Lectionary Readings for Friday, December 13th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Friday, December 13th, 2019

Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth Chapter 22

1. This was commanded unto the inhabitants of Shalam, to wit:

2. Ye shall not persuade any adult to come into the Father’s kingdom.

3. But ye shall say unto whoso cometh your way: Come and see us, and judge thou, in
thine own way, what is best for thee and for the world.

4. Others shall come to Shalam, inquiring for curiosity’s sake, and for the sake of relating
mischievous falsehoods founded on a grain of truth.

5. Therefore, be ye guarded, saying to such: The time of word-doctrines is at an end;
examine thou, and judge as thou wilt.

6. Others will seek to convict you of self-righteousness. Therefore, if they inquire after
this manner, to wit: Say ye, the Faithists are immaculate? or, say ye, all others are wrong?
then shall ye answer them, saying:

7. Nothing mortal is immaculate; and, as for others, we are not their judges. Go thou to
Jehovih, and inquire of Him. Sufficient unto us is it to do all the good we can, having
faith in Jehovih.

8. Some will seek to trap you on the subject of marriage, inquiring after this manner, to

9. Say ye, celibacy is higher than marriage? or, is marriage the higher? What say ye of
marriage and of divorce?

10. To these ye shall answer after this manner: We are no man’s keeper; neither say we
whether celibacy or marriage is the higher. We give liberty unto all to serve Jehovih, on
that matter, in their own way. One marriage only do we permit to any man or woman.
And, though one or the other die, yet the survivor can not marry again. And, as to such as
are married, they can, at the option of either one, return to celibacy, by being publicly
proclaimed in the temple of Jehovih.

11. And if they inquire of you as to leadership, saying:

12. Who is the leader? Who is the highest? Who is the head? Ye shall answer them,
saying: Jehovih. We have no man-leader; no man who is higher than another. We are
brothers and sisters.

13. They will press you, inquiring: Some men can do more work; some men are stronger;
some men are wiser; now, therefore, how do ye grade them that excellence may be known
and respected?

14. To these ye shall reply, saying: All men are Jehovih’s. He designed the strong ones to
carry heavier burdens than the weak; He designed the wise ones to teach the less wise.
Why, then, shall we give any preference to one over another? They are not ours, but
Jehovih’s. Sufficient is it for us to do our own parts, with all our wisdom and strength.

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