When You Have Doubt

When You Have Doubt

If you are having doubts about your faith, pray about it. Do not sit idly doing anything about it. Sometimes faith takes courage because of various forms of opposition.

In some cases, this opposition is in the form of lower-level spirits who do not have your best interests at heart. Pray for protection from such dark spirits. Evaluate what you are doing in your life day to day to see what could possibly be drawing such spirits to you. This is not to say that it is always your fault, but it could be because you are associating with someone or have something (an object) in your home that could be drawing such an influence on your environment.

There are many blessings and proofs of the future Kingdom in prophecy that should not allow us to have even the slightest seed of doubt about our faith in Jehovih. Pray and ask others to pray for you.

May Jehovih bless you,


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