Sunday Psalter

Sunday Psalter


1. THESE are the words of Bon: Thou, O Jehovih! Who can fashion Thee with words, or show Thy immensity? Where stood Thy feet in the time of Creation or rested Thy hand!

2. Thou Present and Afar! Thou Who art older than time, O Jehovih! Thou Dealer in worlds; where can I write the wonder of Thy name!

3. O That I had a standing place to see Thee! That I could come to an understanding with My Creator! To find wisdom for my song; a dialogue in the words of the Almighty!

4. Sing to Him, O Yavist, thou farthest star, and thy boundless firmament! And Neopodis, ye brightest shining heavens, which He created. Give the boundary of Jehovih’s Person, O thou universe!

5. Thou that made me! By Thy sweet breath overspread the world with life and song. How shall I render Thee praise; in Thy glory make my speech acceptable!

6. Who hath considered the All Light, or found the Cause of the brightness of the sun, Thy great symbol? Or the power of Thy hand that stood him in the midst of heaven?

7. Or knoweth the times of Thy labor and the birth of thy worlds? Or counteth the stars Thou hast created! Yea, or knoweth the history of the least of all of them?

8. O that I could fashion a thought of Thy greatness; or conceive the breadth of Thy arms! Thou Whole Compriser! Thou All Perfect, Jehovih!

1. SING unto the All Giver, Jehovih! Praise Him, O all ye people, with great rejoicing. And all ye living that dwell on the face of the earth.

2. And ye young that are skipping and playing; and ye birds that carol to the Almighty. His seed is sown abroad. His fruit springeth from stones that are moldered to dust.

3. In the waters of the earth, and in the air above the earth, Jehovih hath spoken: Come forth and live, O ye that swim, and ye that fly in the air. The Great Spirit hath touched the fountains of the deep.

4. The air of heaven is peopled with His breath. The song of everything that liveth proclaimeth Thee, Jehovih. Thou Person of all persons.

5. O that I could sum up the multitude of their songs and rejoicings. What a world of testimony in Thy praise! All my life I would sing them over and over.

6. Thou Quickener unto life. Thou All-Father. Who hath counted Thy inventions and the multiplicity of Thy living creatures?

7. Open the way, O earth, for the songs of His beloved; give ear and rejoice because of the glee of His household. They shall dance forever before the Almighty.

8. Stir them up with love and caresses, O Father! Show them the splendor of Thy creations, perfect in the glow of Thy firelight.

1. O Thou, Jehovih, give me words rich in Thy praise; my soul is like a fountain springing up out of the earth.

2. I would look upon Thee; into Thy face, O my Creator, who taketh away my breath by the awe of Thy countenance.

3. Thou, who fashioned the broad earth and the high heavens! O, the works of Thy hand, Jehovih!

4. Where shall I start with my song unto Thee; or find words to laud the Almighty?

5. Proclaim His Unity, O my beloved; proclaim Him, in one breath, together, O all ye people. Jehovih! Jehovih!

6. O that I could magnify words to Thy Omnipotence, or hold up the perfection of Thy Person in fine speech!

7. But I am as one distracted by the over-whelming scene. My words cripple and halt continually before Thy surprising creations.

8. O that I could find a starting point; or knew a way to make rhymes and meters without rules, like the works of Jehovih!


1. ALMIGHTY! Almighty! Love Abounding! Who gathered up the dust of the earth, as a wind, with judgment and forethought; and sorted the substance thereof and shaped it.

2. None but Thee, Jehovih, looked on or knew Thy proceedings. And to one Thou saidst: Be thou a beast of the field; and to another: Be thou a serpent; and to another: Be thou a wild beast of the forest.

3. And they ran forth at Thy command, every one to his place, rejoicing in the work of Thy hand. And I looked thereon, O Thou Almighty! What work of perfection in each, even to the flesh and bones.

4. But Thou turnedst mine eyes inward, and I saw the wisdom of the serpent and the beast; and the thoughts and desires of their understanding, how perfectly Thou hast made them.

5. I saw the love Thou gavest each unto its own kind; yea, even the serpent gathered up her young, because of her love, to shield them from harm.

6. O that I could find the first Cause of the judgment of every living thing! To come close to the Almighty; to question Him!

7. Thou Who shapedst a moiety of earth, and said: Be thou a bird, with feathers! Fly and sing! And it went forth, upward in the air of heaven, rejoicing in Thy name, Jehovih!

8. To another: Be thou an eagle; in ice and snow freeze not; above the clouds proclaim the Almighty!

1. SING unto Jehovih, O all ye living! Proclaim His love, which He gave unto all! Every one, that lovest to live on, to die not.

2. O the weeping and wailing, when thy kin goeth down in death! Thy call unto the Almighty to prolong yet a while the time of thy love! or to hear the song of him that is dead!

3. In Jehovih’s praise is the wail of thy anguish; thy great sorrow, the love of the Almighty; the fountain of song and paradise. Sing on, O earth, Jehovih, forever!

4. O that I could answer them, Jehovih! that I could show them Thy fullness, which encompasseth the universe! To show them the testimonies of the thread of Thy love!

5. I will have my discourse with Thee, Thou Ever Present! In the harmony of Thy loves will I immerse my soul! Thou, the Fountain and Source of my contemplation.

6. Thou, Who art all; my Creator, Who gavest me judgment and perception to search into the magnitude of Thy creations.

7. Who shall frame a song, or find words to laud the Almighty! Thou art the Throne and the Empire. Thy footstool, the sun and moon and stars!

8. O that I may prolong my vision of Thee, and pursue the thread of Thy creations to the fountain-head. Thou, without a boundary, where all things utter Thy praise forever!

1. SING unto Him, O ye mountains; and send unto Him the sound of rippling waters, O ye valleys!

2. And all ye singing winds of heaven! Ye whistling wind, on the high mountains, and thou whispering breeze on the plain!

3. Praise Him, thou lightning, and thou peal of thunder! Rend ye the air of heaven in Jehovih’s praise!

4. Sing to Him, thou surging river, and thou moaning sea of waters! He playeth as on the harp, with the dumb elements.

5. His strains are mighty! His tunes are the hum and whir of falling waters. Sing to Jehovih, O ye great water-falls!

6. Chant ye everlastingly, and write His name in the bow that perisheth not, forever.

7. He that tuneth the forests to sing in the clouds; that stringeth His instrument with hemlock and pine and cedar.

8. Who maketh the forests beat time to His strains. Praise ye Jehovih, forever and ever.