Lectionary Readings for Friday, April 15th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Friday, April 15th, 2022

Book of Judgement Chapter 34


1. GOD said: When a man hath young children, he maketh just laws, in order to teach them discretion, justice, harmony and consideration, in regard to one another.

2. But, when his children attain to be men and women, man no longer holdeth a law over them, for they become his equals, as brothers and sisters.

3. Even so, in the ancient times, provided I thee, O man, with governments and laws for different nations and peoples.

4. Nevertheless, I said unto thee: Let thy government be as a father over the people, and not as a separate matter against them.

5. But thou hast disobeyed my commandments; thy government is as one thing, and thy people as another thing. That which should be one entity, thou hast made into two.

6. Thy government hath become a separate self from the people; and the people are as servants, supporting the law-makers, who trade in projects and schemes for their own profit and glory.


Plate 97.–GRADES.


7. Since the earliest days, all the governments of man have drifted into this.

8. When a government no longer filleth the grade, according to the advancement of the people, behold, thy God withdraweth his heavenly protection from that government. And, straightway, the people run into anarchy.

9. Lay not the blame of anarchy and revolution and assassinations on the people; my judgment is against the government in all cases. These conditions of vengeance are but the fruit resulting from the government’s divergence from the will of Jehovih, and the march of His light.

10. As, for example, the offspring of inharmonious parents, or of parents wrapt up in selfishness, are lower in grade than their predecessors, even so do the subjects of a king decline in grade in proportion to the prevention of liberty and the neglect of general instruction.

11. Judgment is rendered against government wherein it provideth not liberty to the people, and neglecteth providing means for the development of the talents created with all.

12. In these respects, O man, governments are measured and graded by thy God. And, whenever a government setteth up itself to enforce and strengthen itself by violence against justice unto the multitude, behold, I turn away from that government; and I call away my Lords and holy angels.

13. And, thereupon, drujas come upon that people, and the people fall upon their government, and destroy it.

14. If a government be a king only, and he have no holy council, then the responsibility of the shortness is wholly his.

15. But, if the king have a holy council, then the responsibility for shortness lieth partly with the king and partly with the council.

16. Judgment is rendered against them, not only in this world, but in the es world. And each and every member of such council shall be bound in the first resurrection until he hath made amends unto all his people for the shortness he manifested on the earth.

17. Hear the wisdom of thy God, O man, and consider the way of righteousness in the governments of mortals:

18. The nearer the twain are to being one, that is, the government and the people, the nearer they are like unto my heavenly kingdoms.

19. The more diverse the government is from the people, the farther it is from the kingdom of thy God.

20. Let this be a guide unto thee, O man, in prophesying the change and the overthrow of governments: According to the square of the distance a government is from Jehovih, so is the quickness of its coming change or destruction.

21. Think not these matters are governed by chance or accident: Jehovih is Perfect Righteousness: the all Everlasting.

22. He is All One. For a people and their government to attain to be all one with each other, this is great strength, with a long existence and internal peace.

23. This, also, shalt thou consider, O man: All governments are tending toward oneness with one another. This is the march of Jehovih. None can stay Him.

24. Consider, then, what is wisdom between governments: To make themselves reciprocal toward one another.

25. A government that setteth up itself for itself, and against other governments, is a selfish government. And thy God rateth it the same as a selfish man, being diverse from Jehovih and his kingdoms.

26. Judgment is rendered against such a government. Neither my Lords nor my holy angels shall bless that government.

27. Governments that practice affiliation, to bring about reciprocal brotherhoods between governments, are on the right road toward the Father’s everlasting kingdoms.

28. Flatter not thyself, O man, that these matters can escape the observation of thy God. The affairs, legislations, laws, treaties, and all things whatsoever that governments accomplish, are known and recorded in the heavens of the earth. And the leaders, kings and councils, shall, soon or late, face them; and they shall judge of their own fullness or shortness in serving Jehovih in righteousness and wisdom.


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