Lectionary Readings for Friday, March 26th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Friday, March 26th, 2021

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 14

1. This, then, is after the manner of their angel communion, to wit: The sacred
circles were composed of sixty-six children, seven teachers and one chieftainess.

2. The chieftainess sat in the midst, and was representative of the Light, repeating
from the words of Jehovih or His Embassadors. And the responses were by the
children, and by the angels, and many of them were after this manner, to wit:

3. Chieftainess: I am the Light and the Life; My creations are for the joy and glory of My
Sons and Daughters.

4. Response: All Light is Jehovih; let His Sons and Daughters rejoice in Him.

5. Proclaim Him with great joy; shout with glee in the house of the Almighty!

6. C.: To show them the glory of My love, and the wide dominions I created for
their everlasting inheritance, I send My holy angels from My kingdoms on high.

7. R.: Who shall fathom the inventions of Jehovih, and the foundation of His love! He
provided His holy angels to come down from the skies, the light and joy of His

everlasting heavens.

8. He fashioned a way for the soul of man to live forever; from the resting-place of the
spirits of the dead, He bringeth them in the Voices of His love.

9. C.: I have swallowed up death in victory; the pain of the parting, betwixt the living
and the dead, I have bridged over with Mine own hand, for the joy of My chosen.

10. R.: Greater than life, greater than death, is the Almighty; with His own hand He
handleth them as toys; by His breath bloweth He away all terrors.

11. He provided us a life on the earth to learn earthly things; death was His invention to
adapt us to His imperishable heavens.

12. Glory be to Jehovih on high; glory for His beloved angels who come to bless us.

13. Sing unto the Almighty, O ye little ones; His eye guardeth over you; His hand
reacheth to the uttermost places.

14. C.: The earth is My paradise; the songs of My beloved reach up to My realms in the

15. R.: Proclaim the Creator to the ends of the world; to His children He gave the earth as
a paradise.

16. Sing a song of gladness unto the Almighty; with the harp and the horn, and with the
voices of His beloved, mete out praise forever!

17. Let us praise Him; let us adore Him; the Almighty hath given us loves on the earth
and loves in heaven.

18. Shout unto Him in love; be outspoken to the Almighty; He answereth in fair fields
and plenteous harvests. He filleth the air with sweet perfumes; the color of the fields and
forests are records of His skill.

19. Now, during the chanting, the angels came and joined audibly in the response, and
often took on the semblance of corporeal forms and walked about within and without the
sacred circle, and, at times, spake a few words of greeting and joy in Jehovih’s name.

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