Jehovih the Great Soul

Jehovih the Great Soul

I recognise You as The Great Soul.

I recognise You now as the Almighty Healer of all heavenly and earthly realms. I recognise You as the Master of Souls, the Spirit of divine impersonal Love.

I bow in humility of heart before the majesty of Your Soul, and ask of You the blessing of Your love, that I may daily grow more like You in the expression of loving-kindness, purity of thought and nobility of character.

I know that with You as my immortal ideal I shall become inspired with Your divine spirit of love and goodness.

In devotion to You, I will bring all the forces of my nature to serve, You. I will force all my
thoughts and feelings to turn toward You that the light of Your true Presence may glorify all my nature, converting all the ends of my earth to Your service.

I will walk in the path of righteousness and truth for Your love’s sake. Amen.

(A modern version based on the original of W. DeVoe, 1905)

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