The Oahspe is the Official Bible of Faithists

The Oahspe is the Official Bible of Faithists

The Oahspe is often called the Kosmon Bible or Oahspe Bible. It is the official Bible for Faithists. It is the Holy Book — the Holy Scriptures, of the Faithist Church. Although it did come down by guidance through angels, it is not considered immaculate or perfect, because it was still through human hands that it was eventually relayed to the public. “Books are maculate; but Jehovih, is the Immaculate.” (Judge. 20:29) “Not infallible is this Book, Oahspe; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator’s Voice, and to see His heavens, in full consciousness, whilst still living on the earth; and to know of a truth the place and condition awaiting them after death.” (Oah. v.24)

The Oahspe is meant to help guide the Faithist on his or her walk toward progression in the Light of Jehovih, inspire us to do good works for all peoples regardless of their social status in the world; it helps us have a better understanding of how to put forth our hand in assisting with the founding of Jehovih’s Kingdom on earth; it is the Voice of the Prophets from long ago, and the voice of the prophets of today, for it gives us a glimpse of the future that is promised by the Everpresent Creator.

Faithists believe that the Oahspe Bible is what it claims to be, namely, the Words of Jehovih and His angel ambassadors. With this in mind, when studying this Holy Book, ask the Creator for His guidance. Ask Him to send down a highly progressed celestial being to aid your understanding of what is being said.

If you are a Faithist, the Oahspe is your Bible, it is your Holy Book, and you are encouraged to read it, study it and apply it daily. Make it your own, brothers and sisters, make it your own. “Be free! Learn to know liberty! Think for thyself! Study thy Creator in all things, and in thyself in particular!” (Insp. 11:17)

(Rabbah Rish’kahni)

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