Rabbah Endorses Eloist Edition of Oahspe

Rabbah Endorses Eloist Edition of Oahspe

Rabbah Rish’kahni, a descendant of J.B. Newbrough, the scribe used by angels to transcribe the Oahspe Bible, recently endorsed the use of the Eloist edition of Oahspe. The Eloist edition was published in 2016.

“I use the original edition of the Oahspe, but for the sake of clarity, I also enjoy using the Eloist edition. This edition has cleared up some typographical errors that are present in the older editions. It is an edition that I highly recommend.”

Rabbah also stated, “Our brother, John Newbrough, is aware of the Eloist edition, and has, through numerous spiritual sessions, said that he knows of its helpfulness in bringing an end to some false assumptions concerning the typos.”

Students can see some of the updates referenced in the Editor’s Notes of the Eloist Edition.

3 Aug 2017 (archives)

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