Statement on COVID and the COVID Vaccine

Statement on COVID and the COVID Vaccine

While most members of the Religion of Light have chosen not to receive the COVID vaccine, it is a personal choice to either receive the vaccine and the boosters or not. Members should not judge their fellow brothers or sisters who are for or against the vaccine. If one’s country or local government mandates it in a way that one would lose his/her employment or be imprisoned he/she will not be punished by the Creator for receiving the vaccine.

If you are forced to receive the vaccine, you can be forgiven by asking for absolution. Requesting absolution would be important for those who are forced to receive a vaccine that was tested on aborted babies or if the vaccine contains aborted matter. Any use of aborted matter is sinful and requires forgiveness.

It is important that none of our precious brothers and sisters falls into the trap of getting involved with conspiracy theories, regardless of one’s political thoughts and/or affiliation. COVID and most of its variants are real. Many have died, and we expect many more to die. It has already affected some members of the Religion of Light and their families. COVID was created by humans for political purposes and eventually control certain populations.

Some have asked if it is the “mark of the beast” found in the Christian book of Revelation. It is not the so-called “mark of the beast.” There is a lot of misinformation on the internet for and against the vaccine. Please use prayerful discernment, caution and common sense when reading any material online and in print. Individuals, specialists and the American CDC have provided contradictory information regarding this pandemic.

I, along with most members of the Religion of Light, have chosen not to receive the vaccine. At the same time, I continue to use as much caution as possible when interacting with people from outside my home. I have chosen to wear a mask when travelling to and from my doctors’ visits and when I speak with anyone who visits.

This is my official statement concerning the COVID vaccine. This letter should be read and/or distributed to all congregations as soon as possible. If we receive divine revelation concerning the matter, especially if the information received is contrary to what I have stated, this information will be made known to members and to the public.

It is my prayer that you remain safe and try to live a life as normal as possible under the current conditions and government restrictions.

May the Creator bless you and keep you in His eternal light.

Rabbah Rish’khani
30 August 2021

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