A Record of Grades

A Record of Grades

“And the ashars shall make a record of every mortal, of the grade of his wisdom and good works; and when a mortal dieth, and his spirit is delivered to the asaphs, the record shall be delivered with him; and the asaph, receiving, shall deliver such spirit, with the record into such place in these heavens as is adapted to his grade, where he shall be put to labour and to school, according to the place of the resurrections which I created.” (Book of Jehovih 7:32)

These “ashars”, or “guardian angels,” appointed as Lords over the mortals, were instructed by the Ever-present Jehovih to “make a record of every mortal.” This was especially regarding each individual human’s grade or level of perfection and knowledge he or she had gained while living in the mortal coil.

After the person dies, his spirit ascends to a place in the spirit world where there are angels (called “asaphs” in the text) that receive the spirits of the dead along with copies of the records made by the ashars. After reading the record for the particular spirit, that spirit is then taken to a place that was created by Jehovih that is most appropriate for it, based entirely on his or her grade.

After being taken to the place of its grade, the spirit works very hard in studying and learning how to begin a new way of life in the hopes of continuing to reach higher levels of perfection (grades).

Today, the majority of humanity is not interested in the Almighty Creator’s laws and instructions. They are lost in their own world and caught up in personal pursuits that often run contrary to Jehovih’s way. None are forced to live a life which they do not wish to live, but the Great Spirit calls upon each soul in the world to look up and call out to Jehovih. Our loving Creator wants each of us to reach out our hands to His and to seek life through His instructions. In the Kosmon Era, those instructions are found in the Oahspe Bible. Eventually, a time will come when all those who refused to listen to the Voice of Jehovih will not be able to live in His Kingdom. The doors will be closed. The call will have come to a conclusion.

Brothers and sisters, let each of us strive to remain faithful in our ministry of Jehovih and our service to humankind.

May Jehovih bless you.

Rabbah Rish’kahni

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