Thursday Psalter

Thursday Psalter


1. HOLY, Holy, Holy, O Bon! Thou arc of the fountain of preserved records. Thy labor is done! The earth is surrounded by the Faithists of Jehovih. The shout of gladness riseth up from mortals for the glory of the Almighty.

2. The harvest of your labor, Esdras and Wedojain and Mieute, ye etherean kingdoms in the high heavens of the Great Spirit. With your ninety thousand million angels in the songs of the Most High! Proclaim it in your seas of fire, Jehovih hath won!

3. O ye heavenly kingdoms, Takuspe and Kenna and Vetta’puissa and Looloowonga, sing glory to the All One, the Great Spirit! His hand hath encircled the earth, His name is written and sung in the souls of mortals; there is but one Great Spirit, Jehovih!

4. Proclaim the joy of the earth, O ye etherean heavens, Lotisiv and Aptlong and Wiskloo and Hotab, with your millions of etherean seas, and your tens of millions of etherean plains and high mountains.

5. Rejoice for the joy of mortals, O ye etherean heavens, Hennasit and Hoxora and Lon and Oriyi and Sing and Avolassak, with your holy mountains, Yetungwas and seventy thousand million miles of plains.

6. Ye contributors to mortals, O ye high angels of the etherean heavens, ye volunteers to Lika, Son of Jehovih! Proclaim the great joy in the everlasting heavens of the Great Spirit, Jehovih.

7. Sing an endless song to the Almighty, the Creator of hundreds of thousands of millions of etherean heavens! The red star, the earth, is risen! The kingdom of Jehovih resteth on the solid earth!

8. Glorify Him in the highest, the All One, Who is farther than all the universe, the Almighty, Jehovih; your labors on earth, O ye angels of the etherean heavens, harvesting unto the Almighty!

1. LET us sing to the Maker, Jehovih, O my beloved!

2. Him Who is Mighty in thought, Jehovih! O my beloved!

3. He but conceiveth, and, lo, a creation is done, O my beloved!

4. Jehovih, the Creator, Almighty, O my beloved, sing unto Him, forever!

1. ALL men know Him; none deny Him, the Creator!

2. Who quickened into life all the living, out of the Almighty!

3. Whose knowledge knoweth all, the whence and thence, Jehovih!

4. Before Whom even cl cry out: All is in Thee, O Jehovih!


1. ABOUT what under the sun can not men differ? but Thy Mightiness, Jehovih!

2. Where in the heavens have the angels found Thy boundaries? or come to the termination?

3. About whose magnitude and existence can not they differ, but in Thee, Thou Almighty!

4. Thou alone art the Soul and the Substance, the Only All, the Key Note of Harmony, Jehovih!

1. SINCE thousands of years Thine enemies have raised up hundreds of gods and lords and saviors; and they cry out: O come thou, believe in my god! Believe in my Redeemer!

2. They draw the sword and spear, and cry out: Fall down, thou heathen! Worship my god and savior, or die! Behold the mighty armies of the lord! Down, thou heathen, or die!

3. Thou alone, Jehovih, standest Indestructable and Almighty! Thou alone Acceptable and All Pleasant! Thou Brilliant, Thou Home of Delight! Who never deceivest or commandest to war or death.

4. About Thee there can be no dispute, Thou Fountain of all. As Thou taughtest in the ancient days: There is but one Great Spirit, Jehovih! So to-day is Thy utterance: There is but One, even the All One!

5. What is Osiris, the Savior, or the Osirian principle, that man should turn from the Almighty to consider? Or Apollo, or the Apollo principle, that man should turn from the Creator to consider?

6. What is Thor, or Thammus, or Yima, or principles of any of these, or what is their plan of salvation, compared to Jehovih’s. Thou only, O Father, art All Sufficient unto all.

1. THOU, my Creator, and of great glory, who fashioned atmospherea full of heavens; adorned the intermediate world with Thy mighty hand, resplendent with holiness in Thy praise.

2. Praise be to Thee, Thou Highest, in Whom the worlds shine with the light of the Almighty! Thy three great worlds, the corporeal, the atmospherean and the etherean, bright and full of holiness in Thy praise.

3. Praise Jehovih, ye atmosphereans, ye es’yan fruit of the Almighty. Sing to Him in your plateaux of millions of cities, in praise of the Creator proclaim the multitude of your places.

4. Let Hatawah and Drom and Yokanad sound the trumpets of Jehovih in their ten thousand cities, and their hundreds of thousands of colleges and wide farms. The Almighty forever!

5. And the plateaux, Habur and Nafghad, with their twelve thousand shining rivers and their seventy thousands cities of the factories of heaven, founded in the fair fields of Jehovih’s heavens!

6. Sing ye in praise of the Great Spirit, ye heavens that travel with the earth in the vortex Avonitivi. Ye atmospherean heavens, Gonza and Speantogotha, with your thousand million angels.

7. Ye plateaux, Gobria, Sagaghizan and Loowanogo, with your seven million colleges and factories, your heavenly delights for perfecting the spirits of mortals in the ways of the Almighty.