Faithist Prayer Rope

Faithist Prayer Rope

There is no obligation for any Faithist to put into practice this particular devotional. Some brothers and sisters have testified of this devotional’s usefulness in focusing on prayer and meditation.

The Prayer Rope is very simple, however, you can add embellishments if you wish, as long as the decorations do not detract from your worship of Jehovih. There are 3 sets of 10 small beads (or knots); each set is separated by a larger bead. There are a total of 30 small and 3 large beads.

On the first large bead, we recite:
“In the Name of Jehovih” making the Symbol,
Then recite: “Amen.”
Followed by the Declaration:
I declare unto Thee, Jehovih, in the presence of the Faithists here assembled, that henceforth I will worship none but Thee, Thou All Highest Creator, Who art variously named by mortals, Jehovih, The Great Spirit, The Almighty, The Eternal Father, The I Am, The All Light, Eolin, Ormazd, The Architect of the Universe, Ever Present in all and yet above all, unto Whom none can attain for ever.

I declare that I will henceforth turn from evil and strive to do good, that I may come into atonement with Thee, Thou All Father, Life of all life, and Soul of all souls, Who art to the understanding of all the living even as the sun is to the light of day.

I promise to abnegate self and dwell in harmony with my brother and sister Faithists, also to respect the authority of the Chief of the Community.

I promise to put aside the uncharitable tongue, and not to perceive evil in any man, woman, or child, but only the limitations of their birth and surroundings. In Thee, O Jehovih, is my trust. Amen.

On each of the 10 small beads we say:
“Praise, honour and glory unto thee, O Jehovih,
Who maketh His people strong in faith and wisdom.
May all know that thou alone, whose Name is Jehovih,
Art the Most High over all the earth.”

On the other two larger beads we say:
“Heavenly Father Jehovih, strengthen my faith,
So that I may always walk on Thy path of truth and light.
May I always bring honour to Thy Holy Name. Amen.”

When we come back to the first large bead, we recite:
“I give thanks unto Thee Almighty, Eternal King and Creator of the Universe,
For Thou hast given me this time to commune with Thee,
And to sit in Thy Holy Presence.
In the Name of Jehovih. {Make the Symbol}. Amen.”

You may wish to take some time to reflect on any thoughts or impressions that Jehovih or His holy angels bring to you.