Friday Psalter

Friday Psalter


1. THEN sang the bound heavens, the atmosphereans. First, Ghiovagna, with her two million cities, in the plateau Wahaputosivi.

2. Almighty Creator, hear Thy Daughter in the Hemsan-way, sweet cliffs in the colleges of Tuan, with her thirty million students, swift uprising. Marching onward in praise of Thee, my Creator.

3. With ample material, O Thou Boundless, for Thy sixty million hosts in jubilee. Striving onward in Thy praise, buoyant with love and rejoicing in the lessons of the Omnipotent.

4. With seven million factories to train the untutored es’yan the purpose of the talents Thou createdst with all to be most shining lights in building the house of the Almighty in rapturous industry.

5. With her two million nurseries for the spirits of infants, full of delight and songs to Jehovih! With fragrance and delightful plains and forests and shining waters, created by Thee, Thou All Perfect.

6. With my four million miles of roadways and atmospherean oceans, wherein Thy high-raised angels teach the es’yans how to master the elements Thou createdst, swift and mighty, proclaiming Thy power.

7. O the songs and praises of Thy Daughter, Ghiovagna, the heaven of four hundred million angels, swift in learning, pure in love, with a choir a million strong to sing and chant to Thee on the waters of heaven.

8. O the songs of gladness, the shining robes of Thy loved ones, Jehovih. The lessons of wisdom, the growth of talent, the dance and merry-making, the learning to master Thy elements, O thou Almighty.

1. THEN Farja sang: Thy Daughter, O Jehovih! Thy Schliegashawaka, uplifted unto Thee, Thou Almighty! I am Thy heaven, O Father, with six million cities in the plateau Shia Chong, far in the grades.

2. With three million places of learning for the es’yans newly risen from the earth; the colleges of Sitiviyanpegonska on the very high mountain, Hoit’su’gonderoga, heavenly.

3. With four million factories and eight hundred million angels, high in the grades, joyous, full of wisdom and song, masterly in Thy elements, created by Thee, Thou Almighty Creator!

4. Well weaned from the earth and corporeal desires, heavenly aspiring! With their heads turned upward and their souls in the way of Jehovih! Most righteous; and in unison, striving in the way of Jehovih!

5. O that I could find corporeal words for the love of my heaven! For the joy of my eight hundred millions! And of heavenly things display to mortals the glorious creations created by the All Light, Jehovih!

1. QUICK springing in, and loud came the song of the heaven, Vrihaden, with her thousand million angels, high in the grades:

2. Worshipful, O Almighty! Speak ye my shining rivers of heaven, Hyad-hiago and Fuen and Owagonshe, ten hundred thousand miles of water.

3. Flowing past my heavenly cities, Effalt and Sugathagow, and Friabes and Yanad and Hucfomakalasakola, lying under the high mountain, Soidon, with four thousand high arches reared by the Almighty!

4. My thousand millions rejoicing in Jehovih, Thou Creator of millions of heavens, stretching far. O that I could find comparisons for mortals, to tell them of the glory of my heavens!

5. My places of learning and factories and ship-building, shaping vessels for coursing the firmament of the Almighty! Of the rules and philosophies of my delightful heavens.

6. O that I could show them the discipline of my thousand millions; my army of Jehovih! Their high wisdom and their power over the elements created by the Almighty!

7. O that mortals could see my high arches and my heavenly forests and mountains! O that mortals understood to inhabit a world within as well as without.

8. To know the solutions of Jehovih’s worlds, and the orderly arrangement of the unseen! Praise be unto Thee, Jehovih! Thou Provider of the heaven, Vrihaden, with her thousands of millions.


1. NEXT sang Steinhover, the heaven of the beautiful plateau, Owgawahha, surrounded by the heavenly seas, Hiajom and Praj and Sumakaqa and Yadzad: Glory be to Thee, Jehovih, in Whom my delightful thousands of million angels rejoice with great joy.

2. My four million places of learning, and my innumerable factories sprung up for the glory of the Almighty. O that I could find earth-words for the understanding of mortals! To show them the wonders of Jehovih!

3. O that they could sail in the ships of Steinhover, and witness the high arches and delightful forests on the shores of Sumakaqa and Yadzad! And understand the teaching of angels, to rise in mastery of the elements created by the Omnipotent!

4. To know the power of union; the secret of the thrift of the delightful heaven, Steinhover, on the beautiful plateau Owgawahha. Sing unto the Great Spirit, the Fountain of All; the All Fullness of Glory forever!

5. After her came the songs of Naphatat and Gur and Suth, the three heavenly places on the plateau, Chin-jah, high-raised over the earth divisions, Uropa and Asia, wider than the earth.

6. With their five thousand million angels in their forty million cities, heavenly, full of delight and great wisdom, high in the grades. Singing gleefully of their two thousand rivers and a million high arches.

7. Next came the songs of the heavens, Aden and Magapor, with four thousand million angels, high in the grades. Lauding their seventy million schools and colleges, and their sea Seinthius, with its waters of silver and gold, and three million crystal stalagmites.

8. With her loud song: Jehovih be praised! Thou Great Spirit, Who provideth unto us Thy unspeakable delights. All hail, Thou Almighty! Hear the great joy of Aden and Magapor, with their four thousand million angels rejoicing in Thy name, Jehovih!

1. SO-TO-RAMUS sang next, and of her great plateau, Chik-ka-hoo-sa, over the regions of Guatama, wide as the earth, high-raised in the grades, with three thousand million angels, rejoicing in the heavenly mountains, Hosanattabah and O-de-chi-che and Hakabda, with seventy thousand high arches, and the delightful ocean, heavenly. Sociotes, with three million ship-builders, well trained in the elements created by the Creator.

2. Wailing in her song, O Jehovih! Would that I had earth-words for the glories of heaven! O that I could show my delightful places to mortals! O that I could make comparison for the knowledge of mortals! How can I make them comprehend the heavenly ocean, Sociotes, habitable within and without; with sparkling waters, colored like a rainbow, for the ships of angels.

3. How can I make them comprehend the wonderful mountain, O-de-chi-che, habitable within and without; with her thirty thousand high arches, spanning shining rivers! O that mortals could comprehend! O that mortals could see!

4. With sixteen million miles of heavenly roadways, and the great lake, Anapasivi, with its two million boats, teaching newborn angels how to master the elements, far reaching in the firmament of heaven.

5. With otevans to carry millions coursing along in the gardens of heaven, created by Thee, Jehovih, full of delight, strong, powerful! My most orderly heaven, teaching with song and high reverence to the Almighty!

6. O that I could reveal the glories of Farja, Thy Schliegashawaka, O Jehovih! And the great delight of her eight hundred millions, gleeful, rapturous in Thy praise; glorified by the love of the Almighty!

7. O the forests of my heavens, Sotoramus, created by the Almighty, delightful, awe-inspiring! O the fields of Tobosin and Suthagar and Chaimus, the creations of the Great Spirit.

8. After her, then sang the heaven, Chook-a-so-win, in the voice of three thousand million angels, in her two million cities, high in the grades, and well disciplined. Of her great cascades and whirl-pools, dangerous places in heaven for inexperienced angels. And lauding tunefully her great rivers and her colleges and factories.

9. Next sang Fiatonadis, a heaven with seventy divisions on the plateau Noyohertimus, with two thousand million angels, high in the grades; lauding highly her factories and colleges and her es’enaurs, a million musicians.

10. Next sang Heoparsi, a heaven with one million cities, high in the grades; with eight hundred thousand miles of roadways; with eight hundred million angels of delight, rejoicing in their lives and glorifying the Almighty.

11. After that sang these great heavens: Hiawasse, Ho Chong, Hriden, Sago Loo, Maison and Witcha-chaw-nowksin; lauding their thousands of millions of angels; their millions of cities and places of delight; their mountains and rivers; their lakes and valleys; their colleges and factories, where angels are taught to master the elements created by the Great Spirit, for the joy of His mighty heavens!

1. O that I could sing the songs of Thy heavens. Thy sweet places of delight, Hanoshea and O-chi-ma and Riviokim and Pethsiades and Yenades; to find earth-words descriptive of their delightful holiness and rejoicing in the Almighty!

2. O that I could display their mountains and valleys and their wide plains! Their shining waters and their forests and their stalactites and innumerable high arches. Their thousands of millions of angels full of joy and loveliness! Their wonderful music, poured forth in Thy praise, Jehovih.

3. Their dancing, millions in a dance; their boating and swift excursions, like thoughts in unison flying forth, mighty in power, gleeful and full of romance! High in the grades, spotless, pure, every one a flower, a star, a diadem in the kingdom of the Almighty!

4. O that I could sing of the order of Thy heavens! And of the wonderful roadways from one to another! How Thou hast planted elements in Thy kingdoms, ever trying the skill and knowledge of Thy angels! Where genius and wisdom ever lead in Thy ways, Jehovih.

5. Who but Thee, O Father, could create these never-ending varieties of heavens! These wonderful plateaux, suitable habitations for the spirits of the dead! Ever providing the higher to lift up the lower! In system and good discipline displaying the wonders of the Almighty!

6. O that I could sing in words to the understanding of mortals!

7. And to such as had been called sinners and most wicked who had become in time like diadems in Thy crown, Jehovih, sparkling, bright with perfect holiness!