroyed, were covered up, and it was like a new country.

5. The which was beneficial to Jehovih’s angels, in assisting them to deliver hosts of the
chaotic spirits, whose mortal part fell in dread war. For such was the labor of the true God
in Craoshivi, Son of Jehovih, and of his hosts of upraised angels. To gather in from every
quarter of earth and her heavens the fallen victims of the self-Gods; to restore them to
reason and to happier and holier scenes; and to teach them righteousness and good works.

6. Jehovih had said to God, His Son: Because one man can not lift up the whole world he
shall not grieve, nor cease doing what he can. For his glory lieth in exerting himself to the

7. Because the self-Gods have come against thee, they are against Me also; because they
have espoused to be Creators, and thus proclaimed themselves for their own glory, they
shall have their fill. Before these times, the false Gods were content to proclaim their own

names; but lo and behold, they have made the Lord God as the Creator, and set him up as
a man, on a throne, to worship him!

8. And Te-in, and Sudga, and Osiris, too! All of woman born, and knowing My breath
upon them. Sufficient is it for thee, My Son, to gather in the afflicted and distressed, and
restore them and deliver them in light and truth. Keep thou thy schools and colleges in
heaven; and thy nurseries and hospitals, and factories, and thy fleets of swift-flying
otevans and airavagnas. And send thou thy faithful volunteers, and make the afflicted to
rejoice and hold up their heads in great joy.

9. But to them that will not hear; and to them that curse thee and Me, seeking to destroy
Me for their own glory, be thou silent. My hand is upon them. My ji’ay’an shower
covereth earth and heaven. In their own game shall they cast themselves in darkness and

10. And all the while the self-Gods were at their evil deeds, the Faithists, Jehovih’s
angels, worshippers of the Ever Present, All Person, coursed the heavens along in their
fire-ships, calling in the persecuted children of Jehovih. Calling loud and cheerfully
through the heavens of the evil Gods, and over the kingdoms of the earth; calling in these

11. Come! Come! The Father’s kingdom is free! Come! Come! In peace and quietness
thou shalt be thine own master! Behold, the Father’s places rise higher and higher! Not
downward, to the lower kingdoms, nor to the earth, nor to re-incarnation, the invented
tale of drujas; but upward to wisdom, goodness, love and happiness.

12. Because ye have put away the All Person, ye have fallen in the mire; ye have closed
your eyes to yonder higher heaven. Come, O ye that are in bondage! Cut loose from all!
Fly to Him Who brought ye forth to life! Disown the world! And self! And all the Gods
and Saviors! Lords and kings! Be Jehovih’s! Sworn to peace and love! To good works and

13. Come! Come! Our otevans are free! Our airiavagnas full of comfort. O Come and be
our loves! Be fellows, one with Jehovih.

14. And they gathered in millions and thousands of millions! For hundreds and hundreds
of years they labored in the distracted regions of hada; toiled and toiled till wearied and
prostrate, tens of thousands of times; then rested awhile, invigorated for more energetic

15. But not alone nor unseen, these toiling millions, hundreds of millions of Jehovih’s
angels, faithful Sons and Daughters. For the labor built up their own spirits to be as
very Gods and Goddesses in noble endurance. Which was written in their fair faces,
so the high-raised messengers of far-off heavens, traveling past, beheld Jehovih’s soul
in them. And so bore the news to other worlds of the darkness of the earth and
her evil Gods, and of the faithful, struggling hosts of Jehovih in their up-hill work.

16. And now the earth and her heavens crossed the boundaries of the ji’ay’an forests, and
rolled slowly towards the homes and dominions of other etherean Gods.


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