Standing Up for Ourselves

Standing Up for Ourselves

Brothers and sisters,

We should pray for our enemies as we have always been taught. We can be tolerant of the mistreatment we receive from others and remain patient, waiting on the Eternal Father to intervene. Sometimes, however, it is important that we use our divinely given right to stand up for ourselves instead of being walked over time and again. Patience is a virtue, but so is valiancy.

When someone is abusing us or one of our loved ones, we must step in. It is what our Father expects of us, especially if we are a parent or other type of guardian or shepherd.

We should remain as peaceful as possible towards all peoples, but we must also make sure we are not being abused, taken advantage of or stolen from. When someone takes from you and your family or destroys something that is part of your livelihood or means of feeding your family, you must protect yourself and your family. This does not mean breaking the commandments or acting in an unrighteous manner, but we are permitted to defend ourselves.

The Eternal Father has given us various means, both physical and supernatural, to bring about justice in situations such as these.


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