Chapter 94

Chapter 94

Leaving the House of Islam

1 When a person leaves the house of Islam, there is much work ahead of them in order to remove the filth that is part of the Islamic ideology, but with the help of the Truth and Light, this can be accomplished.

2 No one who leaves Islam and joins him or herself with the house of the true Almighty One, is called a Muslim.

3 One who wishes to come to the Creator Jehovih must take up the Shield of Abraham by entering a covenant with the Father of Greatness, and never return to the former ways of darkness.

4 Within the Religion of Light there are various communities that individuals and families will find suitable for their needs – for the sons and daughters of Ishmael are not left without hope, should they run quickly from the darkness now.

5 I will not abandon anyone who remains with Jehovih the Creator.