Wednesday Psalter

Wednesday Psalter


1. SING to Jehovih, O ye heavenly places in the Orian fields of Yuniv and H’monken; and ye Saughts and Mentabraw, and of the arc of Ole and Leigga.

2. O ye heavenly places in the Nirvanian Mountains of Itis and Vairiyonirom; and in the crystal fountains of Ittiyivius, the great summer visiting place of millions of celestial beings; in the high Clefts and Arches of Yasinosa!

3. O ye heavenly places in the etherean plains of Aoit and Tas and Foe and Raim, and of the Mantles of Light in Thessagon, home of the forty thousand millions.

4. O ye seas of Nista and Hoit, in the Nirvanian heavens, where course a thousand million ships of the congregations of the Almighty. Sing to Him, thou sea of etherean fire, Poyisativi, home of billions!

5. O ye fields of Norse and ye Marshes of Ho in the Orian Chain of Avasta and Songastos. Sing to the Creator, ye etherean swamps and plains and mountains, Habak and Yadis, home of a hundred thousand millions.

6. O ye etherean farms of Izaracna and Towen, by the road of Oya. Sing to the Creator, O Wuts, thou old head-quarters of the celestial beings, Foetisya and Yagahectus and Sortaba, in the Holy Council of the roads.

7. O ye etherean worlds, Sue’kan and Yabaxax and Sud, where the ten thousand fleets of the ships of Navagatta and Plowkom and Iodoyo came in the Council of Habiyi, to make the vortex of Novian to Jehovih.

8. O all ye millions of heavenly worlds created by the Creator for His countless millions of high-raised angels, since millions of years; proclaim Him in the matchless wonder of His creations, the Almighty, the All One, Jehovih.

1. FIND ye great words of praise to the All Light, Jehovih; ye etherean worlds. And thou, O arc of Rapta, proclaim the Almighty.

2. Render great praise to the place of Shapliness, the fountains of Apollo; thou etherean place of beauty, where the Great Spirit fashioned song in mortals!

3. G’treb and Zadukawaski, and ye mountains of Magal and Rak, ye contributors of the etherean hosts, thousands and millions for remodeling mortals.

4. Sing to the Almighty for the perfection of the beauty and shape of mortals, O ye celestial beings that labored with Apollo for the glory of the Great Spirit.

5. Let Um rejoice and Proeking send forth a song of gladness; the thanks of mortals to the All Light for shapeliness and beauty and song.

6. Rejoice, O ye thousands of millions of high-raised angels in the etherean heavens, Rositij and Matthai and Horatanad, rejoice in Jehovih’s name.

7. P’timus and Betatis and Tah and Tanaya, O ye Orian angels of heaven, join in the song of mortals, and let Mamts, and Buru, and Waak, proclaim unto the Almighty.

8. Find ye sweet words of praise to the All Highest Creator, O ye thousands of millions of etherean angels. Mortals are risen to know the Almighty!

1. YESAIN, mighty sheds of Le, ye towering strength in etherea, sing to the Almighty. And ye, C’taran and Hituns, thou, Stalacti, visiting place for the congregations born of other planets.

2. Shout loud and long to the Ever Present, O ye plans of Palla and forests of Sethawan, ye golden triumphs fashioned in the Arches of Hiatusa and Nor.

3. Remember Him in praise, O ye swamps of Ludz and place of toil of the Orian Chief, Hazu, with his four thousand million etherean hosts, making the Roads of Semetatosa.

4. Unto the Person of the Almighty, sing, thou, Orub, thou habitation of twelve million cities of celestial beings. Sing in praise and rejoicing for the red star, the young earth.

5. And thou, O Seeing, thou paradise of celestial beings of ten million cities, sing to the Person of the universe, Jehovih; sing Him an anthem, Whose Voice resteth on the young earth.

6. Sing ye, O Yissain and Wartz, the etherean worlds of the seven cross-roads of the seven traveling sun-worlds with their millions of stars floating in the breath of the Almighty!

7. Proclaim the Creator forever, O Hoesonya and Saffer, and thou great etherean light, Mos, and ye mountains of Galeb; and thou, Yonetz, thou place of the million lakes!

8. Sing in praise of Jehovih, O ye toilers with Thor, Son of the Almighty! Praise ye Him, O ye etherean angels of Ogonavesta; send forth the glad song forever and ever!


1. O Dae, thou arc of Osiris, and thou, Hetta. Come let us rejoice together in the Almighty. Let us remember the beginning of learning amongst mortals. The time of mortals beginning to teach one another of Jehovih!

2. In praise of the Person of all, let us hold up our heads and rejoice, O Hennassalonkya, with thy ten thousand valleys in the congregations of thy forty thousand million angels! The time of knowledge was sown on earth.

3. Praise ye Jehovih, O Dows, with thy thousands of mountains and high arches, and thou, O Schlienuk, and thou, O M’dor, thou pride of the etherean road Tussakaya; and thou, Thassa, thou doorway of Hemmet’dor.

4. Let us join together in anthem to Jehovih, O Vupper and Nedaya; the measure of the Almighty is overflowing, the Nessaj is attuned in seven thousand etherean cities; the traveling place of the ships of Osiris’ mighty hosts.

5. And ye Orian kingdoms, Sowinita and Antwa and Lubbak and Oltbak, the places of the cataracts of the segean oceans; the home of the thirty thousand million ship-builders for the vortices of Anakonga and Higohadsumad.

6. And ye volunteer heavens, Seeing and Lowtsin, and Nool and Hoessis; with your thirty million High arches and seven million miles of Holy Mountains, ye crystal heavens of the Hapsendi, Sons and Daughters of Jehovih!

7. Proclaim the Creator, O thou, Loogab, thou etherean heaven with the sea of Aginodi, the sea of fire! The running sea of four million miles, the fountain of thirty million rainbows!

8. Jehovih the Almighty, the Matchless and Ever Extended! O Thou Greatest of all that is Great! Thou Surpassor, Who hath fashioned wider and more glorious than even celestial beings can imagine, glory be to Thee, forever and ever.

1. PRAISE the Great Spirit, O Petris and Obsod, ye heavenly kingdoms of the etherean heavens of Fragapatti, ye place of the roads of Rogga, with ninety million miles of I’yuan plains!

2. And Sitta and Goomatchala and South’eng, ye heavenly plains hanging on the mountain line of the Lunitzzi, with the twenty million arches over the Holy Lakes and seas of Onatoosa!

3. Let your ninety thousand million etherean angels rejoice in the glory of the Almighty; the footstool of His kingdom hath quickened on the red star; the shout goeth up to Jehovih forever!

4. And ye angels of the vast Orian kingdoms, Yan and Wawauk and Zi and Alawa and Aili and Ref and Zuth, ye foundations of the highways of the Yoogan Hissawa, ye swamps and plains of See’niyivi.

5. Proclaim ye the fruit of Loo, the arc of the organizer of mortal kingdoms on the earth. The Omnipotent hath spoken in the high heaven of kosmon, spoken out of the fruit of Loo.

6. Call up Rappaya and Hanosta, the etherean kingdoms with the angels of the Yimyim arches, and the High bridge of Lips, over the etherean sea of the burning waters of Vestakad.

7. Sing unto the Almighty, ye heavens that sent volunteers in the army of Fragapatti; the fruit of your labor riseth on high. Kus and Zittayyabaugh, ye, the voice of the Almighty.

8. He speaketh in the labor of high-raised Sons and Daughters. His Voice is in the echo of thanksgiving that riseth up from the red star in songs of praise to the Almighty.

1. O that I could sing worthily unto Thee, in praise of the Arc of Speta. For Thy Mightiness, O that I could find mortal words to magnify Thy vast kingdoms.

2. In Thy great celestial beings, Cpenta-armij, and her mighty etherean legions that came down to earth, O what a glory in Thy praise. Who can forget Thy heaven, Terashish, Thou Almighty.

3. And Haot-Saiti and Hodws and Lugga and Bonassah and Tule and Speta-arc, with their ten million seas and their hundred million crystal rivers in the arches of Woo.

4. With their eighty thousand million high-raised celestial beings. With their one hundred and sixty thousand million miles of etherean roadways and capitals!

5. And thou, Solastus plains, with thy twelve million arches in the waters of Waltad; with seventy million ship-builders, the workers and handlers of Thy immortal fire.

6. And the etherean kingdoms of Hards and Iwalt and Kollenpoitaben and Embralik and Loogan and Aftguy and Riv and Lurnzan, with their two hundred thousand million miles of arches built unto Thee.

7. Let them rejoice in Thy name, and in the fruit of the garden of Thy Daughter, Cpenta-armij, for the harvest is ripened unto Thee.

8. Thy Sons and Daughters answer to the echo on the mortal earth: There is but one Almighty! Let us sing unto the Boundless, the Everlasting Creator.