The Creator is Your Hope of Glory

The Creator is Your Hope of Glory

A wonderful path stretches out before you. You are walking into the arms of a glorious destiny as a child of the living Creator. Your soul is part of the great soul of the Great Spirit, one with the infinite Soul and lives in the ocean of Soul partaking of the strength of the Spirit. Knowing that your being has its foundation in the Father, as an expression of the almighty fountain of Cause, you have faith in the development of the power from within. You are embodying this unlimited power in your words, spoken from this understanding.

Speak the word of truth with faith; perfect unwavering faith. Hold fast to the Eternal One day and night, trusting even though you see no result, trusting on and on with persistence in prayer, repeating over and over that you will trust Him, for He is your deliverance. Affirm: Jehovih is my wisdom. Jehovih is my strength. He will manifest in and through me, for in Him does all fullness dwell; fullness of life and joy and perfect bliss. Do not allow your consciousness to limit the manifestation, for it is limitless.

He will manifest through you as you give Him a body of faith; faith that is built strong and sure on the foundation of almighty goodness and love. There is nothing too small for His love. His love desires to incarnate in and express itself through every atom of negative substance. And by your communion with this inmost centre of soul intelligence the most positive realm of Divinity. Your mind becomes infused with the living faith of the Great Jehovih, and gains dominion over all mortal conditions. Keep your mind consciously in open communion with Him without any intervention. Hold the Creator firmly and persistently in your mind. Continue praying until you bring to yourself the manifestation of the highest ideal. For the rays will surround you and array you in their shining brightness. You have only to remove every barrier that might exclude the light of this beautiful truth that its glorious all divine perfection may be revealed more and more fully to your consciousness, till it permeates your individual life. Pray without ceasing till you gain the victory and this beautiful and perfect truth sits enthroned in your life. Hold the silence sacred, for it is in the deep silence of your spirit that the mount of peace will be attained. Listen to the voice which comes in tuneful whispers from the wonderful portals of the cathedral, from the midst of the glory on the altar of your soul life, for it is the voice of your Father that will lead you.

To reach this beautiful truth, to reach the glorified love of Jehovih, you must cast aside all darkness, dross and anything corporal; be willing to climb any height or walk through any thorny path to sit at His feet. Be alone as much as you can with your Father, folded in the silence of His breast. Your heart is almost still for the brooding pinions of divine love and divine peace are enfolding you. In this calm the soul abides in the joyful consciousness of its divine inheritance.

Our physical sun is a mighty radiator of electric and magnetic energy. The vibrations of the sun’s energy by their friction with the electric and magnetic currents generated from our planet, cause the vibrations which we sense as heat and light. “As below, so above.” What ever we see on the physical plane has its analogy in the spiritual part of the Divine nature, for the one law of attraction operates alike on all planes.

There is a great centre of radiating power in the Divine Mind like our physical sun, and the vibrations of the great spiritual Sun fire sensed by spiritual beings as love and wisdom. This powerful centre of intelligent life is the parent of all spiritual entities, as the physical sun is the nurturer of all life, and growth of physical forms. All souls are of the life and substance of the spiritual Sun of eternal life; therefore the Sun of heaven is the Father of our spiritual nature and the perpetual inspiration and strength of our souls.

The radiating glory of this majestic Presence of the Father fills all space and sustains all substance with His immortal power, and ever seeks to satisfy the needs of the soul, giving life in endless abundance.

The sons and daughters of the Most High must also be taught of the Rock that is higher than I that their self-assertion may grow in grace and love. They must know the truth of their independence of all negative conditions, but they must also know the truth of their dependence upon the more positive manifestations and attributes of the Father, that meekness and power may walk hand, in hand in peaceful companionship. They must affirm that without the Father they are nothing, and that they themselves, not existing as supreme beings, are completely dependent on the Great Spirit – the source of life – the one and only Supreme Being.

As long as thoughts of self and of corporal things are dominant in the mind, the mind is in touch only with the mortal vibration of the earth plane. It is constantly drawing that quality of vibration of which it is in the habit of thinking. It may say over and over “I am the love of the Father” but unless it is lifted out of the mortal sphere of thought at the same time and feels the love of the Father while thinking the thought, it has no more effect than any intellectual exercise.

The soul incarnate yearns for communion and contact with the awakened souls of the heavenly spheres. It needs to be kept in touch by love and devotion with the immortal glory of the awakened state of souls that it may drink of the waters of life, and be resurrected into the consciousness of powers that belonged to it in its heavenly home.

The ministering power of the Great Spirit is an organised power. The Father is forever organising His power into individual forms of expression. There is no expression except through organisation. His electric and magnetic power is expressed to us through the organised form of our physical sun. Intelligence is expressed through the organisation of brain cells. And the life and power of the Creator are expressed to the heavenly world of souls through the organisation of the divine central Sun. The mighty waves from this celestial centre are still further modified and transmitted to incarnate souls by the ministering power of the Great Spirit, which is organised of the wise and mighty souls that have attained to the angelic and archangelic state.

My Father, who led me in this Way,
Still farther the Way will show,
And He, who taught me in this Truth,
Still more will make me know.
In my hours of silence, and in all periods of my life,
I have something wonderful to lean upon,
—the Almighty Arm of Jehovih.

Adapted from the original by W. DeVoe, 1905.

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