The Heavenly Ministry

The Heavenly Ministry

No matter what the appearances, or what your mental or physical afflictions may be, YOU are now living in the midst of the healing, prospering Powers of the universal Mind of the Ever-Present. “In Jehovih you live, and move, and have your being.”

The Powers of the Mind of the Creator are through His Thoughts. Those Powers are real, intelligent and human. They are Angels, as an expression of His thought, and as tools in His hands.

The infinite Mind of the Creator is peopled with benevolent Intelligences, who fill the celestial universe with their radiant life, light, and beauty. With your cooperation, they will now help you generate spiritual health and strength, and weave a successful and prosperous destiny.

These very sympathetic and kindly Intelligences are advanced human spirits, in whom the angel’s nature has become victorious. These noble, human spirits have attained by loving service to a state of blissful Love and harmony.

At one time these Angels lived and suffered in earthly conditions, even as you and I. Now, having outgrown their mental and physical limitations, they cannot have complete joy while human beings on earth are suffering as they have suffered. Therefore they desire to reveal to humanity the wisdom they have gained by their long experience in the Schools of Heaven, that mankind on earth may enter into its rightful inheritance of health and happiness.

The Presence of the Creator is organized into your soul and will express through your soul as it grows in conscious power. You will now have the help of Angelic Intelligences to inspire your efforts to express the same benevolent Spirit of the Father that they express. They desire to help you outgrow your limitations so that you may perfect your inherent angelic qualities as they have done.

As we of this Ministry of Inspiration have sought to the best of our ability to do the will of the Father by becoming emissaries of heavenly Light, His Angels have drawn closer and closer to help us serve more wisely and powerfully. As a result of many years of daily service here in our Sanctuary, we have become consciously enfolded in the Glorious Presence created by Jehovih’s Messengers who compose His Ministry of Angels.

(DeVoe, 1936)

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