Chapter 80

Chapter 80

Spiritual Warfare

1. The image of a dragon or beast can be seen as a symbolic reference to the uncontrolled senses and the carnal mindset, or the unreformed mind, and uncontrollable lust and so on.

2. Never give up on the battle against the evil one. Once you give in to lust, the beast has placed a claw within your side and has control of your very mind and it will be very difficult for you to escape.

3. Those who make it a habit to regularly and with solemn heart, pray for all souls to be removed from the clutches of the beast, know it is their calling to do battle with the dragon.

4. Always pray for the innocent, all those who are on the path of darkness, so they may have an opportunity to turn around and accept the truth and Light, all according to the righteousness of Jehovih.