Chapter 77

Chapter 77

The Soul
1. The soul naturally yearns for the Light of Jehovih and to be in union with the Living Spirit at all times.

2. The worship of, and prayer to the One Almighty Great Spirit is the natural state of the soul.

3. The wind is always invisible but felt on your face; in a similar manner, Jehovih, although not physically visible, is always present and can be felt within your soul.

4. For the soul to come into perfect union with me, one must practise the Twelve Virtues with an honest heart and with honest hands.

5. The majority of souls that are on the earth at this time have already been marked as either being righteous or wicked.

6. Wicked souls experience the annihilation of consciousness and are ultimately destroyed if they do not repent after being provided with the opportunity to do so.

7. Concerning souls deemed wicked, there are some souls whom the Father knows that have the potential of redemption – such ones are offered the opportunity of obtaining enlightenment and perfection.

8. All souls have the opportunity for re-education – that is, those that have not yet been provided with the proper education.

9. [In response to the question: “Are they, those souls who are marked as wicked, like those souls that were once in the void, that had not been harvested from a previous world, are they allowed at some point to begin again?] This depends on the situation with the soul itself. Some are offered healing, re-education, while others walk, by their own choice, to the Field of the Void, which is annihilation.

10. Those who willfully reject the Cause of Creation, the Supreme Divine Source, are destroyed along with their consciousness.

11. If wicked souls wilfully reject the Divine Source, those souls are destroyed like the evil one. The Father, in His Supreme Wisdom, is aware of their very thoughts and it is He who knows whether they have the potential of being redeemed or not.