Tuesday Psalter

Tuesday Psalter


1. THE Almighty calleth from the boundaries of the firmament down to the sands of the earth in glory of His creations.

2. Proclaim His name with the hands of those that knew not speech. Give them the sign of the Rising Sun, the High Noon and the Shades of Evening.

3. The Almighty, Whose breath bloweth millions of worlds in the circuit of the universe! Whose pulse is the flight of countless suns and stars!

4. Praise ye the Almighty, Whose triumph encircleth the world. Let the races of man proclaim Him forever.

1. WHERE are Thy singers, Jehovih? Who have beholden the vastness of the Creator! And the times and the splendor of Thy universe.

2. And the adoration that slumbereth but for a season, and then bursteth like a world on fire! Whom Thou appointest from time to time to sing of Thee.

3. Sing unto the Almighty. He spandeth the times of millions of years as if but a day, in the fashion and splendor of His works.

4. He openeth His heavens as a book is opened. The prophet of the Creator readeth of the magnitude of the works of Jehovih!

1. NOW will I sing unto Thee, O Jehovih, a song of soberness.

2. When first Thou stoodst me on my feet, and I saw Thee, Jehovih.

3. And Thy hand, O my Creator, showed me the two roads, Life and Death.

4. And the people divided, some to Thee, and some to Death and idolatry.

5. Because of the magnitude of Thy Person, they set up gods, lords and saviors.

6. In Thy name, I called out to them, but they heard not, and they fell down in Death.

7. And Thy Voice of sorrow rent the earth! Thy Faithists sang in the mournful lays of death.

8. In gloom will I sing for my brothers that went down in Death.


1. HEAR the voice of the Faithists, O Father: I cry out unto Thee since thousands of years. In the time of my great afflictions have I remembered my Creator.

2. And my brother who went after Death stoned me; with curses smote he the chosen of Jehovih. In the time of sore pain I called out: Jehovih, Jehovih!

3. I said: O that this had not been! O that the Great Spirit would enlighten him! But Thou shapedst him to fetch him in the last day.

4. And the cloud blew away; the sun of righteousness shone across the heavens of the earth. In the time of my sorrow I saw Thy wisdom in this.

5. By my pains deliveredst Thou my brother; in Thy praise do I now look back to the time of my pains in the throes of Death.

6. Glory be unto Thee, Jehovih! Thou Everlasting Present, Who findeth a way in the spoil of Thine enemies to magnify the glory of Thy places unto the Almighty.

7. What was my pain before Thee! Or my affliction more than a mother for the glory of her first-born! Into my cup of bitterness Thou hast poured nectar and sweet crystals.

8. Never more shall I complain, Jehovih! or consider Thy enemy but to deliver him unto Thee. My cup of nectar will I hold to his profane lips, that he may taste of Thy glory!

1. JEHOVIH, first and last: Forever, Jehovih, O my beloved!

2. Write Him in stone and iron, copper, silver and gold.

3. Whose Person is the All and Whole: Creator of the boundless universe!

4. Teach ye Him to the child; magnify the soul of man to see Jehovih!

5. Welcome, pains and afflictions: Behind all riseth a greater glory.

6. He knoweth my wanderings; for the feet of the faithful Jehovih provideth a place.

7. He understandeth beforehand; the Creator cometh upon me in a way I saw not.

8. None shall stand before the Almighty in the songs and praise of the righteous.

1. PRAISE Jehovih, ye angels of heaven: In the countless places of the journeys of the world: Send forth a song to the Everlasting!

2. Praise Jehovih, O Uklo and Gibrath! In the plains and High Arches of Etisia, in the etherean worlds: Sing loud and clear the song of Omaza.

3. Praise Jehovih, ye angels of Wanwan: In the circuit of Hissa and the plains of Oat: Render unto the Creator, O Waukawauk!

4. Praise Jehovih, ye angels of Howt: In the etherean heavens of Noe and Kaba-Se-o-nita: Sing praises, and shout unto the Almighty!

5. Praise Jehovih, ye etherean hosts of Rax: In the heavenly Caverns of Wass and Bliathon: Sing in Hise and Nor to the Creator’s praise.

6. Praise Jehovih, ye angels of Mor: In the Seam of Wia-wis, in the labor of Pan: Sing a song of praise to the All One, Jehovih!

7. Praise Jehovih, ye angels of Noe: In the arc of the journey of an uplifted world: Render Him praise for the labors of Aph, His Orian Son.