Chapter 92

Chapter 92


1. Light is the freedom of all; to know this is the beginning of wisdom.

2. For truly, it has been said, the beginning of wisdom is the deep reverence of the Divine Source, for He is the Source of Light and Truth, and there is no darkness in Him.

3. The light shines eternally from the Word of the Father.

4. Those who worship the One Almighty Jehovih walk in His Light within the Covenant in which they have been called.

5. As for those who willfully walk in the darkness, they do not see the Light – for theirs is the seed of the beast who feeds them falsehood.

6. The true Light has no association with darkness.

7. A single word uttered by a true sage can dispel all doubts and sufferings of all living beings.

8. The Oahspe Bible is a guide for Faithists to gain true, divine wisdom.