Monday Psalter

Monday Psalter


1. PRAISE Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O thou sea of lands. Ye boundless prairies, that stretch out to the horizon, to the rising sun and to the setting thereof in a sea of fire.

2. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty. Praise Him, O ye towering mountains, ye mighty walls of heaven! And thou everlasting snow, shining like diamonds in the sun.

3. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O ye colors that overspread the heavens. Ye clouds of purple and yellow and burning gold, and in flames of fire.

4. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O ye green meadows and ye waving fields of wheat and corn. And ye ripened harvests that beckon and wave like sheets of gold.

5. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O ye far-off Blue Mountains, and ye defiant Black Hills. In sombre hue and silent majesty, proclaim Him! Eternity! Eternity!

6. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O ye Rocky Mountains. In the long wall of your mightiness proclaim the power of His hand and great majesty!

7. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O ye Sierra Nevadas. In your everlasting snow and mighty forests. Your fearful hanging rocks, above the clouds!

8. Praise Jehovih, the Almighty! Praise Him, O ye great rivers, that gallop down from the Alleghanies, the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevadas; that travel so far to the mighty oceans.

1. PROCLAIM Him, O ye Andes and Cordilleras, stretching avast and on high, ye monuments of the Almighty!

2. Praise His majesty, O ye Himal Layas, and ye Akai Shine, ye foot-prints of Jehovih!

3. Praise His greatness, O ye Thia Shan, and ye Tapa Ling, that feed the Pacific, the Daughter of Jehovih.

4. Sing unto Him, O all ye mountains of the earth; proclaim His power, which stood you up by the touch of his hand.

1. WHERE is a God like unto Thee, Jehovih? Whose kaleidoscope is millions of suns!

2. Whose breath blew upon thee, O earth! And thy voice joined in the songs of the stars!

3. Whose breath blew upon thee, O Earth! And thy fire was congealed, and the heat run low!

4. Praise thou the All Person, Whose mighty hand stayed the fire! And cooled the flaming earth.


1. SING to the Almighty, ye heirs of Zarathustra, whose flesh was the food of lions.

2. Sing to the Creator, Zarathustra’s Almighty, the Eolin that spake in the wind.

3. Sing to the followers of the Great Spirit! The Zarathustrians who forfeited their flesh and blood for Him.

4. Sound loud His name, the E-O-Ih of the Zarathustrians, that sang Him on high!

1. PRAISE ye the Almighty for Abraham and Brahma and Po. And their followers that plodded along in the dark days.

2. Praise ye the Supreme Being, ye followers of them, ye line of the Light of the Great Spirit.

3. To glorify the Creator in after generations, by the wisdom of His choice, Who rose up great harvests in Vind’yu and Egupt and Chine’ya.

4. Sing in his praise forever, the Creator, the Almighty. Shout long and loud in the glory of Jehovih, Fashioner of mighty peoples.

1. O thou, Moses, and, thou, Capilya, and Chine; sing ye unto Jehovih! Rejoice ye in the time of the Almighty! Into separate gardens in the same time the Creator singled you out unto his own glory.

2. Fashioned he, the Almighty, three souls magnified unto the glory of His work. Sing unto the Creator for those that toiled in the days of darkness for the glory of the Almighty!

3. Praise ye the Great Spirit, ye followers of Moses, Capilya and Chine. Sing a new song to the Almighty! His eye hath witnessed the toil and sorrow of His chosen.

4. And all ye followers of the chosen of the Almighty; glorify Him in the highest; sing unto the Great Spirit, forever and ever.