Unity in Essentials

Unity in Essentials

Solidarity among people of like faith is of vital importance in this day and age. We are called to have unity in whatever acceptable fashion that it can take. For Faithists today, a full unity is not entirely foreseeable in a short period of time, but an “interfaith union” is certainly possible.

If our faith is strong and our knowledge of the Oahspe and the manners in which the Heavenly Father reveals His intentions is adequate and properly maintained, we can easily overlook certain idiosyncrasies of Faithists that are not directly associated with us. Logically, we would not accept anything that is in direct violation of the revealed purposes and teaching of the Father.

We are aware of the fact that a couple of individuals who use the name “Faithist” have been promoting a racist agenda, claiming that certain races from Africa will be first in the Kingdom. As Oahspeans, and more importantly, as Faithists in service of the one Creator Jehovih, we do not elevate any particular race above another. Thus, any type of racist based theology is unacceptable to us, and we know that solidarity with such persons is not attainable, nor is it desired. We have seen similar thoughts being promoted by other individuals who claim the same-gender relationships are unacceptable to the Creator. However, when asked to provide proof of this, they are always empty-handed. They are unable to provide any scriptural evidence to prove their falsely held belief. It is such ones that we avoid any type of fellowship.

We are being directed in this age to seek unity among one another, and friendship in faith with those who hold to the essential ideals of our faith. Jehovih will bless all true forms of unity among His people.

Please accept this message for what it is – an encouraging word to seek solidarity with those of like faith, especially other Faithists who share the peaceable ideals of the Worldwide Faithist Association, that is, the worship of the One Creator, upholding the Oahspe as the Bible of the Kosmon Era, seeking after true knowledge, and removing biases towards peoples of various nationalities, genders and sexual orientations.

May the Creator bless and keep you,

Mir Tazar

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